Imagination needed to protect family business

By a County Press reporter

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


IMAGINATIVE thinking is needed to protect family businesses and town centres, according to Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner, who has spoken out as councillors consider plans for a new Asda supermarket on the edge of Newport.

Councillors are due to meet next Wednesday, to discuss rival applications to build a supermarket on or near St George’s Park football ground.

One of the plans, put forward by the owners of the ground, South Coast Leisure (SCL), includes moving the ground to neighbouring land, although Asda has said it has no interest in using that proposal.

Mr Turner said: "We all use supermarkets, and many would like the option of an Asda, but perhaps we should be looking at different supermarket models.

"If we do have another one in my opinion it should not be 'out of town’ but rather in town, accessible to those without cars and where our local shops will not be so disadvantaged.

"Other towns have supermarkets built above car parks in town or with car parking on their roof — why can’t we? It’s true it is a more expensive option, so clearly one that the supermarkets themselves might not favour, but it is one that doesn’t seem to have been explored.

"We need some imaginative thinking if our town centres and family businesses are to be protected. If town centres continue to lose out to green-field developments we will lose many more jobs than a new supermarket would create.

He added: "Another concern I have is the road infrastructure. It is just not suitable as it is. Eight years ago I suggested a ring road from Staplers to St Georges to relieve the pressure on Coppins Bridge.

"It was not considered then but perhaps now is the time to think about it, and make it a condition if approval is to be given to an out-of-town option. It is absolutely essential we get these matters sorted out properly before any permission is given."


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by Jack Woodford

26th June 2014, at 17:32:10

@David Wright
Don't worry about pointless comments, fella. The MP's office has been passing them off as news for years.

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by david wright

26th June 2014, at 10:40:07

A bit of imagination and they could have used the old railway bridge that crossed Coppins bridge as a fly over but of course they demoilished it so thats another pointless comment!

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by George Hollett

25th June 2014, at 17:28:23

No Pam, I think he means the one above sainsburys... :)

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by Pam Riddet

25th June 2014, at 15:53:54

"Other towns have supermarkets built above car parks in town or with car parking on their roof — why can’t we?" - does he mean something like the car park on the roof of the Newport Co-op?

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by Jack Woodford

25th June 2014, at 13:53:17

Is this dude serious? A ring road? Financed by what?
If a press release ever begged more questions that answers then I'd like to see it. If Mr Turner wants areas kept for their specific designations then what his he doing putting his office in a building meant for disabled people?

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by Peter Daws

25th June 2014, at 13:28:09

This really is a 'non story', if you want your business to succeed you've got to be imaginative? Really - never thought about that, so you mean you just can't open up a shop doing anything and it won't automatically be a success. What other words of wisdom are we likely to benefit from 'if you don't cut your hair it will get long', 'if you go to other countries it helps to know a little bit of the language', 'if you want your car to slow down pressing the middle pedal often helps' - Genius - thanks for the advice.

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by John Stone

25th June 2014, at 10:06:14

Would Mr Turner like to elucidate exactly where "in town" he would recommend a new supermarket is built. As a relative newcomer to the island I find Newport to be a reasonably good town centre shopping area but for the life of me I can't see where a large supermarket could be built!!

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by K Thornton

25th June 2014, at 09:45:05

Rearrange the following words in a well known phrase.

Stable door

What is the point of this useless article but for column inches for Mr Turner.

If the ring road was a pet project, why have you not managed to get funding approval?

Answers on a postcard please.

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