Lloyds cash for good causes

By Ross Findon

Friday, December 6, 2013


Lloyds cash for good causes

Sandown and Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat, one of the Isle of Wight charities to benefit from the Lloyds community fund.

BANK customers have ensured a cash boost for charities on the Isle of Wight.

Lloyds customers have been voting online and in their branches for which causes they thought should benefit from its community fund.

Four charities were involved in the voting, with £3,000 going to the two that attracted the most votes and £300 each for the other two.

Sandown and Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat finished top of the poll, with St Catherines in second place. Ryde Inshore Rescue and the Earl Mountbatten Hospice will receive the smaller donations.

The independent lifeboat is to spend the cash on new specialist search and rescue life jackets for its crew.

Operations manager Mark Birch thanked supporters and said: "To have people go out and vote for us like this gives us a real sense of achievement and that we must be doing something right."

St Catherines marketing manager Susan Graves said: "We were delighted to receive this money from Lloyds to help us extend our work.

"All of the charities are very deserving and it was great to get this support."

Reporter: ross.findon@iwcp.co.uk


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by Mike Crowe

7th December 2013, at 18:30:49

Sue I had a boat and subscribed on a monthly basis to the RNLI, until I saw a shocking waste of money taking place under my nose. I stopped subscribing then and there and never subscribed to POOLE HQ again. Local RNLI Stations and the Voluntary Inshore as in this feature, yes, but not in ANY way to HQ ..... and since mentioning this to people, I think I could write a book on what sorts of "waste of money" stories I have been told, such as 'The workshops didn't need painting but we had to spend the Maintenance money or we wouldn't get it in our budget next year" ..... that was here on the Isle of Wight.

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by sue allen

7th December 2013, at 18:06:58

I understand some coxswain positions are paid. I would be very interested see the accounts to see how the donated money is allocated. Only because they pride themselves on being voluntery when in fact it's not always the case. No problem being paid as its greatly deserved but don't say completely voluntary if it isn't.

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by Mike Crowe

7th December 2013, at 17:03:11

Lee, what do YOUR voluntary services add up to?

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by Roe driver

7th December 2013, at 10:59:14

it seems silly to me that as a country surrounded by water we rely on volunteers to ensure our safety when all the land based emergency services are funded by the government this should be the same for marine rescue services

don,t forget that we as a country send billions to so called developing countries overseas including at least one through it,s space agency sent a rocket into space developing my foot
surely this money could be diverted in to funding a national marine rescue service

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by Will Matthews

7th December 2013, at 10:41:34

If you check out shouts from the various lifeboat stations around the island at least, you will see that they are never really there to 'rescue rich people'. It doesn't actually happen very often.

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by David Blackford

7th December 2013, at 09:34:17

I agree to a certain extent with Lee about RNLI. By all means seek public donations as they do often have to rescue members of the public, but the bulk of payment for rescue at sea should come from those who use the sea for pleasure - much the same as paying the AA or RAC to have your car rescued. The days of "those in peril on the sea" such as in wooden ships needs a bit of up-dating.
However most other volunteer organisations do need public funding as they are used by and provide a service to the community

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by Mike Crowe

7th December 2013, at 09:04:41

So what you are saying Lee is, that everybody should pay for everything and that there should be no voluntary services being provided by people who like to do this sort of thing?

No St John's Ambulance?

No Red Cross?

No Scouts and Guide Leaders?

No Carnival Floats?

No Amateur Football Clubs because the organisers/groundsmen/Secretaries etc?

No Apollo, Shanklin and Trinity Theatres?

and just to make sure that these ideas are close to your heart, YOU volunteer to do nothing which may be to the advantage, help or pleasure to anyone?

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by Will Matthews

6th December 2013, at 22:52:59

Hi Lee,

I'm sorry but I cannot accept that they are just "men who two rich people around for free". Everyone volunteers, no one is paid. If you check out the list of shouts from the various lifeboat stations on the island, you will see that it's not often 'rich men in their boats'. For a start, SSILB couldn't tow a super yacht because it's only a RIB! Unlike an RNLI lifeboat (Cowes, Yarmouth & Bembridge), independent stations have to fundraiser for absolutely everything with no national support. If you think, one shout usually costs around £40-50 just in fuel!

A lot of the time, boat owners donate money to the respective lifeboat, but sometimes, some people just can't afford to do that!

Lifeboats do a lot. For instance, the RNLI is in Wales as we speak rescuing people from the floods.

The lifeboat service in general prides itself on being a free and voluntary organisation. The boat doesn't have to launch, the crew choose two when they are asked! It is th

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by Mike Crowe

6th December 2013, at 18:55:43

Lee, do a little research and find out how much of the money donated to the Sandown Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat is USED for and in the Lifeboat service, then ......................

do the same exercise with the Hospice. Look particularly at Salaries and Wages.

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