Biggest solar scheme approved

By Richard Wright

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


THE Isle of Wight’s biggest solar park has been approved.

Despite 23 letters of objection, the authority’s planning committee approved the 75-acre development at Hill Farm off Carpenters Road, between Brading and St Helens.

The photovoltaic park will have 131 rows of panels supplying enough electricity for 2,500 homes — an annual carbon saving, said developer BNRG Renewables, of 5,000 tonnes a year.

Most objections centred on the adverse effect on the countryside and the sensitive grassland habitat for nesting birds including skylarks, lapwings and meadow pipits.

St Helens Parish Council was among objectors but Brading Town Council supported the application, seeking a woodland buffer zone.

The Isle of Wight Council approval is subject to the panels being removed after 25 years, monitoring of bird collisions with the solar panels, and landscaping conditions.


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by Yvonne Carter

24th January 2013, at 14:36:00

I undertand that plants can grow under the solar panels and in some places sheep can graze under them. If this is correct then the land would not be wasted. Depends on the height of the panels.

To the previous question - it snowed in Newport last winter - I'l'll find the dates for you if you really need to know when.

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by James McAdder

24th January 2013, at 12:48:23

Its rather ironic that this gets the go ahead, while wind turbines get turned down. PV farms have a much greater impact on the environment than wind turbines because, by their very nature, they cover the land they are built on such that nothing can grow beneath them.

Whether you are for or against either PV or wind power, the lack of real opposition to this development suggests that the real concern of the anti-wind brigade is to do with offending their sensibilities rather than any real concern for the environment.

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by steve cummings

24th January 2013, at 09:40:49

In my view if something is a good thing then it should be done, if it is a bad thing it should NOT be done. Is the photovoltaic park a good thing or a bad thing? If it is a good thing that it delivers electricity it to one house is that a good thing? if it is, then shouldn't an enlarged version be built to supply electricity to every household on the island? If that happened the area of photovoltaic panels needed for the 61,500 households would be 1,845 acres! NOW is it a good thing?

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

23rd January 2013, at 18:55:44

Mike..its you who spout nonsense and have done for at least the last 10 years. It is a wonderful world..shame you have to moan so much about it

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

23rd January 2013, at 17:37:31

sigh!!!! head in the sand anti green energy conspiracy nutters winging about subsidies waiting for the lights to go out, desperatly repeating the failed mantra of 'no such thing as global warning' (what that has to do with peak oil and the absolute neccesity of alternative energy production.
The only blight on this Island are people who cant see past their blinkers and see that we all must shere the responsibilty for energy production ..even here on the Island ... and hope and pray that science can come up with new scemes for energy production or perfect the ones we have...and until then we must look at solar farms and turbines for 25 years...a small cost for the future of our children.

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by Steve Smith

23rd January 2013, at 15:33:11

Yvonne, I must have missed it last winter, could you tell me when it snowed?

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by Yvonne Carter

23rd January 2013, at 13:41:13

I'm not sure about global warming. Years ago it was extremely rare to get snow on the island. 1963 is etched in memories and island history books. The last three winters (at least) have had snow here so perhaps. the climate is changing but colder and wetter. Who knows?
I love the island and feel very sad that it is changing at a rapid pace and not always for the better. Years ago (efore M&S) the island and ndependent traders fought very hard against mainland shops and stores setting up here. Now look, huge grey boxes and big empy shops in Newport town centre. Progress is not always successful. Lets try and keep the island a beautiful place for all of us. .

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by geoffrey clynch

23rd January 2013, at 12:32:50

well said Mr.Crowe, this,Turbines..etc are all just part of one of the biggest SCAMS in history, Global Warming, you are all being fleeced for "GREEN" taxes to just make money for the elite and futher your brainwashing and the destruction of our countryside

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by Paul Rainford

23rd January 2013, at 11:05:22

You're spot on, David Shoulder. The current approach to renewable energy - which is clearly a good thing - is so piecemeal in the UK and so often smacks of short-term opportunism rather than long-term planet-saving. Like you say, the whole energy strategy needs to be planned properly, not left to private chancers fighting over spare scraps of land to make a quick buck while the subsidies are there.

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by David Shoulder

23rd January 2013, at 10:43:09

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