‘Issues’ at £32m school

By Emily Pearce

Friday, December 28, 2012


‘Issues’ at £32m school

An outdoor area at the new Cowes Enterprise College.

A CATALOGUE of problems with the new Cowes Enterprise College building — including a leak in its bespoke 'green’ roof — has been compiled by independent experts and passed to contractor Pihl UK.

Architectural, mechanical and electrical experts commissioned by the IW Council to survey the £32m building found a number of significant issues, according to economy and environment director Stuart Love.

He said it was not yet known whether rainwater was leaking through the roof or whether it was caused by faulty pipework within the structure.

He said council officers had also examined the building on a room by room basis, to identify further problems, and the local authority was now working with Pihl UK in drawing up a timetable to address the outstanding issues.

"There is work that still needs to be done before we would consider the building complete, either work that is unfinished or defects, and I can’t say when that will be done by," Mr Love told the County Press.

"We have taken a very firm line in terms of issues that need looking at and now we are talking to the contractor about how to resolve them.

"Ultimately, our aim is to have a facility the children and community of Cowes deserve, and that a budget of £32m deserves."

Reporter: emilyp@iwcpmail.co.uk


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by Gary Ball

30th December 2012, at 10:51:12

I have to admit that I was concerned the moment John Lydon's band were awarded the contract to build this. What does Johnny Rotten know about building schools?

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by alan naylor

29th December 2012, at 01:40:51

those young sapplings are loving it

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by tony white

28th December 2012, at 19:53:20

Judging by the photograph there are slightly more than a couple of minor leaks from the roof, still i suppose the council could use it as a rain forest feature

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by Mike Crowe

28th December 2012, at 17:52:06

Russell ... GOT IT ...

The Cone

The Plank

Futtocks End

It's all being turned into a film :-)

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by Russell Palin

28th December 2012, at 17:44:36

I can't put my finger on it but why does the "Cone" spring to mind?
I know fetch the Cone and all will be well and good.
Blame Gary Ball he said the planters with trees look nice.....

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by Ian White

28th December 2012, at 13:05:29

"Defects" not "issues" (horrible American misuse of English).

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by Gary Ball

28th December 2012, at 12:19:19

At least those planters with the trees in look nice!!!!

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by Jake Gully

28th December 2012, at 12:16:07

Good to see IW Council are finally giving this project the attention it merits and getting to grips with the project and prime contractor. Mr Love duly echoes all the points I and many others raised back in July, so perhaps there is some hope of salvaging the building (far more important work than saving political reputations).

Two important areas for urgent clarification:

Where is the budget? It seems likely the initial budget of £ 32m is already committed and delays, legal, survey and remediation costs will not be cheap. I would like to know what measures are being taken to protect the public purse.

Variation of specification? I understand there may be significant deviations from spec - not least the downgrade of the much vaunted green roof to a pebbled surface, due to manufacturers lack of confidence in how it has been installed and on-going inspection/maintenance concerns. This would have obvious asthetic and planning implications and the status should b

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by Colin Russell

28th December 2012, at 11:53:26

How can the council say just before Christmas that the Cowes College will be ready by September 2013, then Mr Love putting out out the above press release stating that the Council Quote There is work that still needs to be done before we could consider the building complete, either work that is unfinshed or defects, and i can,t when that will be done by, UNQUOTE so where did the council pluck SEPTEMBER 2013 from,

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by Mike Crowe

28th December 2012, at 11:53:19

"The horse has bolted, quick, shut the door"

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