Island MP blasts former council chief

By David Newble

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


THE former chief executive of the Isle of Wight Council, Steve Beynon, has come under fire from the Island’s MP for the current state of education on the Island.

Andrew Turner said Mr Beynon, who was made redundant after his chief executive post was abolished, had 'a great deal to answer for' for the state of the Island’s education system.

Mr Turner has invited two Island councillors to accompany him to a meeting with the government’s education minister, Lord Nash, tomorrow (Wednesday).

The meeting will explore ways in which the Island’s MP can help the Department for Education support Island schools in need of additional help after going into special measures.

He said: "In my view, the most important issue facing the council is supporting the Island’s schools to improve. At the moment, it is unclear what will happen on the council and who will be responsible for each policy area.

"However, I am sure councillors will want to work together on this so, with Lord Nash’s agreement, I have invited representatives from the Independent and Conservative groups to join us at the meeting. I am pleased they have both accepted."

He added: "There are many challenges facing our education system. We have three secondary schools judged as failing by Ofsted, another has been issued with a notice to improve and we are awaiting the outcome of another inspection.

"Christ the King College is doing well but that means only a minority of Island children are receiving the high-quality education they have a right to expect.

"In my view, there has been too much energy expanded on changing the structure of the school system, and an unhealthy obsession with new school building instead of a steely focus on what is going on in the classroom.

"The recently departed chief executive, Steve Beynon, was responsible for our education system since he arrived on the Island in 2007 and took charge of re-organisation. He has a great deal to answer for."



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by Mike Crowe

8th May 2013, at 22:03:29

My word Sarah, I bet you feel better now for getting that off your chest :-))

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by Dean Woodford

8th May 2013, at 20:28:20

Ah so is that the person parents should sue for failing to ensure our children had an adequate education. After all he along with Mr Pugh, & Mr Wells assured us one night at Carisbrooke High that the changes would only benefit the children.

Perhaps loss of future earnings should be taken into account too.

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by James McAdder

8th May 2013, at 15:28:38


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by Mike Crowe

8th May 2013, at 14:08:13

So James, pointing out that someone is wrong is belittling is it?

My word, I have been belittled a few times by the anonymous Armchair Critics here haven't I? :-)

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

8th May 2013, at 13:47:57

I don't argue, I just point out where they are wrong. If someone pokes their head above the parapet and criticizes all and sundry, then I expect them to have the answer to the alternative and as James said, 'Stand up and be counted'. He was counted and put near the bottom of people's opinion. Is that not a message?

I think that some of the 'Armchair Critics' who post derogatory statements about David Pugh need to look at the close margin by which he lost. OK, he lost, a miss is as good as a mile, but it was a very close mile. I know and have co-operated with both Richard and David and I am very glad that I was not in that Ward to vote. Both have done well for Shanklin Theatre which is where I am involved, so I can only say what I experience. Now if Kevin had got in ..................................I wonder what he would have done for Shanklin Theatre????????????

Log-in to Report

by James McAdder

8th May 2013, at 13:40:40

Its not the fact that he likes to argue, Mike, that is, essentially, what a forum such as this is for. The problem with Crowe is he feels the need to belittle anyone who disagrees with him.

Log-in to Report

by Mike Attsmells

8th May 2013, at 13:32:33

Mr Crowe, I'm just asking, why do you continually feel the need to argue with anyone and everyone? I might not agree with lots of things on here but I respect the right of people to express their views. I might take the Mickey a bit, but I don't take stuff personally.

Log-in to Report

by James McAdder

8th May 2013, at 12:37:11

At least Kevin stood up to be counted. I don't agree with his politics but he has my respect for that.

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

8th May 2013, at 11:24:25

Yes Steve, ""Better luck, next election""

Third from the bottom in the vote count, not next to the bottom.

Such a shame such a man is wasted, after all, to criticize everybody, you MUST have the correct solution to their mistakes mustn't you?

Log-in to Report

by Steve Smith

8th May 2013, at 10:18:11


don't let the trolls get to you. One of them keeps reminding contributors that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Can't for the life of me think of his name, no doubt he'll repeat it ad infinitum along with his mystical fixed link that only he can see.

Better luck, next election

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