Hospital parking coins in £478,000

By Emily Pearce

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hospital parking coins in £478,000

The car park at St Mary’s Hospital.

PATIENTS, visitors and staff at St Mary’s Hospital paid out £478,000 in parking charges last year.

Figures released last month reveal the average hospital trust collects £1.055 million a year in parking charges, more than twice the amount ten years ago, and some pocket nearly £4 million.

The comparative sizes of other trusts is not known.

Income from Isle of Wight NHS Trust car parks — amounting to more than £3.2 million during the past ten years — is split fairly equally between maintaining the car parks and health services.

Parking at St Mary’s Hospital costs between £1.40 for two hours and £6.50 for 24 hours, with concessions for disabled drivers, long-term inpatients and their visitors.

A trust spokesman said: "While we have been able to hold our car parking charges at a relatively low level compared to others who charge for parking, the cost of maintaining the car parks and providing security for the hospital has increased.

"Car parking charges at St Mary’s Hospital were last increased by 5.2 per cent from August 1, 2011, in line with the Retail Price Index."

However, critics have branded charges a tax on the sick and say they should be abolished, as they were three years ago in Scotland and Wales.



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by LJ Parker

21st November 2012, at 19:48:54

Well all I can say is that anyone that doesn't mind paying for parking in a HHS car park should make sure they get their head tested whilst there !

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by David Blackford

21st November 2012, at 07:46:51

Whoops, ruffled feathers. As I said, there are parking concessions to visit long stay patients. But try visiting the the doctor, the dentist or any public offices in Newport without paying to park your car. If you can affiord to run a car you can afford parking costs.

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by kevin froment

20th November 2012, at 22:32:52

unfortunately over the past few years family members have had to have long stays in hospital, before the parking charges we could find nowhere to park because people were using the car park as an alternative to using the ones in town, since the charges were brought in there has been a marked increase in available spaces so im all for them, and i dont understand the logic of parking in a free car park and then spending several pounds on bus trips to and from it, perhaps its just knowing that they were blocking a space for someone that really needs it that turned them on. nowt so queer as folk

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by LJ Parker

20th November 2012, at 13:18:35

"David Blackford" ... I would not pay £1.40 for a cup of coffee as I drink tea , but comparing pruchasing consumer goods to parking fees at St.Mary's is irrelevant. We should not be charged to visit a hospital regardless of the reason for the visit.

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by David Blackford

20th November 2012, at 10:14:05

Sorry to butt in again, but I would ask the detractors of parking charges how often they are happy to pay £1.40p. for a cup of coffee etc, yet moan about the same amount spent for a hospital visit.
And please note that there are greatly reduced charges where long-term sickness is the case

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by david walker

19th November 2012, at 22:24:53

Profiting from the sick and their relatives. and then of course you have the overpriced tv. you either pay to watch or die of boredom.. Thats if you dont die from lack of care.

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by b ward

19th November 2012, at 20:50:06

totally wrong to charge people to park in a hospital car park, they should
be provided parking as part of their service to the public. They are also
creating a nuisence for their neighbours, as many visitors to the hospital
are parking on nearby industrial estates and causing problems there.
All parking should be free, in towns too, but particularly in hospitals.

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by LJ Parker

19th November 2012, at 17:50:51

Paying to park in the High Street is bad enough , but having to pay to park at any hospital is just not right. Let us follow the example shown in Scotland and Wales.

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by David Blackford

19th November 2012, at 10:31:51

I say hooray that parking at St Mary's hospital is bringing in nearly £half million.
a. The parking charges deter people leaving their cars at the hospital and catching a bus into Newport as I believe used to happen when there was no charge
b. The balance of the revenue is ploughed back into Hospital Services.
c. I understand that Parking revenue will be used (subject to planning consent) for building/providing much needed extra parking.

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by Christian Beasley

19th November 2012, at 09:42:20

I find it hard to believe that it cost nearly a quarter of a million pounds to maintain the car park, collect charges and issue tickets. I release this function is outsourced, but in my book it represents very poor value for money and poor negotiations on the part of the hospital trust.

Or am I missing something?

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