Housing development limits suggested by minister

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


LIMITS on the scale of Isle of Wight housing developments could be considered as a way of tackling concerns about overdevelopment.

Isle of Wight Council planning cabinet member Cllr Jonathan Bacon and MP Andrew Turner met with planning and development minster Nick Bowles last week.

It followed concerns raised by Mr Turner in parliament about the target for 520 new Isle of Wight homes a year, set out in the Island Plan. The plan is due to be reviewed by the Independent-led council.

Mr Turner said Mr Bowles did not support a call to reduce the target, but suggested the scale of individual developments could be limited and the idea would now be looked at by Cllr Bacon.

Cllr Bacon said the minister had also asked for examples when local decisions had been overturned unfairly.

"If he sees things are not working as they should he has undertaken to look at amending new planning guidelines that are due to be released shortly, to allow local views to prevail," he said.


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by James McAdder

31st January 2014, at 07:27:58

Indeed, Roger and David.

A very lame excuse for a "I'm all right, Jack" attitude.

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by roger mazillius

30th January 2014, at 12:06:15

David, spot on!

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by david wright

30th January 2014, at 11:20:11

Lee, You cannot seem to grasp the point that it is hardly fair you have a nice house and justify it because it was built in the past but object to new build because it is ruining the Island???

Progress is inevitable and wanting your view and area to be exclusive to you only because of the goodfortune of being born earlier than others hardly seems a logical argument and is purely I'm alright jack, nothing else!

Obviously development needs to be planned and controlled but it is necessary and no amount of bleating from those already sorted out in their nice houses should stop it.

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by James McAdder

29th January 2014, at 16:39:51

So, Lee.

When you were homeless you would have been quite content to stay so in order to prevent the spread of "roof and road"?

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by Keven Ball

29th January 2014, at 10:32:04

Do you all realise that the population is growing with reports of over 7 billion people on this earth (plus)! Housing (currently) and for the future will be in such demand I fear we will have many issues with new builds and many issues to face us...

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by David Shoulder

29th January 2014, at 10:12:55

When are houses ever knocked down. If they are it is only to build a lot more units on the site. The Island infrastructure cannot cope with more and more houses and people - and the clincher - there will never be enough jobs for them. Road to ruin. Will kill tourism - the Island life blood. People have no right to believe they can automatically live where they are born. They have an obligation to find a job.

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by Keven Ball

29th January 2014, at 09:51:38

I feel new homes would benefit the island if they were built more inland.

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by roger mazillius

29th January 2014, at 08:45:12

Well put Debbie - a succinct and accurate posting. Please ignore the abusive response from LM who is well-known here for his over the top trolling!
There is a large waiting list of those registered for homes on the Council's Common Housing Register who are not earning enough to have the required deposit but could eg buy with shared equity or would rent from the Housing Associations. Pan has helped a bit but more needs to be done. I am not talking about layabouts here but those working to help themselves to continue to be self-sufficient and to raise a family in healthy conditions.
Of course most of our present homes were built on greenfield sites and the portion of the land mass actually developed is less than 10%!
If you really feel we are becoming a concrete jungle, just drive out of any of our towns and into the countryside! Alternatively, move to the Highlands!
Housing development does require mainly local skilled labour plus apprenticeships.

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by David Blackford

29th January 2014, at 07:38:34

Building more houses on the Isle of Wight will not create more jobs on the Isle of Wight. - Maybe more second homes??

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by James McAdder

29th January 2014, at 06:36:28

I take it you have your own home, Lee?

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