Asda plans town centre links

By Martin Neville

Friday, December 20, 2013


Asda plans town centre links

Artist's impression of how the proposed Isle of Wight Asda store could look.

SUPERMARKET giant Asda has revealed its plans to connect its proposed new store on the outskirts of Newport with the town centre.

The company told the Isle of County Press it planned an improved pedestrian/cycle route and a shuttle bus service for the link from the proposed store in St George’s Way.

The details were released today (Friday) as Asda said the project would create 450 jobs on the Island.

Asda said it is committed to start work as soon as possible but said the opening was at least two years away. The CP understands the plans could go before the Isle of Wight Council’s planning committee in February or March.

An alternative scheme for a store, put forward by the owners of the neighbouring St George’s Park, South Coast Leisure (SCL), may also be on the agenda.

Asda’s head of property communications, Doug Wilson, said: "Our project is the only one that guarantees an Asda on the Isle of Wight.

"Both sites are equally accessible from the town centre by pedestrians and cycles and will be by public transport when new bus stops are installed."

He added: "Most importantly, the alternative proposal is an outline application for a retail superstore, not an Asda.

"We have no contract and no relationship with the owners of the football ground. If the proposal is successful, the site could be sold to any retail investor.

"Moreover, the alternative proposal requires land owned by the Isle of Wight Council, for which Asda already has a contract."

The shared pedestrian/cycle route from St George’s Way to Pyle Street would follow existing footways along St George’s Way — where there would be a new toucan crossing — St George’s Approach, Medina Avenue, Church Litten and Town Lane.

Banner poles would line the route for use by the Isle of Wight Council and Newport town centre for promotional messages.

Asda would also fund a bus link between the store and the town centre for up to three years.

Also included is a proposal to improve the N9 woodland pedestrian route, from Pan Lane to Home Meade, and a commitment to promote the town centre in the Asda foyer area.

The woodland link would feature a timber board walk, with timber sculptures and interpretation boards.

As previously reported, SCL has submitted alternative plans for a supermarket on the football ground.

It would use cash from the development to build a new ground on the adjacent council land.

Those behind the idea say the project offers more benefits to Islanders.

Asda plans

Asda plans


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by Mark Hampshire

19th February 2014, at 18:03:39

@Baz Taylor

Phil Cooper is right in most of his statement. I suspect the management jobs will either be from existing employees re-locating from the mainland or poached from existing stores on the island. As for the jobs, the majority will be part time. There will be a certain percentage full-time yes, but the majority will be part time and seasonal... How do i know this?. I work for them and will hopefully be relocating back to the island when the store is built in a couple of years time.

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by yvonne southerton

22nd December 2013, at 23:21:42

What good news. I do hope the transport provided is wheelchair friendly because a lot of the island isnt!!!! Many retail places have been built where getting to them in a wheelchair is hopeless unless you want to fork out for an expensive taxi

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by Mike Crowe

22nd December 2013, at 11:32:05

John, Call Centres and such would be a good thing as they are labour intensive, but don't look at 'manufacturing' industry until the arrival of the bridge because of getting raw material onto the Island and manufactured goods off. That is why such as Osborne Electronics and others have moved to the mainland. It's not only the cost of transport on/off the Island, it's the time factor of the water crossings and the lorry waiting. Time is money. The supermarkets can absorb the cost because a little bit goes onto each item you buy and they are only competing with each other and they will use 'loss leaders' to get you into the store, whereas the manufacturing industries are competing with The World.

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by John Holsburt

22nd December 2013, at 09:25:28

This is great news for the Island, apart for the new job opportunities, better prices and greater choice, I believe that Asda is the only major supermarket that has or will at least make an attempt to promote the town in which it operates. This has to be viewed as a positive.

I would love to see other industry setting up here too such as call centers goodness knows we need the jobs.

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by Baz Taylor

22nd December 2013, at 00:03:49

@Phil Cooper: What planet are you from? Of course the jobs will be taken by local people. Do you really believe 450 workers will invade the island, just for a job at Asda? They have to think about uprooting, finding new homes - there's hardly any social housing, so they would have to buy or rent privately, find places for their kids at school, sort out medical care, etc, etc. Out of 450 jobs, I doubt if no more than 5 or 6 would be taken from people off the mainland. And with the hours that Asda will be open, I can't see many part-time posts being offered either!

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by Russell Palin

21st December 2013, at 23:11:10

No, No, No, No, . Rebuild the Y shaped railway viaduct and Newport station instead please and we will all live happily thereafter without cars.

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by phil cooper

21st December 2013, at 18:58:55

450 new jobs....complete tosh. Management jobs will be existing ASDA staff transferring here as they move up the ladder and the majority of the rest will be part-timers.

For every trolley of shopping from this new store, a similar trolleyfull will not leaveSainsburys, Morrisons, etc.. Similarly with tankfuls of petrol. So staffing levels or workers hours at these store will be cut back.

And yet more nails in coffins for independant butchers, grocers and bakers in the high streets of the Island. Is that what we want?

The answer is probably yes, but why do they speak of job creation instead of job transfer which is closer to the reality?

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by C Ryan-Sammon

21st December 2013, at 14:06:23

ASDA Cant start soon enough for me, Cheaper Prices for better quality, easy parking, Fully Accessible to Everyone, Local Produce, Better range of Organic Produce, Greater Choice for Everyone, New Jobs for Locals, Competition the list goes on so Bring it on I say.
They are even being careful about the surrounding areas too what's to complain about...

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by Baz Taylor

21st December 2013, at 10:36:29

No Lee. It's rubbish! As Steve S has pointed out, if you run a car down to almost empty, the fuel pump will draw up any unwanted gunge from the bottom of the tank. Additionally, if you haven't run right down, how come the fuel already in the tank from your "super-duper" cleaner fuel, doesn't mix with the supermarket stuff anyway? You argument just does work. And whether or not I have a new car to "control the engine's running" - that makes not a jot of difference! Have you considered the idea that there may be something mechanically wrong with your vehicle?

Log-in to Report

by Mike Powell

20th December 2013, at 22:42:30

I also have a newish car and have filled it up with supermarket fuel approx 80% since I have had it, and the other times with this high quality fuel that you pay an arm and a leg for and it as not made any difference at all to running or power it just cost me more. Bring on Asda the sooner the better.

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