Backing for police commissioner's plans to raise council tax

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


PLANS to raise the policing element of council tax have been approved following warnings about the future of the force from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes.

As reported by the County Press, Mr Hayes raised fears that funding cuts to the police could damage the force’s hard work.

Facing the need to save £25m by April 2017, he proposed a three per cent increase in the police precept, backed by Hampshire Police Federation chair John Apter.

The police and crime panel, which holds Mr Hayes to account and can influence decisions on council tax, met on Friday and voted in favour of the rise — 17 votes in favour, one against and one abstention.

A government announcement is expected soon, which will set the limit for how much PCCs can increase their precept before a public referendum is triggered, which will influence the commissioner’s final decision.

A spokeswoman said the PCP recommend that should the public referendum limit be lower than the proposed three per cent increase, the increase should be capped at that limit.

Isle of Wight councillor and police and crime panel chairman Cllr David Stewart said: "The Panel probed the police and crime commissioner thoroughly on the rationale and data behind the recommendation for the precept increase, because we are acutely aware that the public are having to deal with numerous austerity measures in the current economic climate.

"The general view of the panel was to look to maintain support for the safety of communities, and we were satisfied, based on the information and scrutiny undertaken, that we could support a further three per cent in the precept this year.

"We hope that residents will understand that there are significant activities planned for policing, including a proposed restructure, and substantial savings have to be achieved over and above the previous £55 million target set for the period 2011-2015. We want to ensure that communities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight receive the level of policing they deserve."

The proposed increase of 3 per cent to the policing precept for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will be subject to confirmation by the Police and Crime Commissioner before the end of March 2014.

Should the Isle of Wight Council raise council tax? Have your say here.


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by david wright

30th January 2014, at 16:50:54

Peter, I think you will find most people support the Police and understand the job they do is never easy. What sticks in peoples throats is how the cost of policing has gone through the roof but police presence has all but disapeared. The PCSO's were supposed to be community support patrolling on foot but even they have disapeared into the vans that drive through the village at 40mph!
So what police do we now have? The police officers want support from the community but they have been removed from it. There used to police houses now all gone. Then they shut the police stations for gods sake what next, take away the cars,make them share a truncheon?
They need to stop wasting millions on tiers of commissioners and the like and actually employ policeman and women to enforce the law. Thats what the public want not some bloke in a pinstripe suit on £200K a year, head of a £7million a year department saying we need more money to police the streets!!!

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by B Lane

29th January 2014, at 23:15:33

Peter, I for one was not suggesting that it was easy being a copper, nor was I having a go at the officers per se. But, I spend a large part of my working time driving around and rarely see a traffic car these days but I do see plenty of laws broken & flaunted on a daily basis, which, with a better police presence could be stopped.

Also, I do live in a 30mph limit and have traffic passing my house at 40mph plus almost all day, I am also on a route to the local school, the local residents have complained about speed and nothing has ever been done about it. We now have a shiny new flashing 20mph sign, does it slow anyone down? quite simply no .... have we ever seen a copper ... no.

Meanwhile more money is asked for by a highly paid PCC sitting in a very expensive suite of offices whilst the public at large see only a reduction in police visibility and you wonder why so many have expressed a negative opinion.

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by Peter Jeffery

29th January 2014, at 21:00:32

OK, so I don't suppose anyone is interested in the views of an old ex copper, but can I say to all those with the 'sat in the stn drinking tea' or 'sat drinking cocoa in the camera van' views, to put yourself in the position of the poor sod telling the parents their child has died, or that their child was driving the car when someone else's child has died.
I never liked putting tickets on cars or checking for 'speeders', but look at the lives that have been saved by concentrating on speeding cars.
If you live on a road with a 30 limit like mine, go out and watch how many whiz past faster than that.
You think being a Police Officer is so easy, then apply.
I don't agree with the P and C Commissioner system, and didn't think there was anything wrong with the Police Authority, but the Tory led government did ( after years of trying to 'reform' Policing )
As my best boss used to say at the latest 'bright idea', " Hey Lads, Robert Peel got it wrong again !"
Don't blame the In

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by Richard Marlow

29th January 2014, at 14:45:44

We've got to pay for the new body-worn video cameras some how, otherwise how are they gonna be able to get everybody's mugshot on their files ("right stand just there, smile, you're now on candid police- camera"). Oh, and brand new BMW's every 3 years (cheaper than hoovering out the foot-wells).

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by kevin froment

29th January 2014, at 12:00:09

i would bet that at any time on any day i could drive for 20 minutes and see 20 violations of the highway code, where are the police, in the station drinking tea, perhaps if they were doing what they are paid to do none of the people causing these violations would be on the road, but thats just pie in the sky isnt it

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by steve paul taylor

29th January 2014, at 09:50:52

This island is like Cuba but without the sun and fun

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by tony white

29th January 2014, at 09:13:14

i fail to see why we are going to be made to pay more tax for a totally dysfunctional service such as we have now, a pointless overpaid idiot out of touch wit reality backed by a spineless council. I will be happy to pay more when i see proper policing by regular foot patrols and enforcement of the road traffic laws, the only regular police prescence i see is the anpr van checking road tax and i completely agree with the other writers comments on the attitude of the police towards the public

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by steve paul taylor

29th January 2014, at 08:29:57

I can't stop laughing, its a holiday camp for the police here. They only come out the canteen when there's a road accident that they can race to almost causing another getting there. The cars/buses P+SS passed my house at 50 /60 mph in a 30. The standard/manners of driving all over is appalling. Crime is rife and mostly unreported and they want more money to buy more cakes and more X5s

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by B Lane

28th January 2014, at 21:50:21

Half the cars on this Island appear to only have 1 working headlight .... the other half are on their mobiles .... the only time you see a traffic officer these days he's sitting in the back of a camera van with a cup of cocoa .... more money? I think not.

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by Mike Crowe

28th January 2014, at 20:08:22

Well said Paul

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