Controversial conservation plan for Niton

By David Newble

Monday, January 28, 2013


CONSTROVERSIAL plans to turn Niton’s village centre and the nearby Undercliff into a conservation area could come into force soon, despite objections from the parish council.

The Isle of Wight Council cabinet member for the economy, Cllr George Brown, is being recommended to impose conservation area status on both parts of the village under advice from council officers.

However, the proposals are opposed by both Niton and Whitwell Parish Council and the Isle of Wight Council member for the village, Cllr David Stewart, according to a council report.

Opponents of the plan to designate the village as a conservation area say there was insufficient consultation about the project and the consultation was changed when residents were asked about the proposals.

Residents also believed the designation was being imposed on them and making the village a conservation area would bring no benefit to the area.

There were also concerns house prices could rise and the village could stagnate if the controversial proposals were given the go ahead.

However, planning bosses at the council say the village is an historic settlement and conservation area status would conserve and enhance the area for future generations.

House prices do not significantly rise in areas which have become conservation areas, according to the report.

The decision cannot be taken before next Monday.



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by Mike Crowe

29th January 2013, at 09:14:27

With you on that one Darryl

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by Darryl Fry

29th January 2013, at 08:47:51

At least Council have got something right. The entire island should be nominated for world heritage status. Much too beautiful to waste.

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by Mark Hitchman

29th January 2013, at 07:12:21

I wish the County Press would stop using the word Controversial. Every week there's some kind of controversial story! Can it not just read conservation plan for Niton, turbine application for West Wight, etc..?

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by Paul Strauss

28th January 2013, at 16:12:28

Yes Mr McAdder I see your point. I have always wanted to be a NIMBY but unfortunately I have always lived in flats with no back yard whatsoever. The NIMBYs are very cliquey and have always looked down on backyard-less people like me - I have never been allowed to protest against any proposed developments in my locale! I tried forming my own protest group but it didn't catch on. Proclaiming onesself a Not Visible or Audible From My Tiny Balcony (NVOAFMTB) doesn't have quite the same resonance.

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by James McAdder

28th January 2013, at 15:35:02

No Paul,

It is merely nimbyism in action. You can be sure that if a proposal to build houses in Niton was tabled or, indeed, a proposal to make Arreton a conservation zone, you'd get just as many people opposed to these, and those people would be just as vocal, just as assured of the righteousness of their own cause, and just as sure that they speak for everyone.

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by Paul Strauss

28th January 2013, at 15:25:34

Have got this right? The council imposes conservation area status on areas where the people don't want it, and proposes massive developments on areas that people wish to be conserved. Surely not?

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by geoffrey clynch

28th January 2013, at 14:38:54

While they are at it, Why dont they make the whole Island a conservation area to STOP all the building, but again here we see the ordinary residents concerns and worrys just ignored by this council,

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by James McAdder

28th January 2013, at 14:04:01

Here's an idea.

Move all the anti conservation area nimbys to Arreton, and move all of the anti house building nimbys to Niton.

That should keep everybody happy.

I wonder what fun name the Niton lot are going to come up with for themselves? Niton Against Conservation Areas, or Nacas for short.

Why is it these "pressure" groups always think they speak for everyone. The Wight against, Arreton Villagers against..... To be perfectly accurate they should be "Vocal Minority of <x> against", but, then, I guess Vmothwart isn't quite as catchy.....

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