Isle of Wight Festival: Latest travel info and news

By a County Press reporter

Monday, June 16, 2014


Isle of Wight Festival: Latest travel info and news

Music fans arrive at the Isle of Wight Festival. Picture by Robin Crossley.


TRAFFIC arrangements for the Isle of Wight Festival come into place today (Wednesday).

The one-way system will be in place along Fairlee Road from lunchtime and there will be residents access only to roads in the Cross Lane, Mayfield Drive and Halberry Lane area.

Non-festival traffic has been advised to avoid designated festival traffic routes today, tomorrow, Friday, Sunday and Monday, traffic is expected to be busiest.

The Isle of Wight Council has said some delays are inevitable, but it hoped improvements made to the car parks last year would help to minimise disruption.

The Met Office has forecast a sunny and dry weekend, with temperatures reaching 22C on Friday.

We will update this page throughout the event with the latest traffic information and news.

Click here to view Red Funnel's revised timetable.

Click here to view Wightlink's revised timetable.

Latest updates will appear at the top.



Fairlee Road traffic restrictions have been lifted.

Red Funnel has advised that Red Falcon is running 15 to 30 minutes behind timetable, due to high foot passenger numbers delaying disembarkation.

The company said on Twitter: "We will endeavour to return to timetable, however the following services will be delayed — East Cowes to Southampton 1630, 1930, and Southampton to East Cowes 1800."


Southern Vectis has reported delays on its Yarmouth, East Cowes and Ryde services, due to heavy traffic from festival-goers leaving the Island.


Isle of Wight Council has warned that roads leading to the ferry terminals will be busy today, and urged drivers to avoid them if possible.

It said Beatrice Avenue (from Whippingham to the junction with Victoria Grove) was now one-way to northbound traffic for most of today.

Wightlink advised passengers travelling from Ryde to allow extra time as it was expecting the pier to be busy.

Island Roads has said traffic is running smoothly.



Latest information from Southern Vectis:
Late buses only operate from its Isle of Wight Festival Bus Station at Gate A3 on Fairlee Road.

Last service buses from Newport Bus Station: 
Route 9 to Ryde departs at 00:35
Route 5 to East Cowes departs at 00:35
Route 1 to Cowes departs at 00:30
Route 7 to Totland departs at 23:10
Route 8 to Sandown only departs at 23:40
Route 3 to Shanklin only departs at 23:40

Service buses are operating their regular Sunday service timetable tonight. 

If you're looking to beat the crowds on your way home, you couldtake a leaf out of Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea's book. He posted this video of how they travelled to the Isle of Wight Festival.


Red Funnel has said the last two Red Jet passenger services from West Cowes tonight will be 23:15 and 00:35 the next Red Jet after this time will be at 06:15.

The last two car ferries from East Cowes tonight will be 00:30 and 01:15 and the next boat after this will be at 04:30.



Island Roads has reported that roads in and around Newport are running freely.


Thanks toKeith Allso, for these fantastic pictures showing the Isle of Wight Festival site yesterday evening.

Festival Site 1

Festival Site 2

Fetsival site 3



Here's some advice on how to look after your ears this weekend, from someone in the know — Goodbye Stereo frontman Sam Woodford, who in addition to headlining the Kashmir Cafe tomorrow (Friday) is an audiologist for Specsavers.

Noise levels at music festivals are estimated to be 115 decibels on average, 35 decibels above accepted danger levels, and is the equivalent of standing next to a jackhammer drilling into concrete.

Sam Woodford  
Here are Sam's tips for the weekend:

• Don’t stand too near to the stage/speakers, but if you are reasonably close, then make sure you take breaks.

• To best protect your hearing from the excessive decibel levels of the music, wear hearing protection. This will only heighten your enjoyment of the music!

•If you have a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears, then you have overdone it. Stand away from the speakers or the stage for a substantial amount of time to give your ears a rest. 


