Island Roads starts next phase of resurfacing

By a County Press reporter

Friday, May 9, 2014


ISLAND Roads is about to start the next phase of resurfacing.

The Isle of Wight highways PFI company said the roads were chosen either because of the poor condition of their surface or their weak foundations.

Island Roads service director Paul Herbert said: "Everyone is aware of the poor state of the Island’s highways network — with the Isle of Wight previously being ranked at the bottom of a national road conditions survey — and it was one of the key reasons that the Island was selected for PFI funding.

"It is a major project and the work will be completed as part of the agreed seven-year core investment period.

"This programme prioritises the worst roads, or stretches of roads, whether it is their actual surface or substructure that is of particularly poor quality."

Roads to be resurfaced in the next tranche of works include sections of Main Road, Brighstone, Pellhurst Road, Ryde, Shorwell Shute, Newnham Road, Binstead, Whitwell Road and West Street, Godshill


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by alan naylor

11th May 2014, at 02:56:05

Here s some good advice for all who suffer from astma just keep following the hot tar waggon its a cure saved my 2 brother s and me in our childhood

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by Jack Woodford

9th May 2014, at 20:44:24

I am unaware of any insults being thrown around but there you go.
I think the statement from Mr Herbert above answers your query. The roads being prioritised have either dodgy surfaces or poor substructures. Therefore a road that appears OK on the surface and is being done now is one that has hidden faults in the substructure. A stitch in time and all that...

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by Don Prescott

9th May 2014, at 17:06:55

Jack Woodford wrote "James, if you use Ventnor Blog "

I would think that that place would be his natural home, eh dude?

'tis full of pretentious half wits who would prefer to remain, not only anonymous with their allegorical aliases, but forever in the minority and long may that continue.

Although not in the premier league of places for commenters (I prefer LBC Radio), this place at least reaches those with half a brain.

As someone who worked on the British Gas feeder main pipelines back in the day, there is a protocol called "tie-ins", which basically connects two ends of the same job, which have been done at different times, as, to do them at the same time would not be feasible.

"This is most easily done by dividing the roads into sections" is exactly right!!

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by David Blackford

9th May 2014, at 16:33:54

How about Callthorpe Road Ryde???!!!!

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by Jack Woodford

9th May 2014, at 16:08:44

If you already use a LOT of news sources then perhaps you could add another one that provides the easy-to-find answers to the points you raise. Pointing people to obscure websites that contribute nothing to the general understanding is not particularly helpful. In fact its foolish.

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by Jack Woodford

9th May 2014, at 16:00:51

@James. Seriously, why don't you ring them up and ask them? Or visit their caravan that goes around the Island answering questions like these.
My understanding from what I have read is that that lengths of roads rather than whole stretches are treated for several reasons. Firstly different lengths may require different treatments, secondly, it is often easier to plan diversions if an entire stretch is closed and thirdly, the Island is split into six or seven zones which, according to the contract are to be brought up to standard at the same time. This is most easily done by dividing the roads into sections.

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by James McAdder

9th May 2014, at 15:57:27

Jack Woodford. The site is On The Wight (no longer the Ventnor Blog). I use a LOT of "news sources", OTW is just one I scan through. I merely thought that people here may be interested ( you will note I did not endorse the site or the article in my post ).

You might like to try to read, and attempt to comprehend, posts before commenting on them and hurling insults.

Before calling someone a fool, first look in the mirror.

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by James McAdder

9th May 2014, at 15:45:52

Some of the resurfacing work seems to be organised / planned very oddly. The resurfacing done to Ryde Esplanade stopped at the junction to Cornwall St, leaving about 10m of rough surface before a better stretch alongside the boating lake.

Why? Why not resurface that extra 10m?

Instead we have nice new resurfaced road, then 10m of rutted and potholed surface, then more decent road.


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by Bryan Reed

9th May 2014, at 14:51:57

So according to the link below they receive around £17 million per year? - I wonder how much that works out per yard of resurfaced road?

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by Jack Woodford

9th May 2014, at 14:51:38

Here we go - all the usual armchair experts going off on one.
All the 'questions' raised have been answered many times before and James, if you use Ventnor Blog as a news source its small wonder you are ignorant. Seriously, did you think the work would be done for free? The figures quoted in that 'article' have been in the public domain for years.
Me, I'm pleased to see the roads finally being done and I am glad an Island company is employing 200 Island people to do it.

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