Asda plans to go before Isle of Wight Council within weeks

By Martin Neville

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Asda plans to go before Isle of Wight Council within weeks

Consultation on the SCL plan for a new Asda supermarket on the Isle of Wight.

THE Isle of Wight Council planning committee will hear rival applications for a new supermarket on the outskirts of Newport next month.

Two separate planning applications have been lodged for land off St George’s Way, by supermarket giant Asda and South Coast Leisure (SCL), the owners of the neighbouring Newport football ground.

Asda has made it clear it intends to stick to its own scheme, which would create 450 jobs.

If approved, the 45,000sq ft store will include a petrol station and cafe inside, an improved pedestrian/cycle route and a shuttle bus service to the town centre.

SCL has submitted an alternative scheme on the football ground site and plans to use cash from the development to build a new ground on adjacent land, owned by the Isle of Wight Council.

SCL claims its proposal offered more benefits to Islanders, being closer to the town and would allow the construction of new football club facilities that could be used by the community.

The council meeting is due to be held on June 24.



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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

6th June 2014, at 07:36:36

Baz your quote "The island is dull, backward and lives in the past! " yes it is and always have been so why are you with your get up and go attitude still living there ? Do one...

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by lulu arnold

3rd June 2014, at 08:39:19

Baz , I stay living here because it is backward at times dull and lives in the past , I don't want drive by shootings , murders in the parks , race riots , shops all battened down with shutters , fearful to go out after 9pm , police on every street corner , stag and hen nights all over the town ,burglaries every 1 minute ,I like to know my neighbours , feel safe , be able to use a cash point with out fear, I don't like what I see sometimes Baz , but hay another Supermarket makes even electricity look boring ,

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by Baz Taylor

2nd June 2014, at 23:29:43

I can't believe all the NIMBY's that live on this island! An ASDA would be one of the best things to happen here. The island is dull, backward and lives in the past! Get with it people! This is the 21st century! We have electricity and all sorts of magic things now! Step into the future! You'll like what you see!

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by lulu arnold

2nd June 2014, at 20:47:13

Dear Graeme , well I shall try to find one , I do try to avoid the large supermarkets but I will look out for one when I visit the mainland next time .thanks

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by Graeme Egerton

1st June 2014, at 22:43:15

How have you never been in an Asda? You've not lived lol. They're great, for anyone who appreciates low prices and great ranges including everyday brands and own brand bargains. Their clothing range George is named after George Davis who also founded Next. They also sell electrical goods. Quite similar to Tesco but arguably cheaper.

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by lulu arnold

1st June 2014, at 19:18:53

Forgot Waitrose , I thought a little snooty and liked to be seen if you know what I mean .

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by lulu arnold

1st June 2014, at 19:17:11

My Family had a "corner shop" I can remember my Father saying when they bring the Supermarkets over the water its the death of us , how true he was , really don't like the idea of another one , but it will give people work , The Ryde Tesco is too big I avoid it now , just shop on line and local ,its not a bad site to build one , Just feel we have enough choice already ,What "class "is Asda because I made a study of the people who go to the supermarkets , Iceland was mainly young families , and not so well healed , Morrison seemed to be older retired people , Tesco seemed to be better off people who drove with older children , Lidi was a real mixed bunch , and Aldi again was better healed older folk , as I have never been in an Asda I have no idea who its aimed at .

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by Mike Powell

1st June 2014, at 18:39:32

Yes and I am one of them Mike Crowe, I do lots of things every week for charity I give over 20 hours of my time free and so does my wife, now how surprising is that, no money and we don't expect any.

But I live in the real world.

And there is no attack on anyone just realism of the real world we live in today, not a fantasy paradise where we all have this wonderful dream, and it ends happily ever after.

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by Mike Crowe

1st June 2014, at 17:59:34

Mike, reference your attack on Richard. Are you aware that there are many people on the Island who put other people's pleasure, entertainment and pleasure BEFORE profit?

Take Scout and Guide Leaders
Amateur Football Coaches etc along with hundreds of other Sport 'Managers'

Etc etc etc..

Look outside the small frame you are looking at the World through. Yes yes yes money IS involved, but not profit/business.

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by Mike Powell

1st June 2014, at 17:11:09

Richard you really don't know how stupid you are making yourself sound, first thing we live in the UK and not some other country as you said, and who said business is not part of life not me.

No wonder we are in such in a mess as a country when you read things like you posted.

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