Big recruitment drive gets going

By Jon Moreno

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Big recruitment drive gets going

Aaron Foyle, left, with Lt Cpl Kieran Reid, at the first recruitment evening at the Isle of Wight Army Reserve Centre, Drill Hall Road, Newport.

THE British Army hopes to persuade Islanders to join up as part of a new national recruitment campaign.

The restructured army wants to fill the thousands of new openings in the regulars and reserves.

The campaign will include regional events to coincide with new research.

A series of reservist recruitment events, at which Islanders are invited to chat with serving soldiers, are being held at the Army Reserve Centre, Drill Hall Road, Newport.

The first was held last week. They will continue each Wednesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, all year until December.

Maj Gen Chris Tickell, director general of the Army Recruiting and Training Division, said: "The army is restructuring to ensure regular and reserve soldiers are fully integrated into one force — training and working alongside each other.

"This campaign will increase the trained strength of part-time soldiers. We hope to do this by challenging public perceptions that the army consists purely of front-line combat roles. There is much more to the army than meets the eye."

Full-time and part-time jobs include anything from bricklayers and communications specialists to engineers, vets and musicians.

• For more information about job opportunities with the army, visit, or call 0845 600 8080.



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by david wright

11th February 2014, at 18:25:07

@ JamesMc
Sorry but you are on my favorite soapbox subject now, statistics.
You state that over a third of those who died whilst on National service committed suicide and I do not dispute that.
However what i do dispute is why. You are attributing their suicide to conscription and National service alone and I am presuming that you have no knowledge to actually prove that? There could be a myriad of reasons why those sad deaths happened but simply attributing them to NS and conscription is inadequate argument.

I think the financial cost of NS is more than outweighed by the benefits to young men who are currently doing nothing and have no future. The country cannot afford to just ignore a whole generation that has no future.

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by Keven Ball

11th February 2014, at 12:27:36

I fully back and agree with you Ross and thank you for the post. I am sorry if other users feel I am being personal with them, but I can assure everyone that is not my intension. I am trying to have a meaningful debate, yet I do feel at times this spills into the personal side by others and maybe myself at time in self-defence. Let us try and put this behind us and move forward. Thanks.

by IWCP Online

11th February 2014, at 11:39:01

Dear Keven and Baz. Thank you for taking part in the discussion related to this story. We are keen for the comments facility to be a place where people can exchange opinions on our stories, but as you will know from our house rules we wish to avoid threads becoming dominated by personal, antagonistic, exchanges. Please feel free to debate the issues, however keep in mind that comments which breach our house rules are liable to be removed. This includes Rule 8 - Please respect the views of others. If you disagree, you have the right to challenge them but do not resort to personal attacks or insults. Ross Findon (web editor)

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by Keven Ball

11th February 2014, at 11:00:56

I have read your post and I am asking you was that a correct overview or your time and experience in the army Baz?

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by Keven Ball

11th February 2014, at 11:00:43

I have read your post and I am asking you was that a correct overview or your time and experience in the army Baz?

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by Baz Taylor

11th February 2014, at 10:39:31

Kevan: What ARE you banging on about??? YOU are the one who likes to extend other peoples views so that you can sound so high and mighty. Pretending to add a comment but twisting what people say to suit your ideals! I have answered QUITE CLEARLY what you asked. READ IT AGAIN!!!

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by James McAdder

11th February 2014, at 07:28:53

Alan Naylor.

The UK is currently building the world's most sophisticated drone. Stealthy, supersonic, and capable of autonomous missions (not controlled by a human)

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by James McAdder

11th February 2014, at 07:23:16

David Wright,

National Service did, undoubtedly, benefit a lot of young people, as you say. It also harmed a lot. Well over a third of those that died during National Service after WW2 killed themselves.

There are still fantastic careers to be had in the Armed Services. It is just the compulsion that has been removed.

But my main issue with conscription has nothing to do with the benefits, or otherwise, to the conscripts. It is merely that it is an exceeding poor way of providing manmower for modern, technologically sophisticated, armed services.

There is also the cost. How would the New National Service be funded? More cuts to the regular forces or more money from Government?

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by alan naylor

10th February 2014, at 21:00:46

Way behind the times boys boots on the ground is now out of date3 drones can take out 3 thousand people on the ground and the usa is building thousands of them there proberly whatching you all now so behave yourselves ps if one wants to learn bricklaying good money you d ont have to go into the army to do it

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by Keven Ball

10th February 2014, at 19:56:05

I was quoting your words Baz - why you are trying to turn it around on me I have no idea? You enjoyed your time in the army and found parts of it fun and other parts not so much fun. I understand and fully see that... what else is there to add or say?

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