Hundreds more claim jobless benefit

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



THERE has been a ten per cent rise in the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance, figures released today (Wednesday) have revealed.

The number of people aged 16 to 64 who claim the out-of-work benefit rose from 3,155 to 3,475, an increase of 10.14 per cent.

It was the biggest rise in a one month period in almost a year and meant 4.1 per cent of people in the age group on the Isle of Wight were claiming Jobseeker's Allowance.

That was compared with 2.4 per cent in the South East and 3.7 per cent in the UK. Nationally the number of claimants fell by 0.1 per cent.

The number of claimants aged 18 to 24 on the Isle of Wight rose from 930 to 1,015 — meaning almost 10 per cent of people in that age group on the Isle of Wight claimed Jobseeker's Allowance.

In November 2011 the figure was 1,090 or 10.6 per cent.


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by Stephen Elliott

12th December 2012, at 22:37:28

Seriously people you cannot get proper headline news on a local paper that's issued once a week! This isn't a daily paper so the content has to be non sensationalist.

What do you really want? An undercover report about corruption on the farm by not washing fresh eggs before selling them!

You just aren't going to get investigative journalism in an island paper, it simply can not be (esp as every knows someone).

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by Pierre LaChamp

12th December 2012, at 16:44:07

ok, one more ;)

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by Pierre LaChamp

12th December 2012, at 16:42:56

so what's this on the wight thing?

as I remember vb was a fractious place that people didn't want to visit

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by Pierre LaChamp

12th December 2012, at 16:38:38

People seem to miss the 'Island Community' part

I'd have thought the County Press were in favour of it but you just have to look at the low level reporting to see it really is failing in a big way

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by Don Prescott

12th December 2012, at 16:37:26

"Try a bit of proper journalism" LOL!
As if!

Wonder they didn't add "If we had a wind farm here" (you KNOW how impartial they are) " it would decrease the jobless total by........1

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by Pierre LaChamp

12th December 2012, at 16:34:02

Perhaps they should start a publicity campaign - I'd like to see another news source that is mainstream Island Wide
I know they exist, but try and reach the thousands eh rather than seeming to be underground through lack of publicity

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by Richard Taylor

12th December 2012, at 16:33:29

Learn how to 'hack' a story Ross. When I was a cub reporter I would have been sacked for this garbage month after month.

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by Pierre LaChamp

12th December 2012, at 15:34:34

I really wish Ross Findon would stop posting the same graph over and over again as if it is news.

Try a bit of proper journalism and look into the ESA and Disability figures also - only by doing that can we see the bigger picture and perhaps start doing something about it as an Island Community

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by James McAdder

12th December 2012, at 12:27:21

The current figure is the same as last year and reflects the seasonal nature of a lot of employment on the IW. No real news there.

What is of some concern is that the number of claimants in peak season is higher for the last year, suggesting that the IW's key industry (tourism) is suffering.

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by T Rollingsworth

12th December 2012, at 11:59:28

The peaks and troughs can be explained by people finding seasonal work, 3500-4100 isn't a *bad* figure though - I thought it was much higher.

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