Call to limit immigration from Isle of Wight MP

By a County Press reporter

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


UPDATED 13:02*

A PARLIAMENTARY bill seeking to limit immigration to the UK from new European Union countries, debated today (Wednesday), has been co-sponsored by Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner.

The bill has called for would-be EU migrants to have a job, sufficient funds to stop them claiming benefits and to be in good health with no criminal record before they are permitted to settle here.

The requirements it demanded are similar to immigration controls demanded by the USA and Australia.

Currently, all EU member states are bound by the 2004 EU Free Movement Directive.

Since July, Spain has imposed stricter entrance requirements on EU nationals who wish to live there as youth unemployment climbed to 50 per cent.

Mr Turner said: "I am particularly concerned because in 2014 Bulgarians and Romanians will acquire the same rights as other EU citizens to come to the UK — that is an extra 29 million people."

Mr Turner confirmed he was also a signatory to amendments calling for real terms cuts in the EU budget and restoration of the full British budget rebate, both of which were also due to be debated today.

*Labour MP Denis McShane spoke against the bill calling it insulting to many people from the EU who contributed to the British economy.

However MPs voted in favour of the bill receiving a second reading, which will take place on December 14.


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by Barry Payne

3rd November 2012, at 21:40:30

At last, somebody with a bit of sense, thank you Mr Turner at last a person that has the guts to say what the MAJORITY of the country thinks. Thank you geoffrey c. I think Kevin needs to get off the Island and see the exsplosion of immigrants in the cities but don't let a few facts get in the way.

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by alan naylor

1st November 2012, at 17:11:14

Just got back from stay at warners holiday camp freshwater all staff in the restaraunte was Polish sevice was wonderful there by lies a story

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by geoffrey clynch

1st November 2012, at 13:29:50

I would also suggest that Mr.Turner concentrate in making sure that immigration of the overflow from all the major cities onto the Island be his priority, and stop all the building of 10,400 houses and 27 Gypsy pitches to house them

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by geoffrey clynch

1st November 2012, at 12:14:23

agree Mr.Majors, it is good to see Mr.Turner doing something constructive but this does not go far enough, there should be a total ban on all immigration and start sending home ALL illegals, and never mind a cut in the eu budget, let us quit the eu completely and take back control of our own borders, and try our so-called government for TREASON and fraud

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by alan phillips

31st October 2012, at 21:30:43

Denis McShane is an independent MP

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by Sarah Smith

31st October 2012, at 19:13:37

Good on you Turner, I always thought you were a wimp but finally you are taking on the issues in respect of which your parliamentary cohorts actually tried to stop our freedom of speech. A promise to squash immigration is a vote clincher.

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

31st October 2012, at 17:24:05

Oh dear...Brits have been migrating around Europe for Decades...nearly as many people emigrate as we get immigrants. But don't let a bit of education get in the way of fear. Turner is a bandwagon be pedantic, he is also an immigrant to the Island having failed to get elected in the Midlands...and he is also supporting the Labour Party in calling for cuts to the EU Budget. ...when will he do something succesfully to improve the lot of his constituents rather than blagging his expences, supporting bloods sports desperatly seeking a cause that he can win

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by Mike Crowe

31st October 2012, at 17:11:00

wots rong wiv the spelin? evrybodi nowz that thee spelin is pefict on the isle ov wite

Don't ask many of the posters about 'there' 'their' and 'they're' or come to that 'have' (pronounced 'of' and spelt that way on the Isle of Wight)

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by Keith Hunnybun

31st October 2012, at 16:53:32

And spelling...

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by Paul Strauss

31st October 2012, at 16:47:47

If correctly punctuating ellipses was a necessity, we would see a similar exodus . . .

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