Big nursing shake-up at hospital

By Emily Pearce

Saturday, December 14, 2013


A STAFF shake-up is under way at St Mary’s Hospital to ensure there are enough nurses on the wards.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is to implement measures ensuring there is at least one registered nurse per eight patients during the day and one per 11 patients at night. It will also ensure a safe number of registered nurses are on duty alongside unregistered ones.

The move follows the publication of several national reports criticising inadequate staffing levels at hospitals across the country, particularly at night and at weekends, and the effect on patients’ safety.

Implementing the proposals on Appley Ward would cost £47,000, according to a report published last week. If the costs were extrapolated and applied to all 17 of the hospital’s ward and clinical areas, they would amount to £799,000.

The trust’s deputy director of nursing, Sarah Johnston, said staffing levels were safe.

"We are largely where we want to be already and we are certainly comfortable staffing levels on our wards are safe, but these principles set out a framework for safe staffing so we can provide robust assurance to the board," she said.

"We need to look at moving staff around to ensure the ratios and skill mix are as effective as possible.

"If we are not achieving these principles, we need to show it’s for a good reason — we would want more healthcare assistants than nurses on some wards at certain times, for example.

"I anticipate the final cost will be a lot lower than the extrapolated figures suggest. We have not costed the principles in detail, which is one of the areas we will be working on before we present detailed proposals for each ward to the board in the new year."



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by jan hickman

18th December 2013, at 09:17:33

I think all stories will have their horror aspects, others will defend, but it depends on the personal experiences to judge by. I didn't criticise a particular staff member, I criticise a system which thinly stretches a so called caring system to the point of inevitable weakness. The weak points clearly being in staffing levels and the knock on effect on actual nursing time. Patients are seen with drinks in front of them , unable to actually lift them , and no one to follow ups, having to persist and be deemed a nuisance if you chase up meds and treatments or basics like results ! The nurse when mum died checked she was dead, whipped the mask off, and stuffed a pad under her bottom, all without a word of condolence..I said what now, she said, well she's dead love ! I was appalled,in her defence she was totally harassed, and the other nurse barely spoke English, hard work when discussing mums care...we hated weekends...such a shame it's come to this for our once great NHS .

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by Mike Crowe

15th December 2013, at 15:15:22

Well you can't get any more up to date than this, an email I have just received about St Mary's Hospital in reply to my comments, that I found St Mary's wonderful on my 'visits' there as a patient.

""I agree one hundred per cent about St Mary's..caring staff excellent facilities. I came home on Friday night.""

Friday night. As in 'the day before yesterday'!!

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by David Blackford

15th December 2013, at 13:47:25

PS - Like do we really need those two aircraft carriers - £6.2 billion and climbing + the cost of aircraft to put on them + the cost of running them

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by David Blackford

15th December 2013, at 13:05:17

I agree with some of the things you say Stephan - but the population of this Country has increased by 10 million (20%) in the past 20 years or so and is forecast to increase even more. The number of hospitals certainly has not increased by 20%, nor the NHS budget. If we didn't spend so much money on other peoples wars perhaps we could look after our own people better.

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by Stephen Elliott

15th December 2013, at 10:07:01

Get real people ...If you expect 5 star service the. I suggest you pay private fees... The NHS isn't the same as it was when it first started and launched with great fanfare and lots and lots of staff their to plump pillows etc, a natural audit showed that their was to much spent in wages. I honestly do not understand why people moan about service etc?

Heal me and send me away, I don't want to be in a hospital that's akin to a Carry On film! Of course that when your dealing with the sick you will suffer losses, these doctors and nurses don't shrug and walk off. They have time taken up by old people who simply cannot be dressed a packed off home where their children will not support them because it causes a loss on their lives. It's not just old people that block beds either, you have young families who go to A&E with minor ailments like a cold. We are killing our NHS with selfishness.

It isn't a private hospital, take of your rose tinted glasses!

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by Yvonne Carter

14th December 2013, at 23:53:29

Bring back hospitals being run by matrons rather than highly paid aqdministrators

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by Colin Russell

14th December 2013, at 20:26:23

My old mother in law who is 82 has had three falls later part of this year and every time ended up in A & E, and the staff were 110% even the lady on the front desk, twice we were able to take her back to her care home at three/ four am, but the last time she was kept in and that is where it all went down hill sadly to say , but she is now back in the care home where the staff do care for there old folk,
You could see and just feel somthing needed doing there, and it needs doing from the top down.

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by kevin froment

14th December 2013, at 19:24:08

i had to spend some time on the cardio ward a couple of months ago and i cant fault the hopital at all, very friendly staff and plenty of consultation, this seems to be an exception rather than the norm from the stories here, condolences to jan as well, when my mum passed she was really well looked after, its a shame yours wasnt

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by Mike Crowe

14th December 2013, at 18:10:29

Hang on!!

My wife received superb treatment last year!!

It's gone down in the last 12 months?


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by Mike Crowe

14th December 2013, at 18:08:52


I had major Heart surgery 4 years ago

I had major Lung surgery 3 years ago.

These involved St Mary's at Newport, Southampton and Portsmouth Hospitals.

I cannot fault any of the service or treatment I received.

What a shame everything has gone downhill since.

Was I just in time?

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