Hopes new charity could make Isle of Wight roads safer

By a County Press reporter

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hopes new charity could make Isle of Wight roads safer

The car in which Evey Staley and her family were travelling in when she was killed by a drink and drug impaired driver. The car was displayed as part of the police Purple Ribbon drink drive campaign. Picture by Robin Crossley.

THE first step towards forming a new road safety charity on the Isle of Wight — backed by the family of Evey Staley — could be taken next week.

Evey was killed by a drink and drug impaired driver and her story was at the heart of last winter’s police Purple Ribbon drink drive campaign.

Her family has now worked with MP Andrew Turner in the hope of continuing the work to make Isle of Wight roads safer.

Those who have lost loved ones on the Island’s roads have been invited to a meeting at the Riverside Centre on Thursday, May 29, at 11am, which is hoped will help lead to the formation of a new charity.

Evey’s father Neal Staley said: "My involvement with the Purple Ribbon Drink Drive campaign has helped me to gain some positives from losing Evey, to a drunk and drugged driver and although it will never outweigh the loss and grief I will always feel, it helps a little.

"To do the Christmas campaign wasn't a difficult decision, I've another daughter and I know there's no rule to say it can't happen to us again.

"By stopping just one person from drink driving my rationale is that it could be Ellie I stop from being injured or, God forbid, killed. To prevent another family going through what we have endured over the past 20 months makes it all the more worthwhile.

"I'd felt for a while, considering the sadly devastating series of road traffic incidents on the Island recently, that I had something to use to help get a general road safety message across.

"Having spoken to various people about furthering the campaign it became clear the next step was to involve Andrew Turner and access the wider community. Thankfully we were able to meet and the idea was generated to get a group together and hopefully start a charity that will help to make Island roads and their users more considerate and safer.

"We seem to be at that point now and having had an incredibly positive response thus far we are a little closer to achieving our goal."

Mr Turner added: "Sadly far too many people have been bereaved due to accidents on Island roads and Evey’s family would like to set up a charity to campaign to improve road safety on the Island.

"Their bravery and resolve to do all they can to prevent such tragedy happening to others is inspiring and I will be supporting them in any way I can. I also know we will have the support of the local media, the police, Southern Vectis and a number of Isle of Wight councillors as we move forward."

If you are unable to attend the meeting but are interested in supporting a campaign in any capacity please call Mr Turner’s office on (01983) 530808 or email mail@islandmp.org


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by James McAdder

22nd May 2014, at 09:08:00

People whine about the Police targeting drivers instead of "real criminals", but far more people are injured and killed on IW roads because of the poor driving that are killed or injured by these, so called "real" criminals.

Obey the laws of the road and you won't have a problem. There isn't anywhere on the IW that exceeding the speed limit and/or driving aggressively will get you much quicker. So, someone is pootling along at 40mph on a main road? So what? It's going to take you maximum of an extra 10 mins to get you where you are going. Big deal.

Late for that ferry? Get up / leave earlier. Don't put other road users at risk because of your lack of forethought and poor planning.

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by alan naylor

21st May 2014, at 20:21:52

My heartfelt sypathy go s out to all who have lost a love one and this post is no blame game Alcohol and Drugs when driving or drugs anytime is a NO NO however I beleive the problem is and has been for a long time the state of the islands roads they have never been upgraded to accomadate either the volume or the modern car which today gos faster and even when upgraded will still be to narrow to be safe when alighting from the ferry the notice says BEWARE Island roads are Different THEY SURE ARE

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by GARRY Green

21st May 2014, at 18:28:38

I think there should be national crackdown on modified cars, because most the idiots who go too fast are the "Halfords" customised mob. They tune the engine but never upgrade brakes! I bet thousands of them would have their insurance invalidated.

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by steve paul taylor

21st May 2014, at 17:08:10

Poor child one chance at life gone all because of a selfish drunk. I hope he dies in prison. Sad truth is he will be in the pub again in a years.

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by Alex Pick

21st May 2014, at 15:39:02

roads need to be made safer

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