Councillor's anger over ticketed cars

By Richard Wright

Thursday, March 13, 2014


A FURIOUS Isle of Wight councillor has rounded on his own authority for slapping tickets on cars at Medina — calling on it to apologise to motorists and refund fines.

Cowes councillor John Nicholson added his voice to other drivers who have complained about traffic wardens pouncing on cars at Medina Theatre when the car park is full.

Cllr Nicholson e-mailed all members of the council when he returned home from the theatre on Wednesday night telling them he was 'shocked and outraged'.

But the council has defended its action, saying cars were parked illegally.

He told them: "I have just dropped someone up to Medina Theatre to go to the Isle of Wight College charity celebration of their hairdressing department.

"The car park was full so people had to park wherever they could find additional space, on the verges and roadside with no obstruction whatsoever and were ticketed for it.

"As a councillor, I will not stand by and see members of the public treated like this, and do not want to be party to a council that treats its public in such a mercenary and opportunistic fashion.

"Someone has deliberately sent these wardens up to this event as a pre-planned opportunity and it is disgraceful. Was it the same person who decided not to provide sufficient facilities in the first place, as well?

"I will bring this up at full council and want to see all these decent people, who were victimised in this way, have their tickets cancelled and receive a letter of apology."

One of an estimated 30 people ticketed, Newport sales manager Neil Gordon said he had gone to play football at the leisure centre.

"There was nowhere to park and we would have wasted our booking if we had gone elsewhere. If the council cannot provide parking facilities that can cope I urge people to boycott Medina."

A council spokesman said: "The council has a duty to enforce parking regulations to ensure areas are safe and vehicles are not causing obstructions.

"Civil enforcement officers regularly work late shifts and visited several parts of Newport on Wednesday night, including Medina Leisure Centre.

"Concerns have been raised to us that vehicles were parked on double yellow lines, were not parked in designated bays and were parked on grass verges in contravention of the parking regulations.

"These were ticketed and we are investigating the circumstances that led to the vehicles being issued with parking tickets. If it is found any tickets were issued incorrectly then they will be cancelled."



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by Debbie Hickman

11th April 2014, at 14:29:21

The question is not just about evenings, when it is often inevitable that there are not enough spaces, and either you park illegally or local residents have to suffer parking in the side streets', it seems it may be proposed to charge all users for this car park all of the time. Not only will this force parents to pay to visit their child's school, which should be encouraged not discouraged, but may force some of the lower paid employees to consider whether it is worth going to work at all?! What happened to wanting people in work, wanting parents to engage in their child's education, and needing people to keep fit? It is empty during school holidays so this charge is clearly aimed at evening users and Campus staff. It will only force people to use the side streets all of the time. Reconsider IWC, give permits to staff and refund ticket fees to Leisure Centre / Theatre users.

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by James Hodges

16th March 2014, at 08:56:30

I wonder how all the people condoning the actions of these traffic wardens would feel if they got caught doing 31mph in a 30mph zone. It's about the council acting in responsible, understanding and with a degree of tolerance. It's not what the council have done it's the way they have done it.

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by Debbie Hollebon

15th March 2014, at 08:08:17

I was up at the Medina on Wednesday night for a swimming class. It's true the car park is too small if there are fitness classes and something on at the school or theatre. However, you just have to drive out again, park in one of the nearby roads and walk. Some of the booked cars had driven onto the grass area at the entrance to the school, the grass is very wet at the moment and by Thursday morning was probably a churned up mess, who pays for the grounds men to put it right ? the school? the council? When using the Medina in the evening allow a little extra time to park, don't expect that you will automatically find a space in the car park. Count yourself lucky, some theatres have no parking of their own.

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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

14th March 2014, at 19:45:22

I dont think this said councillor was issued a ticket was he? Or am i reading adifferent post ?

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by carl palmer

14th March 2014, at 19:23:02

"Concerns have been raised to us that vehicles were parked on double yellow lines, were not parked in designated bays and were parked on grass verges in contravention of the parking regulations"
Is the quote, so what’s wrong with the powers that be acting on these concerns?....oh yes their crime was not informing all the members and catching one of them out doing exactly what members of the public had raised concerns about! It is he who should be answering questions as to why a public representative cannot obey the rules laid down by his own council! Its not one rule for them and one for us. Got to be an idiot to make a fuss when caught red handed

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by carl palmer

14th March 2014, at 19:15:52

It seems that unfortunately in this case someone who should know better doesn’t like getting caught out when he breaks the rules....rules enforced by council employees...the council he sits on???

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by carl palmer

14th March 2014, at 19:12:47

problem with society is that people think its ok to bend the rules a little bit. Imagine if that sneaky policeman wasn’t on duty one day& someone comes out &thinks its ok to go a bit fast to get home for his tea and after all he is normally a law abiding person &your child was hit by him because he couldn’t stop,what would the view point be then? Policemen are beaters Fireman are cheaters Traffic wardens are sneakers.When your house gets burgled or your wife attacked who do you call? When you wake up choking with smoke and fumes who do you call? when you can’t get into town because the roads and the corners with yellow lines are blocked?& that young tearaway yob who gets reported for no tax &it flags up no insurance or mot, the same one that is likely to lose control and kill an innocent motorist, & when they introduce residence only parking so you can come home at night & park in your street & everyone ignores it as there is no one to enforce the rule

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by carl palmer

14th March 2014, at 18:55:46

and who was he catching? People doing the speed limit or those speeding? Now you have to have warning signs in advance, even if they are mobile speed cameras, hence the signs on the downs approaching Braiding, there is never a camera up there but there is within the two miles required for warning signs, usually on the road between the downs and Sandown. I’ve been driving 35 years with a clean licence and no parking tickets

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by Mike Crowe

14th March 2014, at 18:39:22

Yes Neil I remember him :-(

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by carl palmer

14th March 2014, at 17:43:45

its always the sneaky traffic warden, cunningly disguised to blend in with his reflective jacket & big words written on it, its a bit like the innocent speeders who complain that the cameras are sneaky with their camouflaged bright orange boxes and regular compulsory warning sign its never the perpetrators fault. And how many of you would complain if I came to visit your road and found it full so parked across you drive or on your lawn? Who would you complain to then/ if each individual feels they have been wrongly done then present your OWN case and not wait for a councillor who should know better to take up the case just because he was one of the illegally parked and justly ticketed drivers, who wants to bet that if you contacted him with a ticket from the hover car park that you received because the recent storms meant you got back hours late he would have paid no interest until this incident

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