Celebrating the contribution of special constables

By a County Press reporter

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Celebrating the contribution of special constables

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes finding out first hand about the work of special constables. Picture courtesy of Hampshire Police.

THE work of special constables on the Isle of Wight has been celebrated this weekend.

The contribution of volunteer special constables was described as vital, by Ch Supt Dave Powell, who paid tribute to their efforts as part of National Specials Weekend.

"We have 566 special constables across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, who provide a vital support service for their local policing teams and more importantly, their communities.
"We have a huge range of expertise as part of our Special Constabulary, from teachers, to stay at home mothers and retired businessmen and women, who all have something different to bring to policing.

"I would like to thank them for giving up their free time and often balancing a full-time career, with family life and then putting on their uniform and helping to make the streets of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight safer."

On the Isle of Wight, specials' work includes supporting regular colleagues in dealing with anti-social behaviour on Friday and Saturday nights.

Chief specials officer Phil Keeling said: "Special constables across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will out this weekend in support of operations set up by regular officer colleagues as well running operations drawn up and managed by themselves. Some will also be undertaking normal patrol duties in support of regular officers assisting with ongoing day-to-day business.

"All of these officers no matter what duty they are engaged in will be doing so in their own free time between their work and family lives. For this I am truly grateful and proud of the time and effort they all put in to making their communities safer."
Simon Hayes, police and crime commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, said: "I highly commend those who give up their time to volunteer as Specials for Hampshire Constabulary. They are very important members of Hampshire Constabulary’s extended police family and bring valuable knowledge and experience from their different backgrounds.

"The Special Constabulary makes an important contribution to protecting people and places across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight for which I thank them. It is important we recognise this through key initiatives like National Specials weekend."

You can follow @HantsSpecials on Twitter, which will be live tweeting on Sunday using #SCWeekend14.


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by Stephen Elliott

7th April 2014, at 16:40:08

James their are also periods when there is zero cover.

If you wonder how I know these things then do a FOI

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by James McAdder

7th April 2014, at 15:46:22

Errm, no Stephen. There are no periods of the week when the only police cover on the IW is provided by Special Constables. Not sure where you got that absurd idea from. Please provide your source.

Yet again you deride and belittle volunteers as people who "do the job for a kick". Do you not think that they may do it in order to put something back into society?

I guess you think that Samaritans, CAB advisors, Lifeboatmen (and women), Army Reservists (and RAF /RN), etc, are all doing it for "kicks"? You think Samaritans enjoy listening to desperate people for a "kick"? You think reservists fight (and sometimes die) for their country for "kicks"?

How the RNLI is funded is irrelevant. Lifeboat crews ARE, and always have been, volunteers, and provide what is probably the most widely respected marine rescue service in the world.

I'm guessing a Special gave you a ticket or a ticking-off at some time and you now have a massive chip on your sh

Log-in to Report

by David Kay

7th April 2014, at 15:43:00

To become a 'Real One' in the Met police you have to do voluntary special police work first - I also believe Hampshire & IW police are going down the same path - as are many of the 44 forces across the country.

It is to show you have the determination/ drive etc. before you start training as a paid officer.

Log-in to Report

by sue allen

7th April 2014, at 14:20:08

Ha ha 99% of people can't be wrong surely. You just keep digging your hole don't you?

Log-in to Report

by Stephen Elliott

7th April 2014, at 13:37:35

Ok James I know...fact that the island has many periods of the week where there is no paid police officer cover other than specials. We are becoming heavily reliant on the volunteers who do the job for a kick.

RNLI would be government funded but the moment they accept the money then they become subject to public enquiries, audits and cut backs when the MP declares they need to save.

I'm making an argument in reason whereas people like Sue can provide no argument except for insults and trying to demonising me like 99% of daily mail readers.

Log-in to Report

by James McAdder

7th April 2014, at 13:24:31

Given his disapproval of the "volunteer who has his separate career and no sense if duty to the job" (sic), I sincerely hope he never gets into trouble at sea.

Log-in to Report

by sue allen

7th April 2014, at 12:49:50

Yes you have offended people so far special constables, charity workers and me, not that I mind as I understand you can't help yourself.

Log-in to Report

by James McAdder

7th April 2014, at 11:30:12

Special Constables do have the power of arrest (unlike the paid PCSOs). They are, however, usually used in support of the regular police, freeing the regular officer to deal with the burglar, mugger, etc.

Give us the real thing, says john jones? You get the real thing. Specials are in addition to the regular officers, not instead of. If the Specials were disbanded there wouldn't be more regular Police Officers.

A lot of people volunteer for all sorts of things. they do it out of a sense of duty and/or wanting to do something for the community or their country.

I assume the likes of Mr Eliott also has issues with:-
Armed Forces reserves (previously TA)
The Samaritans.
St Johns Ambulance.
All of the people who give up their time to marshal events like Walk the Wight, etc.

Log-in to Report

by john jones

7th April 2014, at 09:31:50

it does make you wander why they want to give up their free time to do something all tax payers are paying for. do they actually have any more powers than any of us walking along the street???????
we pay for a service so give us the real thing then those who want to give up their free time can give it to those who really need it.

Log-in to Report

by Stephen Elliott

7th April 2014, at 09:31:07

Sorry sue have I offended anyone. Why troll me calling me ignorant! You need to wake up and realise that Mavis at the charity shop isn't going to tackle an armed mugger but rather sort out bin bags and gossip.

Personally I find you ignorant for your narrow minded view of my argument.

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