Foodbank facing Christmas crisis

By David Newble

Friday, December 20, 2013


HUNDREDS of cash-strapped families on the Island are in 'crisis’ over Christmas as they struggle to find money for food.

That is the grim message from the Isle of Wight Foodbank which has handed out a record number of food parcels this month.

In the whole of December last year, the foodbank helped a total of 538 people with food parcels, but in the first two weeks of this month, the charity has already helped 400 people.

Meanwhile, the Isle of Wight branch of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB), which gives needy people vouchers so they can claim food parcels at the foodbank has had to 'ration’ the number it hands out, forcing staff to chose clients who are the most deserving of help.

In article by Guardian writer Patrick Butler, he quoted Lee Hodgson, of Isle of Wight CAB: "How do you make that choice? I don’t think anybody should be in that position. That’s how bad it has got."

Andrew Turner MP has justified a decision not to support a motion on Wednesday calling for government research about foodbank use to be published.

He said several MPs raised concerns the issue was being treated as a political football and the motion contained a number of controversial Labour party policies, such as including energy price freezes.

"When members of the other parties vote against the motion it is spun as them having voted against foodbanks.

"I think it is deplorable when the plight of vulnerable people is used in such a way."

For more on this story, please see the Isle of Wight County Press on Friday, December 27.



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by Mike Crowe

23rd December 2013, at 07:04:48

No I don't. You are wrong.

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by alan naylor

22nd December 2013, at 23:36:37

Mr Crow I really did not realise there was such a law that prevented one from working what you really mean to say was if I look for work I will not receive a dole handout I rest my case

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by Mike Crowe

22nd December 2013, at 15:50:30

Don't give up the day job Steve, you won't make it as a comedian

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by Steve Smith

22nd December 2013, at 15:41:22

My mistake then Mike, I didn't realise you could sign on the dole if you had found employment.

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by Mike Crowe

22nd December 2013, at 15:28:12

By the way Steve, I do contribute to charities through an organisation on a very regular basis, ie a Monthly Standing Order, plus making contributions at meetings and as I am a tax payer on my pensions, by signing a declaration, they can claw the tax back

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by Mike Crowe

22nd December 2013, at 15:13:21

Sorry, I thought I made it quite clear that I did find employment other than when Employment Law prevented me from working in 1957, though I did do part time work.

However ....

if that's the way you read it, so be it.

I am so pleased that you have had and are having an easy ride in life.


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by Steve Smith

22nd December 2013, at 15:04:47

So sad Mike, always somebody else's fault never yours. Employment law, Maggie, wrong sort of electrics..... Funny how your employees could all find work but not you.

But as I said earlier accepting help from friends is no different from accepting help from charities. You did it in the past and now belittle those in a similar situation.

Don't want to contribute to the foodbank or other charities, then don't, it is not compulsory

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

22nd December 2013, at 14:22:44

Steve, 'friends' aren't the food bank, they are the ones who help in other ways, encouragement, advice etc. I still had to 'get on with it'. The first time was because of employment law at the time. The second was a very difficult time in that I was a 'square peg in a round hole'. Look at my trade and where I had moved to, Contracting Electrical is very different to Marine Electrics. In 1963 I secured a very good job and retrained and rose up the ladder before returning to the Island.

And the last time was when Thatcher wrecked manufacturing in this country. My 23 employees were OK when we ceased trading. I signed on the dole on my 50th birthday, picked myself up, dusted myself off and started all over again with life and got a job before the end of the week.

When we were down at the bottom once, a friend said to me "When you are down and at the bottom, there is only one way to go"

Who owes me a living?

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by Steve Gibbs

22nd December 2013, at 13:30:30

My previous post should say scrounge predictive text !

Log-in to Report

by Steve Gibbs

22nd December 2013, at 13:29:17

Russell Palin I will take your thoughts on board and and hold up my hat to you. Not everyone is so lucky. The point I was trying to make was that not everyone is scrubbers as suggested by previous posts. I think that peoples posts here are to quick to judge that was my point. Now Maggie Thatcher is another argument that we could discuss for ages.

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