Flu jab call to pregnant women

By Matthew McKew

Saturday, February 1, 2014


PREGNANT women are being urged to have the flu jab to protect themselves and their unborn child.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has said there is strong evidence to suggest pregnant women who contract the flu virus have an increased risk of developing complications. They include bronchitis and pneumonia and the increased risk of miscarriage, the baby being born prematurely or of it being underweight.

Annie Hunter, head of midwifery at the trust, said: "All pregnant mums should make every effort to have the flu vaccination during their pregnancy. It’s important to recognise significant risks exist to both mother and unborn child, should they contract the flu virus."

The vaccine is available free of charge until the end of March.

The trust says it is completely safe during any stage of pregnancy. The jab also protects the baby for the first few months of its life.

Reporter: matthewm@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Keven Ball

2nd February 2014, at 16:56:35

@ David
Yes thanks, here is a link for you to educate yourself:


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by David Blackford

2nd February 2014, at 15:39:32

There is "I'll be up your flu in a minute or two"
Chimney sweep's motto
Do you know any others Keven?

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by Keven Ball

2nd February 2014, at 15:03:51

You do know there are many different types of flu don't you?

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by David Blackford

2nd February 2014, at 07:49:06

I reckon they have probably got a lot of spare flu jab vaccine if they are pushing it like this. Remember that bird flu thing when they not only dished out flu jabs - but something called Tamiflu which I heard wasn't much use - I wonder how many millions in profit for the pharmaceutical companies

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by David Blackford

2nd February 2014, at 07:18:04

Many years ago I had a flu jab and a few days later I got a bad dose of the flu/cold which lasted off and on for two months so I decided never again.
However this year I got talked into having a flu jab - and guess what. - A few days later I got the worse flu/cold I have ever had in my life - doubled up with coughing up horrible mucus!

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by Mike Crowe

1st February 2014, at 21:15:57

In 1973, the company I worked for gave everybody the Flu Jab. Two of us were ill. Off Sick ill. Swore we would never have them again.

1974 came and free Flu Jabs available again. I seem to remember that it caused quite a stink because we refused to have them, nevertheless, we refused.

Never ever had the Jab. Never ever had the Flu.

My question is. 'What if the unborn baby is as allergic as my work colleague and me?'

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by Keven Ball

1st February 2014, at 19:41:29

@ C Ryan
Are you qualified to make this decision? The fact is you first must become ill before the immune system can fight infections.

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by C Ryan-Sammon

1st February 2014, at 19:26:25

How dare they make women feel they must put this chemical muck in their own body and the system of their unborn babies, beggars belief...
My advice Please Don't...!!!
I used to have the flu jab and every year I got the flu and my health deteriorated until, on my GPs agreement, I stopped and surprise, surprise I've never had the Flu since, so not for about 12yrs now.
Your life you decide and please do consider what you could be forcing on your baby in the names of big Pharma Companies making a lot of money...
Get real & wake up before its too late.

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