Dogs struck down by mystery illness

By David Newble

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


UPDATED 15:51*

DOGS in Ryde have been struck down by a mystery illness.

A number of dogs have been treated by vets at Pet Doctors, The Lawns in Ryde with symptoms ranging from sickness to diarrhoea.

Owners of the dogs have reported that their animals developed the symptoms after walking on the beach between Appley Park, Ryde and The Duver, St Helens.

But just how the pets contracted their symptoms remains unknown.

John Knight, a vet at Pet Doctors, The Lawns, said owners should take their pets to a vet if they developed the symptoms.

He said: "We have certainly seen a number of dogs that have had sickness of various forms over the last week or so. As to what is causing it, we don’t actually know.

"What we are recommending is that if dogs develop similar symptoms, owners should take them to their vet for a check-up."

*The Isle of Wight Council said on its Facebook page: "Having checked with the relevant contractors as well as the Environment Agency and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, we can confirm that there is no evidence whatsoever that there is anything within the council’s control that is responsible for this reported sickness."



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by Sandy Hartley

25th January 2013, at 14:15:15

My dog was very ill over Christmas following a walk along the railway line at Yarmouth. I have heard of a number of dogs who have been similarly ill. He has only recently fully recovered.

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by david pain

25th January 2013, at 12:09:03

Our Puppy was taken ill after walking on Ryde Beach recently ...perhaps there was a chemical slippage off a passing liner that got washed up?
Its the dogs that are suffering.

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by Paul Strauss

25th January 2013, at 09:40:58

Sorry Mr Froment, I should have been clearer. I was of course referring to the posh part of East Cowes. Apologies for any offence caused.

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by kevin froment

25th January 2013, at 08:58:50

what mr strauss makes you think she lives in east cowes, ive never been so insulted, our streets are dirtier than that

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by Paul Strauss

25th January 2013, at 08:56:29

Mr Majors, much as I enjoy the majority of your good-sense postings, I must say I am with Mr Young on this occasion. Although french-kissing the family pet and using it as some sort of surrogate dishwasher may seem normal in your house, I find the entire sordid practice revolting. That said, I'm looking forward to getting back to reading your posts regarding less disturbing issues in the future. Perhaps we should really be discussing how a bridge to the mainland might have affected this dog-plague?

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by Ian Young

24th January 2013, at 22:16:49


Your last post was ill informed and frankly dangerous, are you qualified to offer such advice.

As I'm sure you know there are numerous illnesses that can be transmitted from dogs to humans, some of them quite serious
If you want to put you own health at risk that’s OK by me, but don’t encourage other people to be so stupid
Its comments like this that make we think some dog owners live in another world.

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by L Simons

24th January 2013, at 17:57:54

I need to post this in all seriousness. All the responsible dog / animal owners on this lovely island really have nothing to worry about or defend because letting your dog foul a public area of any kind and leaving the mess there is illegal and indefensible. I had two boxer dogs for over 8 years that gave so much fun and companionship that I still miss them today. I was always responsible and had a good relationship with other responsible dog owners. That is why I feel strongly about this issue, it does not need to be like this, I know from my own experience. The minority that don't care need to be brought to task by the so called authorities, not irate members of the public who have better things to do. It does seem that since the dog license was removed things have gone down hill. That is the perception I have now. Its nice to see a happy, well looked after dog being responsibly owned. As always, a few spoil it for the majority.

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by Paul Strauss

24th January 2013, at 17:33:49

Indeed Ms Hartwell. I expect Ms Bowman is a resident of East Cowes.

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by L Simons

24th January 2013, at 17:33:43

OMG! Is that post for real Lacey! Can't say I have ever blamed a dog for a used tampon! Do you live at the landfill site? If you do may I suggest you look for somewhere else to live. I have never seen a discarded fight left on the pavement or had one on my shoe :)

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by Patricia Hartwell

24th January 2013, at 17:28:11

Lacey, if all that was on my pavement where I live, dog poo would be the least of my worries. I would consider moving if I was you!

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