Drop in Jobseeker's Allowance claims

By Martin Neville

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


THE year-on-year drop in Isle of Wight unemployment continued last month (March).

There were 1,183 fewer people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) compared to the same time last year.

Latest figures show 2,669 people claimed the out-of-work benefit last month — or 3.3% of Island 16 to 64 year olds — compared to 3,852 — or 4.7% — in March 2013.

The month-on-month figure was also down significantly, with 3,013 people — or 3.7% — claiming JSA in February 2014.

Despite the dramatic falls, Island unemployment is still much higher than the South East and national average at 1.8% and 2.9% respectively.

JSA March 2014


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by Mat Thomas

17th April 2014, at 01:11:39


Richard Murphy

Let’s say it very clearly: of the 239,000 new ‘jobs’ last quarter just 19,000 were full time employments

The headline employment data today looks good. 239,000 new jobs.

However, self-employment accounted for 146,000 of the increase. But as I have shown, firstly no one really knows how many self employed people there are and secondly, they earned an average of £10,400 each in 2011-12, on a steadily falling trend. These people will be living below the breadline.

So will those in new part-time work, where the figure rose by 74,000.

There were, therefore, just 19,000 new full time jobs. I bet most of those were minimum wage and zero hours contracts.

The exploitation of the UK goes on.

This is no cause for celebration.

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by Stephen Elliott

16th April 2014, at 20:39:42

Mr T I agree, take away the benefits and suddenly they won't be as quick to leave the father of the child. Take away the benefits and suddenly the lazy fathers will have to work because the mother of their child will demand they get a job to support them.


Unemployment will fall 50% at a minimum.

But the single mothers have it easy until the child is 5 and they come of income support and have to look for a job.

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by John James

16th April 2014, at 20:04:18

T Rollingsworth

Have you ever looked after a child on your own you sound like you haven’t a clue.

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by T Rollingsworth

16th April 2014, at 16:38:18

I should note that some of the people that fall into these conditions were on JSA prior to having children, and a bunch of them have never worked despite being in their mid-late twenties.

It's the governments fault though really, as they encourage unemployment. I know somebody that was told by a phone adviser to give up work and claim benefits as they would be better off!!

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by T Rollingsworth

16th April 2014, at 16:31:08

Simon, sadly I see people I went to school with and friends of their friends too that don't fit your description. Just a quick glance down the users of a popular IoW Facebook group shows a lot of people listed as "Full time mummy".

I know plenty of young parents who are in full time careers (or at least part time during school hours), I'm not saying they are all like this, it's just that out of the ~2750 unemployed, it would be interesting to know how many class themselves as "unable to work" because they have a "full time job" raising children, I assume that they still have to provide proof they are applying for jobs?

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by David Blackford

16th April 2014, at 15:09:06

I think we all know that this Country's economy runs on "services".
There was a time when the economy was "balanced" mainly on exports.
Sadly, now the economy relies on taxes - so the more people working and spending the more tax (money) rolls into the Government coffers, - and the Government will do everything it can to persuade people to work, earn, borrow and spend rather than staying at home to look after a family.

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by Simon Haytack

16th April 2014, at 14:55:09

T Rollingsworth - How many parents have you actually surveyed to come to that conclusion? I know many young parents that are either in full time work, looking hard to get full time work or are a full time student.

Parenting is a full time job, but I don't think I know anyone that's happy to sit around on JSA whilst raising a child.

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by T Rollingsworth

16th April 2014, at 14:31:13

I wonder how many of these JSA claimants class themselves as "Employed" as a "Full time parent" or something equally as ridiculous!

Somehow our parents, and their parents all managed fine, but this generation seem to think parenting is a full time job worthy of government assistance!

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by Stephen Spacagna

16th April 2014, at 12:27:02

There are those who do not qualify for J.S.A. because the Government think their partners earn enough to keep them and their family. This is really hard for those families on the threshhold, who have lost a wage earner because of redundancy.

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by Keven Ball

16th April 2014, at 11:48:43

This is good news? I just hope that many of the new jobs are either permanent or full-time. So many part-time roles require extra support such as housing and working tax credits. Growth is still very slow in the UK and times are hard. I wish everyone who wants to work well.

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