Fair pay call from TUC

By a County Press reporter

Monday, March 17, 2014


THE Isle of Wight needs a pay rise — that's the message from the TUC, which will be campaigning on the Island next week.

On Monday and Tuesday, activists from the Southern and Eastern Region of the Trades Union Congress will travel around Newport, Ryde, Sandown and Cowes in a branded minibus, speaking to people about their pay, the cost of living and public service cuts.

The visit is part of a national 'Austerity Bus' tour, calling for a properly enforced minimum wage, an increased commitment to the living wage and a crackdown on excessive executive pay.

On Monday, representatives will be in Birmingham Road, Cowes, between 11am and noon, Union Street, Ryde, between 1pm and 2pm and near Sandown Library from 3pm to 4pm. They will be in Newport High Street, opposite Waterstones, between 11am and Noon on Tuesday.

There will be a public meeting at Quay Arts, Newport, on Monday, starting at 5pm.


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24th March 2014, at 20:58:40

in order for wages to rise there needs to be investment and investment is not encouraged by those with an interest in keeping the status quo ie nimbys with nice views - the iow mentality is if you dont understand something or somebody (ie those passionate people with good cutting edge ideas for the future of the island) pretend you do and complain and if you do understand it complain anyway - passion replaced by apathy - yay result!

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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

20th March 2014, at 09:50:49

Its the gap between low and high pay that is unjust, instead of percentage increase why not a fixed increase across the board until the gap lessens, happier workforce.

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by david wright

19th March 2014, at 12:01:02

What is fair pay? We have had a minimum wage for some years now so the minimum is sorted in law.

Now a fair wage is a very subjective and provokotive subject. No doubt we all think we are worth 'more' for our contribution to the company however unless your 'fair wage' is sustainable the company cannot afford it!

We now live in a global economy so have to compete with workers in other countries who are paid less so what they produce costs less to make. Ergo that company will put the worker paid a 'fair wage ' out of business!

So what is the answer? Until cheap imports are stopped a UK 'fair wage' is a pipe dream and is not sustainable for any company.

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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

18th March 2014, at 17:23:57

Thats why i stated " those with the ability". The motivated are what proper pupils should be.

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by Mike Crowe

18th March 2014, at 17:07:51

Tony I feel that you have hit the nail on the head with just one part of your posting ...'the non motivated' ............... the 'motivated' rise above all and make something of themselves....................

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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

18th March 2014, at 16:52:55

Real world check : Very poor standard of Teachers these days.Very poor ability in the majority of youths to learn today. I feel sorry for the non- motivated plus those who do have the ability and are held back. Another perpetual circle created.

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by David Blackford

18th March 2014, at 14:37:18

Perhaps I should have added.
4.- Attract well qualified and well motivated teachers to the Island to achieve that number 3.
Help! - I think I created a perpetual circle

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by Mat Thomas

18th March 2014, at 14:04:34

Yes David, I suspect that what you say about "well paid activists" is in your imagination, but the 3 points you make are well considered and I have to agree.

Education and skills are probably at the core of inward investment. I would suspect that you are inadvertantly raising, Alternative Solutions to Austerity, because this is the essence of Wealth creation and potentially being able to add value.

Again it proves that the sponsors of the lead article here are misdirecting us with there so called "fair pay" or "fair deal".

Everything that comes out of the mouths of the TUC are not always right and are often one sided but the general Workers Opposition to Austerity includes your viewpoint I think.

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by David Blackford

18th March 2014, at 13:17:53

I imagine the TUC activists are adequately paid - possibly well paid.
The problems on the Island are
1. Attracting companies to set up Works and Offices on the Island
2. But this requires being able to provide a well educated skilled workforce.
3. So three - improving the quality of education so that school leavers are equipped to find well paid work.

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by Mike Crowe

18th March 2014, at 13:15:50

Mat there are always opportunities for people to better themselves. If they don't like the existence they have at the moment, move on to something better.

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