Council to consider turbine plans

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


PLANS for a 74 metre high wind turbine will go before Isle of Wight councillors on Monday.

The plans for a single turbine to be built at a site off Betty Haunt Lane has been recommended for conditional approval by officers, however hundreds of people have written to the Isle of Wight Council to object.

Officers have recommended if the plans are given conditional approval, it should be subject to further noise assessments.

According to a report to councillors, their main considerations should be the effect of noise, impact on the landscape, ecology and natural habitats, cultural heritage and highways.

The meeting will be held at County Hall and starts at 6pm.



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by Darryl Fry

4th January 2013, at 23:29:04

I'm confused. Do these 'poles' actually lean to the left or do they just have wings on the left side? Either design would be an inefficient way to generate clean energy.

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by geoffrey clynch

4th January 2013, at 13:22:30

In an article in todays papers, at first glance you would think that the PLANNING Minister "Nick Boles" was talking sense and finally a minister on residents side, BUT then this is the same person who advocates building on a million acres of GREEN land for homes for millions more immigrants, two faced,forked tongued liars abound,lets see if he does help residents fight against these disgusting unwanted leftwing totem poles

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by Darryl Fry

4th January 2013, at 04:41:44

A couple of interesting articles to read. and

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by Darryl Fry

4th January 2013, at 04:11:12

Strange. People objecting to clean renewable energy and supporting grimy polluting fossil energy? I love the island for its antiquity, but lets not extend that to preserving old industrial revolution technology. Nurture your culture and embrace the future.

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by Darryl Fry

4th January 2013, at 04:04:06

In response to Neil Jacks' question: the answer is that is Mr. Prescott's style. Many people without a good argument use insults and vitriol as a substitute for knowledge and facts. I did a philosophy minor as part of my environmental science degree and we learnt that personal insult is a common device to disguise a fallacy. It seems that anyone who goes near a pub or supports infinite renewable energy over finite fossil fuels is either an 'idiot' or a 'half wit.' I think that on that basis we can safely ignore and dismiss anything the angry Mr. Prescott has to say and move on.

Moving on: I have visited the farms, creeks and billabongs where the land and aquifers have been fractured for money and gas - and it is truly heart breaking. I have met with families who have locked their gates when the SUV's turn up, and seen the black-clad security guards use bolt cutters to force their way onto their homes. I have seen the bubbles coming up in the water and the sick animals. And the tears

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by neil jacks

3rd January 2013, at 23:19:11

Mr prescott, why do you in turn belittle mr fry who has more knowledge and experience on the subject than you?

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by neil jacks

3rd January 2013, at 22:47:07

what the hell has wightlink got to do with this link.

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3rd January 2013, at 21:17:29

Pathetic anyone who objects to wind enery untill tidal becomes more affordable, Wightlink ferry fares do more harm to tourism than any wind turbine! Put one in my garden im not bothered if it affects my property price we cant afford to move anyway!

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by Mark Hitchman

3rd January 2013, at 17:15:49

To reply to Neil Jacks, it's not near me, I live near Culver Down and have a lovely view of it which I wouldn't mind seeing turbnes on. I work very close to where this turbine will go in, and that still won't bother me at all. I think for the short term, 20 - 25 years, put them up, and that gives us breathing space to make sure tidal, solar etc can improve, then take the wind turbines down. A small sacrifice for a short term solution to our energy crisis giving us breathing space whilst new technologies are improved.

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by T Rollingsworth

3rd January 2013, at 17:02:05

Geoffrey, would you be interested in purchasing a tin-foil hat?

Also, the BANANA acronym is brilliant- I can't believe I've not heard it! On a serious note, offshore wind isn't really worth it due to the power you would have to use getting it back into the grid. (and building it)

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