Gift of mobility for Moldovans

By Richard Wright

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Gift of mobility for Moldovans

The UK ambassador to Moldova, Phil Batson and Victoria Dunford at the wheelchair handover.

THE Isle of Wight-based charity MAD-Aid has masterminded delivery of wheelchairs to 170 families of children with disabilities.

The pre-Christmas gift of mobility to 70 families was delivered to Balti in Northern Moldova in an operation masterminded by MAD-Aid founder-director Victoria Dunford, from Cambridge Road, East Cowes.

The event was mainly supported and co-ordinated by MAD-Aid’s local partner Moldova AID.

The UK’s Moldovan ambassador, the Moldovan minister of labour, social protection and family, and the minister of health were all present. Victoria said: "The day was unforgettable, emotional and very touching.

"There was joy on the children’s faces and on their parents’ faces especially. Their little eyes lit up when they received their presents as well — bags of food, toys, sweets and personal hygiene items.

"Some of the children have not been able to leave their homes for a long time through their lack of mobility.

"It was three short hours in the day but the children’s reactions spoke volumes. These children have potential, these children are needed and they are part of society. For them to be fully valued and recognised needs a big change in the attitude of society."

She said 40 chairs have been donated to another non-governmental organisation that works with people with disabilities and 60 more will be delivered in next few weeks.

"Soon our wheelchair campaign will have changed hundreds of lives," she said.

MAD-Aid was founded by Moldovan-born Victoria to distribute NHS equipment which is redundant in this country but can have a life-changing new use in Moldova.



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by Den Young

20th December 2013, at 19:08:31

John please note the other story about Sally Army nice local story about local folk being helped, that's how it should be, so charity does start at home

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by John Kneeshaw

20th December 2013, at 08:58:57

For those who say 'charity begins at home' - it does indeed. We learn how to be charitable from an early age, more often than not from our family, in our home. But the people who use the expression here to defend the totally indefensible are saying no more than 'Blow you, I am alright Jack'

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ~John Bunyan

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by Terry Dalley

20th December 2013, at 07:03:09

You are all missing the point we are not giving any aid the government are and in most cases so that they look good at the expense of the taxpayer ,we could all be generous with other peoples money like them ,and remember the politician is not exactly struggling to survive on their wages .
Meanwhile the house of lords where most MPs seem to end up have to get by on £300-00 a day so think we are all living like them .

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by David Blackford

19th December 2013, at 09:13:37

4 Words - Charity Begins At Home

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by Mike Crowe

19th December 2013, at 09:08:02

Beth the government might be forgetting our own, but there are plenty of organizations who will provide aid or cash to those who need it, BUT, too many are too proud even to claim what is entitled to them. The Red Cross, the Lyons, the Masons, Cheshire Homes ... just a few off the top of my head.

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by Beth Findley

19th December 2013, at 08:39:27

John, they are not narrow minded opinions.
What they are trying to say is that there are lots of people in our own country that could do with some help and charity, however our government and the like are sending aid to other countries whilst forgetting their own.

Yes, its lovely that others are thinking and helping other countries in need, but they would soon complain if it was one of their loved ones that deperately needed help and wasn't getting any

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by John Kneeshaw

19th December 2013, at 08:27:29

We give aid because we can. Because we are a wealthy, developed nation. And those who do not like the fact that we are a compassionate, charitable nation ought to keep their offensive, narrow minded opinions to themselves.

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by Den Young

19th December 2013, at 06:32:15

Lee Im with you, Ive said it in other topics but similar, charity starts at home, don't get me wrong all the people that are organising these charities deserve credit, but please can we all think a bit closer to home.

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by Den Young

18th December 2013, at 19:43:31

I can relax now

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by Den Young

18th December 2013, at 17:29:33

any minute now

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