Councillors vow to tackle problem of dog mess on playing field

By David Newble

Friday, December 27, 2013


DOG mess is being brought into Wootton Primary School by youngsters who tread on it crossing the village’s recreation ground, members of the parish council heard.

The problem was highlighted by Cllr Corrine Carey at a meeting of Wootton Bridge Parish Council.

Cllr Carey told members the headteacher of the school had raised the issue with her and wondered if there was any way dog owners could be discouraged from allowing their animals to foul the recreation ground.

Cllr Barry Abraham said: "It is not necessarily local residents. It is people coming in by car.

"This time of year, when it is dark, they can do it undercover. It is something we have constantly banged on about, and never really been able to do anything about." He added the problem was catching those who were responsible for allowing their dogs to foul the ground.

He said: "I can’t believe people can be so crass and stupid. They think it is acceptable." Members agreed to look into the possibility of introducing a by-law on the recreation ground which would force owners to keep their animals on leads.



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by Darren Appell

28th January 2014, at 21:07:07

I walk my dog in that field every day a 9 am and 3 pm. The people that I see that don't pick it up. the dog poo it's people over the age of 70. I thought it be the youngsters but it not.i have email the dog wardens and said I'll take pics put I can't as it's wrong to take pics of people in the park. And the old girl in a red coat with a stick how I ask to pick the mess up she said she can't bend down to pick it up. We'll I say don't take your dog out then let it poo in your garden.

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by James McAdder

30th December 2013, at 08:22:36


Regarding your neighbour allowing her dog to foul on your grass:

Providing the dog is friendly, pick up its little "package" in a plastic bag, call the dog over and smear it down its back.

The dog won't mind one bit.

Unlike your neighbour's soft furnishings.

Another problem with dog owners is when they cannot control their animal in public areas. A couple of years ago, my nephew was flying his model plane in the rec. A dog, off the lead, destroyed it when it landed. The owner's response? "You shouldn't be flying that when there are dogs about". No consideration that she (the owner) should have better control of her mutt or should put it on a lead.

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by Colin Russell

29th December 2013, at 19:48:42

Lee, just think what the inside of there house,s are like the non picker ups.
David i,m retired and i have a jack russell and she goes every where with me she has her own bed in my van and life jacket when i go out on my boat to be honest i rather her for company than some people i know.

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by alan naylor

29th December 2013, at 09:20:12

This of course denotes how proud these people are in the area they live a really heavy fine and a ban on a dog licence should be imposed a dog can be easily trained to empty itself in one spot provided by the owner preferably in their own garden before walks were dealing with the uneducated here who really should not own a dog

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by David Blackford

29th December 2013, at 08:36:34

PS - And I'm rather glad I don't have to pick up dog s*it. - Just have to avoid treading in it!

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by David Blackford

29th December 2013, at 07:22:51

Lee I hear what you say -Bit I don't have a dog and nor do I need a dog. I go out walking every day and I have plenty of friends.

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by David Blackford

28th December 2013, at 15:43:28

The problem seems to stem from so many people keeping dogs - often 2 or 3 - why on earth does anyone need a dog?. When I was a lad there were very few people kept dogs and then never more than one. Can a dog keeper explain this need?

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by Ricki Parrott

28th December 2013, at 15:14:49

Here we go again, because of a few arshats that cant look after their dogs and pick up poo, peoples answer is to ban us from being able to exercise our dogs! Even the forest has signs of strictly keeping control of your dog. Waiting for the next one saying keep them on leads! Their are fines for leaving your dog mess, so get people to watch/enforce this law maybe?

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by David Blackford

28th December 2013, at 14:34:16

Totally agree Colin - Name - shame - maximum fine

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by Colin Russell

28th December 2013, at 13:58:53

A proper use for cctv i think, then print there picture on the front page of the County Press, then give them the max fine.

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