Holocaust remembered

By Jon Moreno

Saturday, January 26, 2013


A SPECIAL service to commemorate the day when Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Allies in 1945 will be held in Newport tomorrow (Sunday).

Hosted by the Salvation Army, the non-denominational service to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day will be held at the Salvation Army Hall, Pyle Street.

The service, open to everyone, will be held in memory of those who died as a result of genocide or holocausts.

It will include moving and thought-provoking film about Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur, the Nazi holocaust and other disturbing events, accompanied by short talks, with discussion.

The service will start at 10.30am.

A commemoration, with an exhibition, will begin at 2pm.

The exhibition will include posters, pictures and film on genocide and holocausts to view throughout the following week at the hall. Schools or colleges are invited to bring pupils to view the exhibits.

Reporter: jonm@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Mike Crowe

27th January 2013, at 20:12:50

Another body of people who have been branded are Concientious Objectors. I give illustrated talks to groups such as WI's Church Afternoon TWG's and Military Associations, one of them being about National Service. It wasn't until I was doing the research for the talks that I discovered just how brave some of them were. Their 'thing' was that they wouldn't take up arms or handle arms which could harm/kill (That's it basically. Bit more involved but it will show what I want) Not kill but treat and save lives and in their thing about preventing death, over 350 volunteered for bomb disposal!! Not often mentioned. The alternative was work on farms, in hospitals and I believe down the mines

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by Mike Crowe

27th January 2013, at 17:11:41

How odd, n a z i s was blocked

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by Mike Crowe

27th January 2013, at 17:10:49

You are so right Martin, those of Jewish backgroud vanished from the only bit of UK soil that the ****s occupied, the Channel Isles. Had they come across those 22 miles and taken hold, many more in the UK would have vanished.

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by Martin Heath

27th January 2013, at 17:02:53

Sorry Steve. You cannot lay to rest the death of 6 million human beings. It must be remembered for all time. Then, hopefully, we will never see it's like again.
Unfortunately, genocide still exists in certain countries, and, in a good few others it could exist again if the world ever stopped watching.

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by steve paul taylor

27th January 2013, at 14:43:52

I think all this holocaust stuff should be laid to rest or tell the true storey about the British ignoring the camps existence at the time and when they did admit they existed did nothing to stop what was happening,the Jews begged the British to bomb the camps but ignored them, and Bevin behaving just like Hitler after the war in treating the Jews like **** ....Palestine eg.I'm not Jewish and I'm an atheist but feel for the Jews at that time.

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by Mike Crowe

27th January 2013, at 14:20:28

For Kevin to try to try and gain Brownie Points on such a posting as this, really puts him in the gutter and ANY respect I could have had for him before has gone.


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by geoffrey clynch

27th January 2013, at 13:58:52

kbj, you are really dragging the bottom the childish MARXIST barrel now, are you not?

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by Kevin Barclay-Jay

27th January 2013, at 13:32:04

NO comment from Geoff Clynch.....but then he doesnt believe it ever happened

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by Mike Crowe

26th January 2013, at 13:50:36

But for 22 miles and 'The Few' a lot more people would know about it and not live to tell the tale.

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