Labour calls for Council Tax rise

By Martin Neville

Monday, February 24, 2014


LABOUR has tabled an amendment to Wednesday’s Isle of Wight Council budget meeting, to increase council tax from April.

Instead of a tax freeze, as proposed by ruling Independents, Labour’s Cllr Geoff Lumley has proposed a 1.99 per cent hike, which would add around £521,000 to cash-strapped council coffers.

The extra money would be used to save services such as school crossing patrols, delay pedestrian charges on the Cowes chain ferry by at least a year, retain beach safety equipment and abandon charges for children to swim in school holidays.

If approved, it would increase the Band D precept by £25.79 from April.

Cllr Lumley called for the increase earlier this month when he said: "With a £28 million gap to fill over the next three years, it is going to look a little odd to Islanders that their council tax is going to be frozen again next year.

"Half-a-million might seem a small amount but there are proposals I have identified in the budget that could be removed because of that."

At the time, deputy leader Cllr Steve Stubbings said they would be "open to the suggestion."



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by Keven Ball

27th February 2014, at 21:41:18

I did David, that is why I posted elsewhere and explained the reason/s why - check the newer comments - I did not want to paste it all over the site!

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by david wright

26th February 2014, at 21:56:27

@ Keven,
This comments section is regarding tax increases. YOU posted a link to a Telegraph article which discussed how there are those in Government who think tax should NOT be increased it should be spent wiser!!!!

Your link was;

Did you actually read the story as it contradicts your stance that tax needs to increase?

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by Keven Ball

26th February 2014, at 15:44:10

Hi David (Wright),

We have cleared-up the rich paying taxes in the comments below (without going in circles). As for the council tax rise, my personal thoughts are it is necessary. Other will agree or disagree that is their opinion.

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by david wright

26th February 2014, at 14:27:17

@ Keven,
I never said the rich were exempt did I? I said that the system is slanted so that those with enough money or income can take steps to use tax avoidance schemes, so they do not pay their percentile contribution.

Tax rises are NOT necessary as it states in the link you posted yourself from the Telegraph.

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by Keven Ball

26th February 2014, at 11:14:40

Hi David (Wright),
I am not backing or sticking up for the so-called rich boys and girls. I agree many millionaires such as footballers and famous people (as you pointed out) for good examples do not pay the right amount of tax due to loopholes. I do not feel this is fair as you say us poorer people have to pay our fair share without any loopholes. My point was they do have to pay tax and they are not exempt was all I was trying to say (as you know now).
I do not feel the tax rise/raise is fair on us but has to be done?

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by david wright

26th February 2014, at 00:38:58

Whilst obviously we could have a statistical back and forth it is an undisputed fact acknowledged by HRMC,Goverment and anyone who reads a paper ,watches the news or has any interest in public finance that both individuals and companies who earn enough money can avoid paying what could be considered their 'fair share' of tax.

As fast as HRMC close a loop hole the accountants find another to legally avoid tax.

ALL RICH PEOPLE DO THIS! From MP's who employ their families for tax reasons in jobs they never do to Corporations who have offices in Ireland who handle payments so no UK tax is paid.

Anyone earning less than £75k cannot afford to do these things as they cost more than they would save.

The rich will never pay their fair share as they have the power to make sure they dont.

You may want to argue with this but its a fact.

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by Keven Ball

25th February 2014, at 22:17:07

@ David & Peter

Yes, I can back-up everything I say/write. That is why I write them down; as you both know, whatever you write online is never permanently deleted and can be recalled at any time if required (that includes the good and bad)! As for the rich do pay tax and if you want me to prove it, sure here are some links…

Here are some links for you to look at:


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by Keven Ball

25th February 2014, at 22:07:55

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by Peter Jeffery

25th February 2014, at 21:06:43


How right you are.

So the person on a minimum wage earns £10K and oh how generous we are not to tax them.

The person on £1M basically doing the same as Joe Bloggs at Ladbrokes, we still leave with £600K plus some shares as a bonus because we sussed the cash bonus culture.

I don't disagree with you that this is as it always was, but the baronial system and slavery were as it always was. Did we not challenge them ?

As always, we don't even elect who's in charge.

Ask yourself this. Who is it that sets a 'Nation's' credit rating ?

When someone says the UK National debt is £X billion, who is that to ?

Someone seems to set credit ratings for the countries of the world.

Who ? ..................................Blofeld !

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by david wright

25th February 2014, at 20:31:30

Keven, I did say peoples perception of rich would vary.
My opinion is anyone who earns more than £75K is not poor!

Whilst you say that the rich pay tax can you prove that? Jimmy Carr , Chris Moyles Starbucks google Ebay all pay the tax they should do they?

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