Campaigners hit out at Vodafone

By Matthew Mckew

Thursday, July 17, 2014


A PRESSURE group campaigning against poor mobile phone signal on the Isle of Wight is ramping up efforts to get a more reliable service.

Islanders For A Proper Vodafone Service has labelled phone company Vodafone, "Nodaphone."

In the latest problems for customers, phone signal was disrupted from Wednesday, last week, to this Monday, when customers were unable to receive or send texts, or make calls.

Mark Peddie, 47, of Howard Close, Newport, set up a Facebook page last year, when a similar problem occurred, and it has received over 500 likes.

He said: " We are fed up with the fact we have no signal. There have been about ten outages in the last 12 months. It's ridiculous."

Mark said the poor signal in Newport, Sandown and Shanklin, affected businesses as well as individuals.

He said he had been compensated for the loss of coverage, but it did not excuse the inconvenience.

Su Rycroft, 57,  from Carisbrooke, said Vodafone should let customers leave their contracts early if they could not provide a good signal.

"I am stuck with this for a year. If you bought a washing machine and it didn't wash, you wouldn't stand for it. It's the same," she said.

The group intends to approach the MP Andrew Turner.

A Vodafone spokeswoman apologised to affected customers and said: "The recent issue with our network in Newport was resolved on Monday afternoon which was due to faulty BT hardware."

She added: "Through our current network investment plan, we have a 3G outdoor coverage target of 98% of the population on the Isle of Wight constituency in the next few years.   

"We are also in the middle of rolling out our 4G service nationwide and hope to reach the Isle of Wight soon."




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by John Love

21st July 2014, at 12:37:42

@ Jack.

I can testify that they go after you. After numerous complaints to vodafone about their service, I cancelled my direct debit and received a large bill for termination of contract. I rang and wrote to them and told them I would not be paying it, you don't buy a car if you can't put fuel in it, and they replied that in their contract terms, in the small print that you can't read or need a business lawyer to interpret, that they do not have to provide a connecting service. I now have a default registered on my credit report, previously good. They or the independent ombudsman are not interested.

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by Peter Jeffery

18th July 2014, at 22:14:51

George H

Christ ! The 'Benefit Brigade' have phones !

And they are ringing or texting their mates to come round for coffee !


Just a guess, but probably to come round for coffee.

Science fiction in the 80's predicted Nuclear war ? I've got news for you George, we all thought it would happen, and we planned for it. But it didn't.

Nobody is forced to use new technology, so if you don't want to, fine, but please don't condemn those who do.

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by Peter Jeffery

18th July 2014, at 21:58:21

I quite agree that reliance ( and sometimes obsession ) with phone technology has become the norm.

However, I think you're missing the point. This is all about what is promised by the provider versus what they actually deliver.

You say you can wait til you go home and then use t'internet or home phone. What if they don't work as they should ?
Are you just going to settle for that ? or would you quite rightly be lambasting the company if they failed to put it right ?

I had a Talktalk mobile briefly until I found Shanklin had a well documented vodafone coverage problem, and in fairness, TT cancelled it without charge, when I sent them all the internet forum links.

But should we have to go through that process, or should it be the responsibility of the supplier to prove coverage before they sign someone up to a contract.

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by George Hollett

18th July 2014, at 12:42:22

Well said Baz. Admittedly I do have a Smart phone & yes it is useful. However, did I have it 10 years ago, no, & was it a problem back then - no it wasn't. Mobiles first became popular with business people. However, they then became too readily available & now we even have the benefit brigade all with their latest Smart phones texting & emailing their mates asking if they want to come round for coffee...why?

Technology is taking over. 'Artificial Intelligence' is becoming more advanced. Some of these science fiction films may not be far of the truth - the machines will take over! During the 80's there was a saying going around - World War III would be fought with nuclear weapons but World War IV would be fought with sticks & stones...think about it...

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by Baz Taylor

17th July 2014, at 22:07:51

Had a mobile phone since they first came out around 20 or so years ago. I've never had a contract with any rip-off company. I pay for what I use. I don't have or need a so-called "smart phone". If I want the internet, I wait till I'm home. It doesen't run my life! I last "topped-upped" with a tenner in May. I still have over £7 credit, which will last me for weeks yet! If I don't get a signal, I simply use my land-line! Some people make a mountain out of a mole hill. There's always ways and means of getting around "problems"! I don't know what 2G, 3G or 595G is and care even less. It has no effect on me. Get a life some of you! Your phones are ruling your lives!

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by Sue Grimwood

17th July 2014, at 20:39:52

I still don't have a signal, this is the second year running, I have not had any compensation. And still have a year left to run.

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by Steven Goodman

17th July 2014, at 19:03:15

..."a company that refuses to play fair", and with "deep pockets" - thanks largely to avoiding tax payments like the £7 billion or so that upset some MPs in 2011 - ought to do more for it's customers. Good luck with the campaign.

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by Mark Dunsford

17th July 2014, at 17:36:34

None of the providers guarantee any level of service but all of them promise future improvements that never seem to arrive. In my experience their coverage maps seem to bear little resemblance to actual coverage.

A contract that is so heavily biased in favour of one party is unlikely to be upheld in court, particularly in light of the beaten false advertising in the coverage maps. Unfortunately the costs of fighting such a case may make this difficult to pursue given that the phone companies have in house legal teams and deep pockets.

Ofcom is finally taking an interest but more pressure is needed both on the regulator and central government before anything will actually change.

As has been pointed out, if you bought a washing machine that didn't wash the contract would be vid and you'd get a refund. Why should a phone contract be treated any differently?

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by Shanise Morgan

17th July 2014, at 14:57:40

Although I was angry with vodafone, there customer service has been excellent.I was paying £42 a month contract and not getting what I wanted.I asked if they could reduce th contract by " a bit" and they took it down to £17 which is great but then the newport signal problems started which was really annoying.They need to focus on getting 3G in newport and not getting 4G in east cowes.

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by Steve Williams

17th July 2014, at 13:41:47

You would have thought he would have switched provider by now?

Not just Vodafone, loss of calls all over the island, no matter whom you're with. Binstead, Havenstreeet, Brading, the list is endless.

Just accept you get a rubbish reception here. At least with someone like giffgaff, you have the cheapest provider on PAYG.

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