Drivers urged not to ignore diversion

By a County Press reporter

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


TRAFFIC delays in Lake have been blamed on drivers ignoring diversions by Isle of Wight highways PFI company Island Roads.

A spokeswoman for the company said: "We are currently undertaking work to resurface Lake Hill as part of the Highways PFI.  As this is a major route, we are working overnight to reduce congestion.

"Last night (Tuesday) however this area did become congested and the main reason for this was that many motorists were ignoring the signed diversion and attempting to bypass the work via other routes. We would urge people to follow the advertised diversion while the works – due to be completed by Friday morning – are underway."


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by Helen Rogers

6th June 2014, at 11:13:59

Exactly @Steve Smith - they are barely scraping the surface off before adding another thin layer to the 'dress' it! I have reported the Staplers Road and Newnham Road via their website more times than I care to remember but am still waiting for something to happen! Surely the roads which are visibly poor are in more urgent need of repair - I can't imagine the damage it is doing to all of our vehicles.

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by Steve Smith

5th June 2014, at 21:59:30

But Jack, they are not touching the foundations. just scraping off the surface and relaying it

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by Jack Woodford

5th June 2014, at 20:39:38

Andy and Helen. I wondered this too and rang up to find out (a good old fashioned approach). I was given a brief explanation and pointed to the bit on Island Roads' website.
In essence, the contract agreed with the IW Council requires all types of road to be brought up to standard at the same rate, across the six areas the Island is divided into for the purpose of the PFI. That's why there is a mix of small/large and busy/lightly-used roads being done: its a requirement of the contract stipulated by the IWC.
Another interesting thing (relatively speaking!) is that all roads were assessed prior work starting and it was agreed that the worst would be done first. Thing is, it is not only the visible state of the road that counts, it is the foundations as well. A road that looks good on the surface may be rotten beneath and will be treated early on. That's why seemingly good roads are being done while others that look worse are being done later.
Check out the website, dudes.

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by Andy Winch

5th June 2014, at 17:35:03

I agree with Helen Rogers. I drive/take the bus to Ryde every day and in Newport the High Street, Coppins Bridge, Pyle Street and Staplers Road and just potholes. Queens Road seems to have been dug up more times in the last year and even worse.
Yes the roads need to be done but who prioritises which ones. I would have thought the main commute routes would have been the first.

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by Helen Rogers

5th June 2014, at 16:30:12

What I don't understand about the PFI is why some seemingly OK roads are resurfaced and others is dire need are ignored? Staplers Road and Newnham Roads are so uneven/bumpy!

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by Jack Woodford

5th June 2014, at 13:52:21

Harry - more sweeping statements trotting out old dogma without any facts and with no relevance to the IW. Have you thought about sharing your views with the Morning Star, dude?

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by Mark Dunsford

5th June 2014, at 13:44:56

Might I suggest that the headline on this story be changed to "Drivers confused by inadequate signage" since, from personal experience, I can say that the diversions are not always as clearly signed as they could be.

For example, the other night I wound up having to perform a three point turn at a road closed sign without having passed a single warning or diversion sign.

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by Peter Cole

5th June 2014, at 13:14:45

Its easy to see why people ignore the road closed signs.
A few months ago the had closed signs on black water road and hollow.
I was trying to get home to Godshill. At every single turn off from the main road there was a road closed sign.
The road works were at a side road the other side of Godshill.
No reason for the road closed signs at all.
Over a 3 day period they would take the signs down sometime at night and put them up again around 6pm - no reason that I could see.
So like other I ignored them and drove around them.

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by B Lane

5th June 2014, at 11:50:03

2 points ...

When I travelled that way the diversion was signposted over the downs at Brading, I may be wrong but I don't think they can use Perown Way as an official diversionas its residential and no-one in their right mind would use Roseway as a diversion.

Secondly ... really Harry? I would have thought if as you suggest the PFI was purely a profit making exercise they would in fact be far from idiotic.

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by Jack Woodford

5th June 2014, at 09:38:05

Sorry Harry, that's not a fact nor indeed close to one.
While there have been some PFIs that have run into trouble, many, many more have been delivered perfectly satisfactorily.
While they may not fit your ideology, it is simply wrong to say that they do not work.
Of course they are designed to make a profit. Roadworks have always been carried out by companies who make a profit. Do you think roadworks prior to PFI were undertaken by companies for the fun of it?
Here is a fact; there is no way the highways network would be improved to the extent we are currently seeing without the Highways PFI.

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