Don’t put workers at risk, drivers warned

By Richard Wright

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Don’t put workers at risk, drivers warned

Workers at the reconstruction of the main road at Bouldnor. Picture by Peter Boam.

DRIVERS have been urged not to put workers at risk on a major Isle of Wight road reconstruction scheme.

A resident’s safety fears at Bouldnor Road have been underlined by Island Roads.

"Motorists have caused some issues during these works through ignoring the width restriction and the instructions given to them by the temporary traffic controls," said Island Roads construction manager Keith Gourlay.

"I would appeal to everyone to respect the temporary measures in place to help us complete the scheme as quickly as possible and to ensure their safety and that of other road users and construction staff."

Despite wet weather, Island Roads still expects the major reconstruction of the road to be complete within its six-month target and has now lifted the HGV diversion.

It kept the road open as a traffic light-controlled single lane during work to keep disruption to a minimum but after February 10 there will be periods of total closure during final re-surfacing.

Bouldnor resident Colin McCrae expressed his safety concerns to Island Roads.

He described traffic management as 'a joke’.

"The supposed HGV re-direction was not worth the signs it was printed on," he said.

"I saw two massive fully-loaded, articulated, flatbed trailers go through at 11.15am on January 3."

He said the single carriageway, which remained in use, was breaking up badly and could also pose a traffic danger.



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by Philip Yates

21st January 2014, at 20:03:41

After the warnings of putting peoples lives at risk, i saw the ultimate act of stupidity on the way home towards Yarmouth. A wagon carrying scaffolding and boards decided as the lights changed from green to red to put his foot down and ran the lights when they were most certainly on red. 3 in the cab... you know who you are, and i bet i can guess the company name on the side of the wagon. Just if... someone had pulled out on one of the other lights there could have been an awful accident, as they were doing far more than the 10mph signed limit!!

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by alan naylor

21st January 2014, at 01:37:01

D ont be to hard on the workers them lads they did not create the problem in the first place its been coming for the last 40 years of complacency of the people not forgetting the rulling peers you have all beeen satisfied with the status qoo so whats new folks

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by Mike Crowe

20th January 2014, at 21:39:56

MIKES water barrells

MIKE'S water barrels


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by alan naylor

20th January 2014, at 14:16:41

She bought a bottle of sea water OFF a longshoreman get your spelling right MIKE...................................................................................................

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by alan naylor

20th January 2014, at 14:12:14

Wonderful idea to raise the roads a foot higher then we could put MIKES water barrells on top of the hills to catch all the rainfall and stop it running down hill and as for a bridge we could take them all down in the summer and connect them to the mian land d ont go nationwide with your ideas folks they will lock you all up

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by graham lainchbury

19th January 2014, at 19:44:16

I understand that the temporary traffic lights at Westridge Cross that have been there since before Christmas and causing tailbacks to Tescos one way and as far as the Cats Home the other are there because the original set got struck by lightning and parts for their repair are on order. one thinks that owing to the number of traffic lights on the Island that it might be a logical idea to keep parts here then?

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by Peter Ian Staker

19th January 2014, at 19:10:08

Maybe they shouldn't put drivers lives at risk too by not filling in all the pot holes that are in abundance on our roads at the moment

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by Mike Crowe

19th January 2014, at 18:36:47

""What will happen if we are hit by a massive tsunami? ""

Blue Peter will launch an appeal ;-)


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by Mike Crowe

19th January 2014, at 17:57:17

"""Anyway why cant they just make the road 1 foot higher. ?... problem solved...."""

Please stop talking sense on flooding and road closure matters. It is NOT appreciated.


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by Mike Crowe

19th January 2014, at 17:52:45


Lee that is rather like the little old lady who heard that to soak your feet in sea water, made them feel a lot better. Not wishing to take her stockings off and paddle, she 'purchased' a bottle of sea water of a Longshoreman, took it back to her hotel room and in the privacy thereof, had a good old soak. Feeling it had done some good, she went back to the Longshoreman the following morning with the intention of refilling her bottle. The tide was out. "My you have done well in selling so much, I can understand it was so invigorating. Quick let me have some more before you run out"


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