Greens visit Wight

By David Newble

Thursday, April 10, 2014


GREEN Party leader Natalie Bennett and the south’s Green MEP, Keith Taylor, are due to visit the Island’s Foodbank in Newport tomorrow (Friday).

The visit follows a report by Mr Taylor which found that the number of people relying on emergency food handouts had soared in the south east.

The Isle of Wight Foodbank has seen year-on-year increases in people relying on food handouts since 2011. More than 125 people a week are helped by the food bank, almost half of whom are children.

Mr Taylor said: "The Isle of Wight Foodbank is a lifeline to those in need but at the same time, is a stain on the government’s record on poverty.

"I cannot praise the work of the food bank staff and volunteers enough, they are doing a great service to their community, but the fact is that nobody in the sixth largest economy in the world should be in such poverty that the rely on food handouts."



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by Mike Crowe

12th April 2014, at 17:01:27

Scrap the 'give away' food banks Patrick and accept that the World is a bigger thing than all of us put together?

Well done. Very well done.

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by Patrick Hall

12th April 2014, at 14:22:18

I shall vote with my head AND my heart.

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by john jones

12th April 2014, at 09:57:19

although a lot of us in our hearts would agree with some of the green parties values Patrick, in reality they will most likely never get anywhere near having the power to run this nation. knowing this themselves they are free to make any kind of comment or promise to those people who do vote for them because they know they will never have to make good on those promises. unfortunately in todays world we have to think with our heads and not with our hearts.
maybe one day though????????

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by Mike Crowe

11th April 2014, at 11:11:44

Don't worry Patrick, when we are all gone and the Earth is back to itself, it will just carry on, just like it did for millions of years before man came to inhabit it last week :-)

Anything man does whilst he is here, will only be a hick cup in the Earth's existence. Don't be brainwashed into anything else.

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by Patrick Hall

11th April 2014, at 09:50:23

Having witnessed the effects of man made pollution on our unique planet I am happy to support the Green Party which appears to be the only one party really committed to dealing with this urgent issue. All the others, especially the Conservatives, want to keep the status quo so that the oil barons can continue to prosper. The Greens are real socialists, not like Milliband who likes to argue with Cameron during PMQs, but does he really represent socialism? Do we really want to continue listening to those two or should we vote for real change. I'm voting for the Green Party in the forthcoming Euro elections - there I've said it now, out and proud!

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by Mike Crowe

11th April 2014, at 08:37:18

and John, quicker

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by john jones

11th April 2014, at 08:28:37

maybe ms Bennett and mr taylor could have a look at the pollution being caused on the GREEN ISLE due the amount of cars having to be used because the buses are far to expensive for most of us. £18.00 return for my wife and I to get to Newport and back carrying all our shopping !!!!!! less than £3.00 in the car and no waiting around in the rain ( oh and its free to park at all the supermarket car parks).

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by Terry Dalley

11th April 2014, at 06:53:00

Anything that gives anything away free will get bigger and bigger that is obvious .I suppose the Green party whatever that is has come to have a laugh at our rubbish collection fiasco and how much money it has cost to get bins littering the street once a week and to watch the food go in with the rubbish as it always did .
I wonder who got the biggest back hander for all these green bins I for one would like to know.

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by David Blackford

11th April 2014, at 06:27:21

As a child I was always taught to eat my greens - Maybe it's that kind of greens, coming to a foodbank near you!

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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

10th April 2014, at 21:18:42

Mat you omitted the Bank of England for keeping interest rates at .5% for the last five years. Who runs this country ?

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