'Colossal task' to repair roads

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, January 16, 2014


THE battle to restore the Isle of Wight's storm-damaged roads and prepare them for winter has been described as a 'colossal task' by Island Roads.

The company said flooding had taken its toll and they were working to repair the worst affected areas, while continuing the long-term improvements.

Operations manager Steve Jenkins said: "To respond to these challenges, and alongside its existing practices, Island Roads will be bringing in additional resources and specialist equipment to enable us to target the worst of these defects.

"We are working extremely hard to prioritise and tackle these repairs and at the same time continuing with our scheduled programme of work to upgrade, maintain and manage the highway network.

"We received in the region of 200 calls to report potholes alone in the two weeks since the beginning of the new year and are dealing with in the region of 1,500 different defects each month alongside our continuing work to undertake street and gully cleansing, drainage, hedge cutting, signage, lighting installation, pavement works, road surfacing and other planned activity.

"With the prospect of colder weather ahead, which will cause saturated ground to freeze and expand any defects, potentially weakening the roads further, we are committed to doing our upmost to treat as many of these as possible.

"It is a colossal task and we appeal to residents to be patient with is as we undertake this extensive programme of work."


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by Russell Palin

18th January 2014, at 15:48:03

Lee, apparently a stream ran down the road from the Church on the hill.
Plus other streams that joined it, when I drove down there behind the police it looked like a road in Russia!
Alan could you explain what you mean please? I do not understand.

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by alan naylor

18th January 2014, at 03:14:36

RUSSEL If someone was killed where have you been for the last 2 years the highest in the country I say sadly

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by valac van der Veene

17th January 2014, at 18:54:19

Further to Lee's comment about the impact of double deck buses on a road in Freshwater, I have been working on a building in Union Street, Ryde recently. We get significant structural vibration when a double decker passes, but none when a 40' artic does. The buses seem to produce a low frequency oscillation which transmits to/through road surfaces. I am in no way critising our bus service on the Island, but perhaps an investigation of the impact of such vehicles on the road substrate could be investigated. I think personally, buses on some routes are over-scaled, and smaller vehicles would be more suitable? Island Roads are certainly being proactive in tackling problems very quickly, and credit to their website which is current and informative. I have no knowledge of the quality of their repairs. But they certainly 'talk the talk' ! And perhaps they should be given a chance to prove themselves during which most of us would agree has, so far, been a slightly trying year.

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by Russell Palin

17th January 2014, at 18:45:52

According to the good people of Brook Village, who were voluntarily clearing washed gravel for the public good from the road today, "that lot fell at four in the morning."
As I said at the time I was in deepest ZZZZZZZZZZZed's at that hour.
This is bad for the Island and we need help.
The PFI will get some help, or political hot potato it will be.....

Loved to see those people out helping today. B/W

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by Don Prescott

17th January 2014, at 15:43:34

" I hope the Council and our MP will ask for government money"

They tried that already and did not have any success.
Now they are backing a madcap scheme to form a CIC who will transport us to the north island for almost nothing.

@Lee the $1M man,
"If for example one of us, say matthew emsom rode down the road on his tricycle and hit a brand new pot hole and broke his stabilizers off and ripped his favourite quilted jacket, he would have no claim,"


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by Baz Taylor

17th January 2014, at 12:52:36

A large pothole appeared at the end of my road a few days ago. I emailed Island Roads to inform them. They came out by the end of the day and had it filled - and a good job they made of it! So I defend them especially with this appalling weather.

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by Marie Cheverton

17th January 2014, at 12:29:15

The PFI contract is worth millions to Ringway (Island Roads).

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by Russell Palin

17th January 2014, at 11:43:55

for us out West LOL

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by Russell Palin

17th January 2014, at 11:39:42

Looks like some more roads are getting damaged right now in this rain.
Because of the bad state this will put the roads on the Island, I hope the Council and our MP will ask for government money to help with this"severe weather damage"
I for one will not blame Island roads, they have just been unlucky with our great British weather.
This weather and the damage(£ Million at least) is unprecedented. Getting the money from government is possible it just depends how "They" (see above) ask.
If they don't ask for some then I can see the roads budget not balancing in a very big way.....

Note on potholes:- It does not matter if one is driving slower because of conditions, if the pot hole is deep enough it will be dangerous and may still cause an accident and or damage.
Pot holes are not allowed, they should be signed clearly and mended as quick as possible.
Best use a tractor rather than a car, if one has the choice today folks.
The last comment is mainly f

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by Paul Cox

17th January 2014, at 11:14:21

Mr Blackford, There are times that potholes arise within a day or so, and if you are following another vehicle on a road at say, 50mph, not necessarily speeding, you can be taken by surprised by a new pothole and not have time to avoid it. That isn't bad driving, just bad luck. However it is time that Island Roads were fined or fired from their contract to repair our roads, as the job they are doing is diabolical. The repairs are useless, amateurish and in some cases downright dangerous. Who is responsible for overseeing their work and why are they not being taken to task over it?

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