Budget to be set by Isle of Wight Council

By Martin Neville

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


UPDATED 21:22*

ISLANDERS will discover tonight (Wednesday) if their council tax bills will rise in April.

The Isle of Wight Council is set to decide on its budget for the coming year, including whether to raise its part of the council tax.

Any rise would be in addition to 1.99 per cent already added to the police precept and rises in parish and town council bills.

As reported, a recommendation has been made to freeze council tax this year — which would be partly made up for by a grant from government.

However Labour has put forward a proposal, due to be debated tonight, that council tax rise by £1.99 and senior Independents have said they would be open to considering a rise.

*Councillors voted in favour of a 1.99 per cent council tax rise.
They have agreed the retention of school crossing patrol staff and to delay Cowes floating bridge pedestrian charges for a year, to allow for consultation.

We will be reporting live from the meeting on Twitter. For updates follow @iwcponline or #IWBudget

See details of some of the proposals put forward by the political groups below:


£ Invest £150,000 in apprenticeship and business start-up schemes and introduce a £295 residents’ parking permit.

£ The cost of the council’s One Card for leisure centres has been frozen while harbour, allotment and other leisure centre fees are set to rise.

£ Free parking at The Heights and Medina leisure centre has been scrapped while parking fees will rise by ten per cent in long-stay car parks and by 20 per cent in short stay car parks.

£ The long-standing policy of free parking in towns on alternate weekday afternoons has been axed, as has 30 minutes free parking at Moa Place, Freshwater.

£ Free parking in Carisbrooke High Street and Pier Road in Seaview will be reviewed, while charges will be re-introduced at Appley and Puckpool.

£ Chargeable hours will be extended beyond the current 8am to 6pm window.

£ Burial charges will rise from £774.90 to £814 and cremation fees from £556.50 to £584.

£ Free swimming for children in the holidays has been axed.


£ Increase council tax by 1.99 per cent to add £521,000 to council coffers.

£ Use the extra money to save school crossing patrols, delay pedestrian charges on the Cowes chain ferry, retain beach safety equipment and abandon charges for children to swim in school holidays.


£ Free daytime parking funded by a £1 overnight parking tariff for car parks and paid for on-street parking areas.

£ Retain school crossing patrols.

£ Increase daytime parking fees by rounding up to the nearest pound.

£ Allocate £100,000 for a major road safety scheme.

£ Abolish deputy cabinet member posts.

£ Stop payment by the IW Council of the cost of the full time union rep.

£ Increase planning fees by five per cent and introduce a new pre-planning meeting fee for major commercial developers.

£ Review leisure charges.

Lib Dem

£ Review funding support for the Lord Lieutenant's office in an overall review of council support services.


£ Retain school crossing patrols.

£ Retain beach cleaning and beach safety equipment.

£ Retain indirect control of leisure centres but devolve management to each site.

£ Reduce proposed Cowes chain ferry pedestrian charge from 50p to 20p per single journey.

£ Extend the new parking permit to allow up to 30 minutes parking in any IW Council road parking bay, two hours in short stay car parks and eight hours in long stay car parks, and increase its cost.


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by Keven Ball

28th February 2014, at 15:33:42

I agree fully!

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by Mat Thomas

28th February 2014, at 01:47:29

Real cuts.

Masochism, flagellation and penitence, let's go further than catholic confession to sin but be more fundamentalist in our obedience. Let us offer ourselves up to superiors and on our knees accept our austere fate.

Or should cowards flinch or traitors sneer?

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by David Blackford

27th February 2014, at 13:28:16

Changing the subject slightly (a lot).
I got a letter today about potal voting signed by David Cameron - looking as if it is about an EU referendum - when it is in fact about the forthcoming EU election. Seems a bit of a con to persuade people to vote for the Conservatives rather than UKIP.
Anyone else get one?

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by Keven Ball

27th February 2014, at 11:27:59

pull through these tough times. Again, for people on benefits they will not directly be paying the 1.99 per cent increase as their benefits cover their council tax, so what is the point of that? To me the poor hard workers have to carry and foot the bill for everyone else!

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by Keven Ball

27th February 2014, at 11:25:54

Hi David Wright,
You have to be careful when reading articles from the media, they will always try to persuade the audience in any way they can. I always look at them with an open-minded view; much of what you read is just an editor’s/reporters opinion. We have touched on many issues such as if we reduce foreign aid we could save much needed monies that would help us in our troubled times. In addition, if we reduce our benefit system or change the rule on how to claim all these wonderful benefits, also if we controlled immigration and much more. The fact is in my view I would look at cutting benefits reducing foreign aid firstly, taxation would be my last port of call, sadly, and the government do not seem to feel the same as I! The more people in work the more taxes the government receive, therefore it would benefit both parties the workers and government. We need to get people working in this country and on the island. Invest in jobs for all and we can pull through these tough times

Log-in to Report

by James McAdder

27th February 2014, at 07:52:41

Seems some people are advocating a residency check. KB is as entitled to his opinion as much as anyone else. He can be, errm, persistent in his arguments, but he is generally polite and does not come across as a deliberate wind-up merchant (unlike certain others)

Log-in to Report

by John Atkins

26th February 2014, at 22:25:10

Just a note to say people should check rules on self employment.
If you work to times set by the person you work for, use their plant and equipment you are an employee not self employed. (You couldn't retire and become a consultant lollypop man either lol)
Wight care are part of the Isle of Wight Council not an agency.
WightHomeCare are an agency along with others, is it not policy for the council to out source services. I would suggest more work will be farmed out to agencies.
As for the suggestion of stop paying for a full time union rep, how much longer will there be people for him to represent.
But I do think to continue to provide quality services council tax should increase by 1.99 %.

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by Jack Woodford

26th February 2014, at 22:04:40

Looks to me like £7.5 million has been taken from balances and reserves. Seems hypocritical that the Independents complain so bitterly about 'selling off the family silver' when they keep hold of lame-dog buildings like Salisbury Gardens yet don't mind raiding funds set aside to deal with emergencies and unforeseen events - like major landslips etc.

Log-in to Report

by david wright

26th February 2014, at 22:03:01

Nothing in the list above will touch the £28m deficit will it?

I want to see real cuts not mild massaging!

As in an article Keven kindly posted a link to from the Telegraph tax revenue does not always NEED to be increased it NEEDS to be better spent.

Value for money its called something councils have no concept of.

Read the story ;

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by john hanson

26th February 2014, at 21:47:38

What about thinning out county hall

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