Clean up effort for town

By a County Press reporter

Friday, March 21, 2014


Clean up effort for town

Volunteers at last year's Sandown clean up.

A CLEAN UP day is to be held in Sandown to boost the town.

More than 40 people took part in a similar event last year and Sandown Business Association said it hoped this year would be as successful.

"It really made a difference and we hope to do so again this year," said chairwoman Nicky Parker.

Last year the group cleaned up and painted properties in the Hight Street and Esplanade.

Anyone who would like to take part this year can meet at Ladies Realm, High Street, at 10am on Sunday, April 6.


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by Alex Pick

25th March 2014, at 16:46:32

y so sad?

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by jay gibbs

23rd March 2014, at 18:34:03

Its a shame that sandown got or getting into this mess as it could take alot of effort to get back to a level thats needed with or without an army of volunteers but can be done with little effort by all, im no expert but the high street(buying) has moved into our laps/online ect, which is good for some but not others, maybe the island high street shops could have there own web site bit like wightbay but just local shops ,its a real shame how things are and have gone as we are hanging on to the good of the past like the railway,theatre and churches and rightfully so, sandown has such a lot going for it in the way of location ,its beach long sandy south facing must attract millions of visitors wanting and willing to spend,several factors go againts this situation, less passing trade,unsitely shop fronts,todays running cost, and the way we shop,yes it will take more than a tin of paint but will get worse without it,advertising is cheap and intant today ie tweeting ect,we never had that.

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by Mike Crowe

23rd March 2014, at 17:18:02

Ted, what part of my posting of 23rd March 2014, at 08:31:08 do you not understand?

Ted if everybody had your attitude, there would be no Havenstreet Railway and I must point out, many more of the same ilk around the country. No amateur football/cricket/cricket etc etc etc clubs. No Guides, Scouts, Brownies, Cubs, Cadets ..........

get the gist?

You are a doom and gloom merchant and would no doubt prefer to sit at your keyboard waiting for the world to end. Sorry mate, mankind will end before the world.

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23rd March 2014, at 17:10:02

You always sound mystified (with the slightest hint of condescension) to me, Mike.
Do you really think a couple of tins of Dulux splashed on the pavement and reachable eyesores are going to fool the poor parents wandering past the Savoy or Grand with their grumbling offspring.
Go on, what's YOUR big idea - apart from telling us all to ignore what we see and GRIN.

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by Mike Crowe

23rd March 2014, at 16:50:19

Sorry, I am not mystified until 'something positive' has at least been tried by an army of enthusiastic volunteers.

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23rd March 2014, at 16:43:31

I'm as mystified as you Mr.Crowe - but I have noticed that last year's whitewash has rubbed off the outside of The Kebab House.

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by Mike Crowe

23rd March 2014, at 16:25:39

Thank you Ted for your 100% negative posting.

As a matter of interest, what is your 'feasible' and 'attainable' answer? No pie in the sky stuff. Just what can be done with the facilities available now?

And the Mrs Mopps who are to descend on Sandown once again to 'try' to improve things are wasting their time are they?

Let's have your 'Master Plan' and see what we can do about casting doom and gloom on it.

Or do you not have one?


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23rd March 2014, at 15:42:32

No amount of wishful thinking and white paint will tart up Sandown. Every year the usual suspects moan about the usual suspects and now, on the cusp of another Summer Season, it has only got worse.
The 'let's revitalise the theatre/cinema' brigade have hit a brick wall so -thanks Mike, but no thanks !
The proposed developments at Wight City etc. are way off over the horizon. The earlier suggestion of a major supermarket build would be good, except that they build outside the towns, so that would only drag us down further.
MAJOR money investment is needed. Anyone from Dragon's Den watching.......oh I forgot, Duncan Bannatyne got the Karting Place by Bogeys to 'dream the dream' - kabooooom !

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by Alex Pick

23rd March 2014, at 13:05:50

sandown look more clean now thanks :)

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by amy morgan

23rd March 2014, at 12:41:27

in this day an age what sandown could do with is an icelands or a primark store pave the road and make it a nice walk through hightstreet no cars at all , then you could hold a proper sunday market the beach front is good for tourists but i bet they would spend money going to a sunday market in a car free high street it needs to be brought into this day and age of what people want, local shops wont be affected by a real sunday market and will bring money to local people with stools im not talking about like the so called market in newport but a proper eastend market bring the town to life oh and popper in a pie and mash shop visitors would love that old and young x

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