Contaminated fuel harms cars

By David Newble

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Contaminated fuel harms cars

Kate Mawby with her Jeep, which was damaged by contaminated petrol. Picture by Jennifer Burton.

SAINSBURY’S has admitted water contaminated fuel pumps after eight motorists broke down at its garage in Hunnycross Way, Newport, last Saturday.

The company has launched an investigation into the incident after water got into drivers’ fuel tanks when they were filling up.

Andrew Mawby 53, of Worsley Road, Newport, said his Jeep failed to start after he filled up at the garage.

He and his family were due to go on a trip to the mainland.

His vehicle suffered £239 worth of damage but has since been repaired. The bill has been met by Sainsbury’s.

He said: "It was an absolute nightmare. I filled up, started the car and a hundred yards down the road, it just died.

"I phoned up the AA and went back to the garage. I noticed three other cars there. I realised there was something wrong with the fuel.

"When the AA guy turned up, he confirmed there was something wrong with the fuel."

Sainsbury’s said it would be offering the affected motorists a goodwill gesture in addition to covering the costs of repairs and other charges involved.

A spokesman said: "As soon as we became aware of the problem we isolated the affected pumps and spoke to the drivers who were affected to apologise for the inconvenience.

"Our forecourt is open and operating as usual."



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by Dave Coombs

20th January 2014, at 22:18:44

I work in the motor trade, and I see many diesel contamination issues over the course of a year. What I can say from experience, is that they appear in 'clusters', and rarely from just one set of pumps, and it happens at any time of the year . Which leads me to conclude that the fuel was contaminated before it reached the affected pumps, either from the source, or from somewhere in or on transit.

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by alan naylor

19th January 2014, at 15:23:33

Could be worse if it ever got in the beer we would have sober drivers in broken down cars all over the place

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19th January 2014, at 13:30:20

How many other filling stations are having trouble?
Could it be the company who is distributing the fuel, not the filling stations fault?
Thats the question?

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by Stephen Elliott

18th January 2014, at 20:10:05

Aww bless

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by alan naylor

18th January 2014, at 20:02:08

Water Water everywhere and not a drop to drink,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pray tell me sir ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where has it gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DOWN THE KITCHEN SINK

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by Steve Smith

18th January 2014, at 19:18:52

Why is that Neil?
Can their tanks not suffer water ingress? Or are you saying this was deliberate?

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by Mark Dunford

18th January 2014, at 18:01:44

My Van broke down in October for the same reasons, water in diesel. I only used Sainsbury's in Newport. Cost me a fortune to put right. Can I claim compensation? I doubt they would admit it.

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18th January 2014, at 15:56:27

The Co-op on Sandown's Broadway had the same problem

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by Russell Palin

18th January 2014, at 15:39:00

That's funny I stopped going there because my idling sensor started acting up on my little Saxo, thought their petrol was a bit iffy at the time.
Now we know. At least they now know, that's the main thing.

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by James McAdder

18th January 2014, at 14:31:08

Pretty sure I had some contaminated diesel from Sainsburys last year. The fuel contamination light came on shortly after filling up there. Luckily no engine damage as the filter trapped it, but still had to pay for the fuel system to be decontaminated.

A bit of water contamination isn't, generally a problem for petrol engines, but is deadly for diesels.

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