Have your say on Isle of Wight’s outstanding beauty

By Martin Neville

Thursday, December 26, 2013


RESIDENTS can help shape the future of the Isle of Wight's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The AONB Management Plan 2014-2019 has been prepared by the Isle of Wight AONB Partnership and is now open for public consultation.

The partnership said this was a key opportunity for residents and other stakeholders to voice their opinions about the management of the AONB and to help formalise a long-term vision for it.

The five-year management plan is focused on safeguarding the AONB — which covers around half the Island — for public use and enjoyment.

Information in the plan includes characteristics that make the AONB special and significant challenges to it.

To download the plan visit www.wightaonb.org.uk or to obtain it by post phone Joel Bateman on 01983 823855 or e-mail joel.bateman@iow.gov.uk

The public consultation is open until January 31.

Reporter: martinn@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by James McAdder

30th December 2013, at 07:59:33

I, too, would like to know how Mike squares his desire for a bridge with his opposition to "roof and road".

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by alan naylor

29th December 2013, at 23:23:17

ps The post is about the AONB not about all the silly chatter you morons use this site for grow up and a happy out would looking new year to you all

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by alan naylor

29th December 2013, at 23:18:27

Im afraid that most of you island enclosed people are under a grand illusion about how beautiful your island is it has its share of nice views and rural aspects but certainly no more than most seaside and rural places in the uk such as west country the fenns Cotswolds ectect

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by David Blackford

29th December 2013, at 15:52:18

Hey MIke - The earth's lifetime, say 5 billion years. Our lifetime less than 100 years. So I'm afraid we are here for less than a microsecond in the big picture - but enjoy.

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by b ward

28th December 2013, at 15:51:04

whilst on the subject of anob i always thought that the medina valley was
one and then they went and slapped that huge monstrous building on it,
and perhaps a power station later, am i wrong or did i imagine its aonb

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by sue allen

27th December 2013, at 21:16:19

He has a needy personality that thrives on provoking others with his opinions regardless of whether they are relevant or correct. Prove us wrong Mike by not commenting on anything for a month. Bet you can't do it........starting NOW.

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by neil jacks

27th December 2013, at 18:26:33

Have a nice evening Mr Crowe.

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by neil jacks

27th December 2013, at 18:25:23

the world according to the biggest hypocrite on the Isle of Wight...

I want a bridge. I don't want a blot on the skyline, I don't want anyone building anything that doesn't meet with my own personal approval, I will call people names, I will not answer questions even when I claim to have inside knowledge on the subject. I will be insulting and condescending at all times. I will use meaningless turns of phrase in an attempt to belittle people. You are a fraud pal and you have been rumbled again..

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by Mike Crowe

27th December 2013, at 18:13:36

Oh Dear.

Hit a raw nerve with K T.

Now reverted to insults.

I will leave the thread to you if that is your only defence.

Have a nice evening and I wish you the very best for 2014

I will leave you with one thought. You are only on this Earth for a few seconds of the Earth's existence and whatever mess you try make of it whilst you are here, the Earth will recover from it.

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by K Thornton

27th December 2013, at 17:54:51


You should be on Jackanory, you're just making up rubbish as you go along, trouble is your audience is not 5 years old and you've been rumbled, obviously the drugs have kicked in so go and have a lie down...

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