Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Isle of Wight message

By Ross Findon

Monday, December 16, 2013


Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Isle of Wight message

Cmdr Chris Hadfield's photograph of the Isle of Wight, taken from the International Space Station.


ASTRONAUT Cmdr Chris Hadfield, who captured an incredible image of the Isle of Wight, taken from the International Space Station, has sent a message to Island fans.

The message came via Islander Tim Pritchard, who met the Canadian astronaut at a book signing for Cmdr Hadfield's An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth in London at the weekend.

Cmdr Hadfield became well-known for his breath-taking photographs, taken from space, during his time on the International Space Station earlier this year.

He helped to promote the work being done on the ISS through twitter, via @Cmdr_Hadfield, and with a weightless rendition of David Bowie's Space Oddity that became an internet sensation.

Tim, who queued for more than two hours to get his copy of the book signed, took the opportunity to record a short message for Islanders from Cmdr Hadfield.

Cmdr Hadfield said: "Hi this is Cmdr Chris Hadfield. I took the best possible picture I could of the Isle of Wight and I just wanted to say hi to everyone"

"Maybe someday I will get the chance to come visit in person."

Tim said: "He's a genuinely really, really lovely man, took time to talk to everyone as much as his time would allow, and even bellowed out a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday for someone."

Avid space fan Tim added: "I didn't really know what to expect, queue wise, but was really pleased to see over 600 people show up. It's amazing that the commander has brought the attention of space back to the masses, making it cool again.

"People are actually learning about space, and kids can look up to astronauts again, like they would have done in the late 60's/early 70's."

See the message below:


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by Russell Palin

17th December 2013, at 21:41:12

Greetings Commander Hadfield.
Thanks for thinking of us.
Kind regards.

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by Mike Crowe

17th December 2013, at 08:49:43

Sorry I meant 'natural change' not 'cosmetic change' and 'man made change'. Yes 'a bit' gone at Blackgang and the build up of the beach I quoted at Sandown. When I first went to the Tech College in the very early 1950's, you came out of the gates, turned left and walked down a path between fields into Newport. Path still there, fields gone. Dual Carriageway and car parking. THAT is what I mean by man made change. Take away man's input and it would be back to as it was. Nature has changed very little.

St James' Square was the Bus Station. Buses gone, but the buildings still there and photos show when it was a Market. Only man made change

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by Colin Russell

17th December 2013, at 00:25:02

mike, go to google earth go to where you want to see then in the bottom left hand you will see 1945 click on that and go back in time to see the change,s

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by Mike Crowe

16th December 2013, at 17:14:30

Stefan, 20 - 30 years is not enough to see a significant difference. I can look back over 40 odd years to see a few house and caravans falling over the edge but no "real" change.

The only "real" change I know of is the beach now available to the East of Hearn Groyne on Culver Parade Sandown. The tide used to come right up to the sea wall opposite The Sands Hotel when it was called The Cliftonville Hotel and Mrs Blackett and her daughter Dorothy had it.

:-( Poor old George Blackett

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by Stefan Attrill

16th December 2013, at 16:45:00

How fantastic it would be to be able to see our birth place from space. With all the erosion at Blackgang I wondered what it would have looked like 20/ 30 years ago. I am sure it would be possible to see what has been lost to the see.

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by James McAdder

16th December 2013, at 15:50:06

Ruddy autotype "their" moaning diatribes.

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by James McAdder

16th December 2013, at 15:48:12

And the usual suspects pollute this excellent and inspirational article with the sound of their miserable axe-grinding.

As if there aren't enough articles already where there moaning diatribes can be considered on-topic.........

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by Mike Crowe

16th December 2013, at 15:23:56


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by Colin Russell

16th December 2013, at 14:57:21

I think your right Mike, just a pity we have to leave so much garbage as well.

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by Mike Crowe

16th December 2013, at 14:22:26

and just think, when man has gone, it will still be out there. "Save the Planet think Green"? Rubbish. Global Warming? Climate Change? Natural phenomena which was going on before man arrived and will continue long after we have gone and left the world to itself.

Green? Warming? Change? Marketing words to rake in the cash.

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