Isle of Wight Council has advised anyone catching a taxi to the festival site to check it has a taxi licence plate, like the one below:

taxi plate


Red Funnel has said it expecting to bring 20,000 people to the Island for the festival.

Wightlink passengers on their way to the event will be able to catch a performance by Island stars Naked Fridays, who will be performing on the 1pm sailing from Portsmouth.

Naked Fridays


Red Funnel has issued the following advice to passengers:


Foot passengers

• Today (Thursday) and tomorrow it is anticipated that there will be queues on the vehicle ferry service from Southampton to East Cowes and the Red Jet service from Southampton to West Cowes.  As in previous years foot passenger travel will be on a first-come first-served basis.  

• Holders of Books of Tickets, 12 month, 6 month, 30 day and 7 day Season Tickets, pre-paid Travel Card customers, elderly and disabled customers and passengers with NHS/Hospital appointments for these dates will be prioritised but delays should still be expected.

Vehicle Ferry Services

• Vehicle traffic from Southampton will be extremely busy.  To help prevent traffic congestion, vehicle customers must pre-book and arrive no more than one hour and no less than 30 minutes before their booked sailing time.


Foot passengers

• Queues are expected from 9am until the end of the day for foot passengers departing from East Cowes and West Cowes.  Again, travel will be on a first-come first-served basis. Holders of Books of Tickets, 12 month, 6 month, 30 day and 7 day season tickets, Travel Card customers, elderly and disabled customers and passengers with NHS/Hospital appointments for these dates will be prioritised but delays should still be expected.

Vehicle Ferry Service

• To help prevent traffic congestion, vehicles must be pre-booked and are requested not to turn up more than 90 minutes before their booked sailing time.  All ferry traffic will be diverted and will enter a traffic management system which will be in place to manage the flow of vehicles entering East Cowes.

• Additional Vehicle Ferry and Red Jet sailings will be operating between 12- 16 June. See for further details.

Latest service updates will be available via Red Funnel's twitter feed @RF_Travel_News its website.


Traffic around Coppins Bridge is very heavy, including the southbound side of the dual carriageway and towards St Mary's Hospital. Island Roads has advised people to avoid the area around the festival site. Island Roads added that the floating bridge was also busy, with long queues on the West Cowes side.


Fairlee Road has now been closed to northbound traffic.


Hampshire Constabulary’s Isle of Wight Festival police commander Chief Superintendent Dave Hardcastle said: "The Isle of Wight Festival has established a reputation for having low crime and a friendly atmosphere for more than a decade.

"We want festival-goers to enjoy themselves safely again this year, and we want any criminals to be warned off by our regular rigorous approach to protecting the island."

"It’s always essential for police to patrol in partnership with security staff to ensure a safe festival.

"More than 100 officers, PCSOs and police staff will be deployed on duties in and around the festival site during the event." 

Find out more about the police operation here.


Message from Isle of Wight Roads Police Sgt Dave Sanderson added: "Some delays will be inevitable so I would remind all road users to allow more time for their journeys during the week of the festival.

"Motorists putting lives at risk on the roads will be dealt with robustly by my officers who will be on regular patrols."

He said the presence and support of Community Safety Accredited AA Traffic Control Officers; engaged by the event promoters is very welcome for a second year.

These Traffic Control Officers have conferred police powers to direct and control traffic on roads so it is important that drivers comply with directions given.  They are working in partnership alongside the festival to keep traffic flowing on our roads.


Wightlink has advised all passengers, including foot passengers, to book their sailings over the Isle of Wight Festival period.

A revised timetable is in effect for the coming days:

Wightlink Isle of Wight Festival Ferry timetable


For full details of the Isle of Wight Festival traffic plan, including a map, click here.


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by George Hollett

19th June 2014, at 16:53:09

Peter J

All depends on what we are talking about Peter. In the end we were arguing over what constitutes a comment & the little submit comment button. Now what do you think, two grown men arguing over the use of a button.

