Councillor criticises school transport plans

By a County Press reporter

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Councillor criticises school transport plans

Christ the King College. Picture by Peter Boam.

PLANS to axe free school transport for some students will have 'bizarre and Kafkaesque' consequences according to one councillor.

As previously reported, the Isle of Wight Council has proposed that students should only receive free transport to their nearest school.

The council has also proposed scrapping subsidised post-16 transport.

Tory education spokesman Cllr Chris Whitehouse said families whose nearest school was Christ the King College would have to apply there to receive free travel — even if they did not want their children to attend the Christian school.

"West Wight children, if they wanted free travel to Carisbrooke College, would first have to apply at Christ the King. Only when they are turned down could they then ask for travel to Carisbrooke.

"What is worse, children from atheist, agnostic or other faith families who definitely don’t want to attend Christ the King might find themselves forced to apply and be admitted under their community places scheme! This would be Kafkaesque and completely bizarre," he said.

As reported in April, Christ the King was oversubscribed to for applications, with 329 applications for 270 places.

A consultation on the proposals runs until July 23. Comments can be submitted at


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by John Crowe

10th July 2014, at 08:20:14

Ha ha DW.

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by david wright

9th July 2014, at 18:29:42

As stated Christ the King was over subscribed by 59 applications this year so this whole argument is fatuous that West Wight children would have to apply. To what end? To be refused?

I was a big advocate before West wight School was demolished that it become a high school for West Wight children as it was in the 1960's so the need for 100's to bus 11 miles each way a day would no longer be necessary.

I went off the idea when someone pointed out that the West wight is already inbred enough and children going to Newport schools is our only chance of finding new blood and avoiding webbed feet!!!

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by Don Prescott

9th July 2014, at 14:53:59

@ JC & SPT

Apparently in a letter to someone called Oskar Pollak, Kafka wrote:
"I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us"

Cllr Whitehouse must be full of holes and should get himself off to A&E immediately!!!!

What a load of pollaks!

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by John Crowe

9th July 2014, at 14:30:11

I listen to the concerns of people who this may affect and genuinely understand how they feel. I also have a great respect for Christ the King College and in particular Mrs Goodhouse, she is a shining star. Then the idiot comes out with stupid words that hardly anybody has heard of just to get himself noticed. I am so sorry but the buffoon has yet again managed to take away the genuine plight of people for his own self-serving agenda.

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by steve paul taylor

9th July 2014, at 14:09:27

What is the point in using words that have not long been in a dictionary!! making people guess or look up the meaning, not clever just stupid. Kafkaesque I mean Kelloggscornflakes

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by Karen Newton

9th July 2014, at 11:41:05

Colin, my child IS going to a mainland college along with many others, reducing the amount sixth forms here can claim, and whilst more students being educated off-Island could possibly then result in a loss of teaching jobs etc I have to do what is right for my child and am fed up of being asked to 'bear with us, we will improve'. This is how I, and other parents, are demonstrating our disgust with 'local' education, which, as Don has stated, is now HCC...with no visible improvements it suggests HCC are no better than IWC (me being polite...I work with HCC, I know they are just as bad). Don, what a great revenue earner...IWC could charge for tickets to that court hearing, I'd pay!

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by Don Prescott

9th July 2014, at 11:26:00

@ Karen
A fascinating scenario.

Remember that since October 2013, Hampshire CC took over education from IWCouncil.

Imagine then, your assumption that a parent decides that it is not affordable to send the child to school, because of IWCouncil policy on travel costs.

It could well end up with Hampshire CC taking IWCouncil to Court.

This story is however, IMO, just another Cllr Whitehouse "see me-notice me" publicity stunts and I find it quite depressing that the alternative to the present low standard LibDem/Indy Council, would be another bunch of Tory a**e scratchers!

@ KT,
Are you available for a consultation on Local Authority consultations?
I believe that there will be just such a consultation very soon, with expert consultants coming over to the island to consult with the Councils consultants and also to consult with council tax payers on getting value for money from consultants.

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by Colin Barton

9th July 2014, at 10:34:11

Karen great news,get your kids on the mainland,more room over here then


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by David Blackford

9th July 2014, at 09:46:16

Wightwash - I like that KT

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by Karen Newton

9th July 2014, at 09:37:09

It is now a requirement students stay in education post-16, are the IWC even allowed to remove subsidized travel? Interesting legal case if a child doesn't attend because of cost.
On the plus side, hopefully many more will investigate the subsidized travel offered by mainland colleges - as their education is far superior to IW education the children will benefit considerably.

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