Hundreds call on council leader to resign

By Martin Neville

Friday, February 22, 2013


Hundreds call on council leader to resign

Petition organiser Julia Hill.

MORE than 270 people have signed an online petition calling on Isle of Wight Council leader David Pugh to resign.

The petition, started ten days ago, is spearheaded by East Cowes resident Julia Hill, who claimed people were worried about the council and the way it operates.

Cllr Pugh, who became leader in 2007, said people would have the opportunity to express their views in May’s elections.

Ms Hill said: "This petition gives people from everywhere on the Island a chance to have their say.

"My own issues include the ridiculous planning process relating to the asphalt plant in Cowes because I really fear for the health of my children.

"Other people are concerned about Cowes Enterprise College or the huge Pennyfeathers estate but we are all disconnected."

She added: "I want to pull all of us together so that Mr Pugh can put his side of the story on these and other matters and we will judge him on that.

"One of the many comments on the petition says he never replies to e-mails so let’s see if he responds to this."

Other concerns highlighted in the petition include:

•The "inadequate" rating of child protection by Ofsted

•lClosure of libraries, tourist information centres and Ryde Theatre

•Changes to waste collection services

• The highways PFI

Ms Hill will send the petition to Cllr Pugh for a response.

Mr Pugh said: "Two hundred signatures represents less than 0.5 per cent of residents who voted in the last local elections in 2009.

"The petition is therefore unlikely to be considered as an indicator of wider public opinion."



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by Richard Curzon Beet

25th February 2013, at 09:56:22

@ James McAdder

Oh dear. Saying that you're not patronising is name calling is it? You really shouldn't be so sensitive. Presumably you consider rubbishing Julia Hill's efforts and telling her to stand for office instead not to be insulting.
If you dish it out you must be prepared for people to respond. I wasn't being insulting but was simply disagreeing with some of your views. I stand by mine and generally agree with those of Geoffrey Clynch in his latest mail.

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by geoffrey clynch

25th February 2013, at 09:32:05

As Mr.Collis states, we must not stop at Mr.Pugh, all the officers especially planning department and housing department need sacking too, Petitions are part of Democracy too, how else are we to let politicians know that they are still being held accountable, and yes there is far too much apathy around, but that has been engeneered by these same politicians, to create this apathy, people have got to start thinking about their childrens and grandchildrens futures not just this engeneered selfishness of me,me,me and money, a dictatorship wants you to do and say nothing, once just one person stands up and says "NO!" Enough is Enough, they start to worry, and we need to have our politicians frightened of US not the other way round, Petitions are as some say small potatoes, but it is a start, instead of just sittoing on the fence and just meekly doing what this criminal council and government order you to do, without you being asked, fight for democracy or LOSE it

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by James McAdder

25th February 2013, at 08:11:16

Richard Curzon Beet,

I see you have decided to resort to name-calling? Was there any need? I am merely expressing my views, by all means respond if you don't like them, but resorting to insults devalues your entire argument.

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by Richard Curzon Beet

24th February 2013, at 22:39:02

@ James McAdder
I'm sure you're not as patronising as your dismissive response to Jayne Murphy would indicate. First, petitions are encouraged by government and those reaching 100,000 on the national YouGov site triggers a parliamentary debate. It is designed to encourage involvement as elections are now normally every five years, a long time to wait for change.
Second, the instigator Julia Hill has actually got off her behind and done something, reflecting the views of many people who didn't. For all you know, she might be standing at the next election, as might Jayne Murphy or indeed, your good self.
Thirdly, the idea that signing this petition will help Pugh is simply absurd. What it will do is emphasise the fact that many people are unhappy with him and his policies which will be remembered at election time.
Finally, the petition has now exceeded 500, representing a far greater proportion of the electorate than is required by the YouGov scheme. Pugh got 800 votes in 2009.

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by James McAdder

24th February 2013, at 20:03:27

Jayne Murphy,

Petitions like this are pointless and are indicative of nothing apart from the opinion of those creating and signing it. While the number of signatures may be indicative of the mood of the wider community, it is equally likely it is indicative of no more than the feelings of a particularly vocal minority.

If you really want to "protest" then vote at a properly constituted election or, even better, stand for office yourself.

By all means sign this petition if it makes you feel better, but that is all the effect it will have. In fact it is quite likely that petitions such as this sate people's ire to an extent that they feel they have already "done something" and feel no need to take further action. It could, therefore, be the case that this petition could actually help Pugh at the next election.

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by jenny cannell

24th February 2013, at 16:40:13

MR Naylor, the fact that you need to resort to insulting IOW residents shows a lack of maturity and an inability to project your opinions

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by Mike Crowe

24th February 2013, at 13:28:30

Mr Naylor you seem to have a very short fuse, might I respectfully suggest you take a day out?

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by alan naylor

24th February 2013, at 13:01:28

I am really amazed at the comments i read from the I O W residents when from the mouth of your council leader 200 signings only represent point 0 5 % of the islands voting power this is nothing to be proud of either by Mr Pugh and certianly by you the puplic I really wonder as to how many who sighs the pertition VOTED WELL D ONT BE RUNNING ROUND THE FIELD WITH YOUR PERTITION AFTER LEAVING THE BARN DOOR OPEN IN MARCH AGAIN GO VOTE

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by Jayne Murphy

24th February 2013, at 11:18:46

Discouraging signing a petition?
Public lethargy regarding politics is what lead us into this mess, like distracted children letting 'adults' decide all for us.
Every letter to parliament is counted as the strong opinion of thousands.
For local & petitions, it's hundreds. So, using only 1:100 scale, 480 signatures equates to 48,000. Mr. Pugh knows this, as do all in politics. This is why a tiny minority (bikers) managed to stop the implementation of leg-shield laws.
So, Mr. Pugh's comments on numbers are bluff & bluster.
What's democratic about big gov, if they offer only four flavors of EU control cheesecake?
Concentrate on local candidates.They DO have power to stand alone against big gov policy, IF we instruct and support them.
If we don't like cheesecake cafe- we stay home & eat a roast. Vote ONLY for people who visibly stand up for, & care for the Island & it's people, regardless of their party. Here is where we live.

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by James McAdder

24th February 2013, at 11:14:42

David Wright,

It has been mooted that voting should be a legal requirement. There is, IMHO, some merit to this idea, but only with the proviso that there will be a "none of the above" option on the ballot paper to indicate that you do not favour any of the candidates. If the majority of voters choose "none of the above" then a new election is forced with new candidates.

The trouble with this is it could become very expensive.

The alternative of having a legal requirement to vote which forces someone to pick a candidate they do not want is completely undemocratic.

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