Asphalt plans go before council

By Emily Pearce

Friday, February 15, 2013


CONTROVERSIAL plans for an asphalt plant on the Isle of Wight will come before licensing chiefs this month.

Eurovia Roadstone has applied for an environmental permit to mix hot asphalt at the plant, which it hopes to build at Medina Wharf, off Arctic Road, Cowes, to supply asphalt for the Island highways PFI scheme.

Environmental health officers have recommended the permit is granted.

Permits are issued to protect air quality, and Eurovia must show it will use the best available techniques to control air pollution.

The Isle of Wight Council's regulatory committee will decide on February 25th whether to issue the environmental permit, following a public consultation that has attracted more than 90 comments.

Fears have been raised that dust from the plant will have an adverse impact on air quality, affecting elderly people and those with asthma and respiratory problems. Concerns have also been raised about the smell and possible leaks into the River Medina.

However, the Isle of Wight NHS Trust has advised the plant is unlikely to have an impact on public health providing it is well regulated and makes use of the best available pollution control techniques.

Further concerns raised by residents that Eurovia is not a responsible company and questions about where complaints about air pollution should be directed, have been deemed irrelevant to the application by council officers.

Hazardous waste permits will be required for a cold asphalt mixing plant and a jaw crusher, and a planning application for the plant will be heard separately by the council's planning committee.



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by Mike Crowe

18th February 2013, at 13:07:44

""when"" is there

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by Steve Smith

18th February 2013, at 07:02:40

"If and when these ..." I see you missed out the all important IF AND

re-read again

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by Mike Crowe

17th February 2013, at 22:36:58

""" when these schemes do go ahead it is very unlikely you will still be around to see the results"""

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by Steve Smith

17th February 2013, at 20:41:31

In the immortal words of Mike Crowe, "read what I wrote", then tell me where I have said I don't like the beauty of the Island. Where did I say I was in favour of building anything? Read what I wrote not what you think I wrote!

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by geoffrey clynch

17th February 2013, at 13:19:14

Well said Mike, will Mr.Smith still have the same opinion when the island is a multi-cultural hellhole, where he will have to put iron bars on his windows and doors and unable to venture out of his home after 6pm for fear of his life, what kind of future is that for yourself and your family, that is the future this criminal council and lib/lab/con/eu pact have in store for you, mike and people like him are at least trying to stop that happening for you, you should be joining us to help yours and your childrens generations, not helping to destroy your future

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by Mike Crowe

16th February 2013, at 22:50:23

Going on from that Mr Smith """ You had your chance and blew it!""", you have your chance now, are you going to blow it now?

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by Mike Crowe

16th February 2013, at 22:44:04

There you have it folks, if you appreciate the beauty of the Isle of Wight grab it now because the likes of Steve Smith don't and are quite prepared to cover it with roof and road.

Until that is, evn he can see that STOP NOW is essential so as to maintain the beauty.

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by Steve Smith

16th February 2013, at 21:31:51

Not many agree with you Mr Crowe because you and your generation are the ones who built on all the land over the last 60 odd years. It is now blatant hypocrisy to expect the next generation to stop building when you never did! If and when these schemes do go ahead it is very unlikely you will still be around to see the results. You had your chance and blew it! Leave it to us to decide what we need for the future after all we will have to live with it not you.

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by Mike Crowe

16th February 2013, at 17:22:22

They will wake up when the last building is being put on the last bit of land on the Island. Nobody agrees with me that building on virgin land should stop NOW. The developement on the old J.S.White's site at Cowes is superb; being built on brown land, a mix of houses of all prices to benefit the occupants and the realisation that the top priced appartments can help pay for the lower priced, and therefore subsidised affordable dwellings AND the shops and factory units which will bring employment.

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by Marie Cheverton

16th February 2013, at 16:45:27

Its too late now but the Island residents should of had a referendum, on the PFI scheme.

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