Fall in Jobseeker's Allowance claims

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


THERE was a fall in the number of people claiming the unemployment benefit Jobseeker’s Allowance on the Isle of Wight between January and February, according to figures released today (Wednesday).

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures showed the number of claimants, aged between 16 and 64, fell from 3,160 to 3,010, the equivalent of 3.7% of Islanders in that age group.

It was the first fall since October 2013 and came despite a slight regional increase in the proportion of people claiming the benefit.

The rate of claimants on the Island remained well over national and regional figures however. Nationally 3% of people aged 16 to 64 were claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance and in the South East the figure was 1.9%.

In February 2013 the figure had risen to 4,105 — five per cent of Islanders aged 16 to 64 — meaning there was a year-on-year fall last month of 1,095.


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by Alex Pick

21st March 2014, at 16:46:40

the dole is good

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by Stephen Elliott

20th March 2014, at 22:25:07

Steve he wasn't long term unemployed..he lost his job and claimed benefits. Is their a problem with that?

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by Steve Smith

20th March 2014, at 09:54:08

Stephen, if your friend wanted to stop claiming and then had his money stopped what was the problem? sounds like a result to me

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by Steve Smith

20th March 2014, at 09:54:07

Stephen, if your friend wanted to stop claiming and then had his money stopped what was the problem? sounds like a result to me

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by Stephen Elliott

19th March 2014, at 23:01:39

That bloke takes 1hour to do the same task as someone else who can complete it in 15mins. He is the main protagonist of sanctions. My friend signed on with home and by the end of his appointment he wanted to stop claiming as he was spoken to like dirt and looked at like poop. Oh he also had his money stopped...!

Not the best worker in there.

Oh and ATOS has quit it's contract early. The government has put it out to tender. ATOS found the expectations from the government ie targets were wrong!.

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by Mike Crowe

19th March 2014, at 14:40:55

Pete there are those who 'want' to work, such as yourself, and those who want to work the system.

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by Pete Watson

19th March 2014, at 14:08:19

I agree with the Government sorting through Disability claims as some people can work and are not totally disabled.The thing that gets me is these ATOS so called Medical assessors, they are idiots, why don't they confer with the claimants Doctor and consultant, if there is a genuine disability they should have the power to show this to the ATOS Idiots.It seems if you can walk, you are fit for work, not taking into consideration, pain or limited movement.Then again you get these poor soles who are on every benefit you can imagine because of Depression or agrophobia., these are the ones draining resources, but are aloud to languish on the dole.I have worked for 20 years with an auto immune desease being arthritis of spine, but worked through pain, now its got bad I have no hope of any help with these silly criteria.Oh and jobseekers claims always go down this time of year with seasonal employment.

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by jacqui adams

19th March 2014, at 13:51:45

Lies, lies and more lies. Here is just one of probably many stories. A man of 58 long term alcoholic with mental health problems loses his claim for ESA as ATOS deem him fit to work, two weeks signing on for JSA the job centre state he is not looking hard enough for work. They had allowed hin 2 WEEKS after 18 years. No help or support. No careers guidance, help with skills updating, cv writing etc. no money, no longer registered..no problem. He has relied on food banks and is now back on ESA waiting an appeal.

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by Jim Buchanan

19th March 2014, at 13:01:09

It's a quiet news week...

Roll out the meaningless graph and story again

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by John James

19th March 2014, at 12:39:31

In other news 150 people left the island in January.

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