Yes, at the end of the day I'm not a keen football supporter. I don't like it when my T.V. programmes are not shown in preference to showing football. I don't like football hooligans & I think players are paid far too much money.

However, I accept the fact that I won't change anything & that there are many people who do enjoy football more than I. Again, as I wrote in my last comment I hope you enjoy the games.

Our comments were beginning to become a little silly & I wasn't taken them seriously. Hence, I decided enough was enough & I wished you well & held out the hand of friendship.

Regarding other posts, there is one in particular that I am having a bit of an issue with but what someone implied towards me is completely differen

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by George Hollett

19th June 2014, at 11:02:06

@ Mike & Peter - Gentlemen, thank you for your responses. I have indeed enjoyed our little 'back & forths'. I have chuckled at my comments & indeed chuckled again at your replies. Please do not feel that I meant any insult & I can assure you that my words were written purely in jest - like poking a wasp nest with a stick to see what would happen. It is quite evident that we are all well educated individuals - just a shame that we do not share the same passion for football. That said, I do wish England well & I hope you both enjoy watching the games.

I now bid you both farewell, as I think we have all taken this as far as it can go. I do hope you have enjoyed the same laughs as I...

Until next time my new found friends - who knows, there might be a post that we all agree on...

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by Mike Powell

18th June 2014, at 21:58:32

George you are right I did not pay much attention at school, but I went on to own three very successful companies, says it all.

And read your comments and they are as ridiculous as your posts, and maybe you would be better doing what you promised.

But some people just cannot keep a promise.

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by Peter Jeffery

18th June 2014, at 20:33:49


I hate being Mr Picky, but the top of the 'comments' section says

Above the box you type in says "Your Comment:"

Under the box, and the button that says "Submit Comment", it says,

"Displaying the last xx of xx comments" and "Show All Comments"

I don't mind admitting when I make myself look silly, how about you ?

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by George Hollett

18th June 2014, at 15:33:13


Glad you feel my advice was of use to you Peter.

Regarding the button, this is just to submit an entry onto the website - & generally this would indeed be a comment. However, on the occasion in question, my submission was not an actual comment. I do hope this clarifies the situation for you. Good luck with the reading class...

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by Peter Jeffery

18th June 2014, at 14:26:26


Whatever text you use to indicate sleeping or snoring, please look at the button you press, the one marked " Submit COMMENT "

I took some time out from the footy to do my Reading class, thanks

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by George Hollett

18th June 2014, at 13:41:03

@ Mike & Peter - Gentlemen, my apologies, I did indeed say that I was not going to comment any further on the ridiculous subject of football. However, your last comments directed to myself were so ludicrous that I just had to correct you both on a couple of points.

Firstly, by not knowing the rules of football does not mean that I do not know anything about modern day materials & how they can be applied. Sorry Mike, I suggest you read my posts more thoroughly next time.

Regarding your comment Peter, then my last comment was not actually a comment as such. It was an indication that I was sleeping, not a comment.

Perhaps you two gentlemen played too much football when you were young & didn't pay enough attention in class!

Never mind, enjoy the World Cup - I here we doing really well! Keep waving those plastic flags & blowing those stupid trumpets!

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by Peter Jeffery

17th June 2014, at 19:53:54

John Hanson

Considering your previous enthusiasm for UKIP, I am almost proud that you feel my comments are the biggest load of TOSH you have ever heard !

At least you've moved on from offering to place a wager on every topic !

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17th June 2014, at 12:48:17

FESTIVAL LATEST - it's finished.

FOOTBALL LATEST - italy never got out of 2nd. gear in beating England, but our press would have us believe that our latest batch of 'wonder-lions' were unlucky !

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by David Blackford

17th June 2014, at 08:47:36

PS. Those footballs they use now are more like beach balls - and they play in slippers - Pah

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