Budget blow for Isle of Wight Council

By Ross Findon

Friday, December 7, 2012


THE Isle of Wight Council could have to find an extra £1.3m in savings following Wednesday’s government autumn budget statement.

Due to austerity measures being extended, the council will have to save £9.3m in 2014/15, not £8m as originally anticipated.

Reporter: ross.findon@iwcp.co.uk


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by geoffrey clynch

10th December 2012, at 14:00:03

Now you know what all truth tellers and seekers are up against with all the media and press, they dont want the ordinary people to know the TRUTH in case it starts a riot of wanting to know the truth

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by Richard Taylor

10th December 2012, at 08:55:36

Certainly did Geoff! Big brother is definitely watching.........

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by geoffrey clynch

9th December 2012, at 19:33:55

Hi! Richard just proof of D-Notice censure, must have hit a nerve somewhere

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by Richard Taylor

9th December 2012, at 11:12:02

This is a strange page. The guy that posted before me suggested 'no taxation without representation' but it got wiped off. Odd isn't it? Who would of complained? Can't think.....

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by Richard Taylor

8th December 2012, at 13:24:09

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by Richard Taylor

8th December 2012, at 13:23:58

Or no taxation without performance...............should save us all a few quid. Is IOW council still in the lowest 10 poorly performing councils in the UK?

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by alan naylor

7th December 2012, at 21:03:45

You must all just have to swallow this bitter pill and like it because there is NOTHING you can do about it the community is weak minded about such matters and ambition in young people is squashed Charlott Hofman is right you all are a blue rince society with minds that think small on a small island restricted from branching out into the wide wide world by a small stetch of water this comment page is just a saftey valve for the same people to let off steam The ISLAND COUNTY PRESS SHOULD BE ALL OVER THESE council payments I mean front page large letters ever ask yourselves why not proberly get sent to coventry now by folks

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by Paul Clipstone

7th December 2012, at 20:54:34

We have what is undoubtably the worst Council within the UK. I notice that 3 useless council employees are leaving the council, the idiots who spearheaded the PFI deal for the highways, they may possibly not be the incompetent staff who authorised the roadworks in Lake and roadworks at the Languard Road, Newport road junction at exactly the same time, causing chaos throughout the area. Whoever signed those off, to be at exactly the same time need terminating from their position within the council. whilst on the subject, why is the Sandown road in Lake being dug up 3/4 times per year, no wonder the traders on that road are struggling, i do hope the council are paying them compensation. The council are a standing joke amongst other councils, they need to start working for the island, not themselves.

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by Colin Russell

7th December 2012, at 18:54:08

To many Cowboy,s not enought chief,s who can do a proper job for us and the Island, sadly, if these cowboys cut and sell what we got left, and get voted in again then god help us, the ferry fares can go down to a pound each way, with nothing left who will come ?

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

7th December 2012, at 18:28:12

KMust be really galling for this awful council...having sold off a load of OUR assets to fill in the whole in the budget that they created and tried to hide beneath the central government deficit, they now have to rob us of more assets to pay for their governmnets incompetance in power. lets see who is brave enough to vote Tory next year and keep a straight face.

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