Minister meets Islanders over Parkhurst turbine concerns

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, April 10, 2014



CONCERNS about plans for wind turbines on Ministry of Justice land on the Isle of Wight have been raised with prisons minister Jeremy Wright.

In a meeting last week, organised by MP Andrew Turner to discuss the plans for turbines at Parkhurst Forest, acoustic consultant Dr John Yelland, resident Roy Scott and Cllr Richard Hollis spoke of their fears.

The plans have been put forward by Partnerships for Renewables, which is responsible for turbine projects on a number of publicly-owned sites around the country.

Concerns have been raised about noise, property prices and questions about how the community would benefit.

According to a statement issued by Mr Turner today (Wednesday), Cllr Hollis told Mr Wright: "The proposed Turbines would not only blight the lives of existing residents, but they would also blight prison land and any future possible development at Camp Hill."

Mr Turner added: "The minister listened carefully to the points made by Dr Yelland, Cllr Hollis and Mr Scott.

"He was most concerned to be shown a PfR brochure sporting the Ministry of Justice logo, implying the backing of the MoJ. The land is currently leased to PfR by the Ministry of Justice and the Minister agreed to look at what options exist to take back control of the land."

Dr Yelland said: "Residents have been appalled by the way this planning application has been handled by PfR, and they claim to be working on behalf of the Ministry of Justice."

He said they were confident of a significant outcome.

*A spokesman for PfR said the proposal was for a site on a field owned by the MoJ and not within the actual forest and the MoJ was confident there would be no adverse impact on any future development at Camp Hill.

"PfR went through a very vigorous environmental assessment of the site at Camp Hill before the planning application was submitted and discussions are continuing with several consultees.   We hope the planning application will be determined by Isle of Wight Council soon," he said.


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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

12th April 2014, at 08:19:53

True Yvonne, in my area we have turbines,rivers,open cast mining,farming,wildlife and man all existing together its all about balance. Solar panels take up so much ground area to produce energy not so efficient.

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by Yvonne Carter

11th April 2014, at 23:30:04

Turbines will never sound the same as rivers. If you live near rivers the rivers were usually there before you moved in. Living somewhere then having turbines sited near your home is different. As said by many people if this application was for solar panels then no one would be worried.

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by Tony Tiltman Jnr

11th April 2014, at 21:48:24

Margaret you would be quite surprised how wildlife adapts themselves around modern day technology, noise detrimental to health come on. I live 25 yards from a confluence of two major rivers when in full flood which is quite often and can honestly say i find it theraputic.

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by margaret norris

11th April 2014, at 20:54:42

Pfr are only interested in wind turbines for the huge government subsidy they can rake in which we taxpayers fund! What about the bats and birds in Parkhurst forest? Or the debilitating noise the turbines make, detrimental to health? Surely the SUNSHINE ISLE should be supporting solar panels or am I missing something here?

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by Mike Crowe

11th April 2014, at 15:51:51

Sorry missed a bit out. More haste less speed

"""In a Housing Association apartment or rented property, where it's not your own investment that has been damaged by nearby eyesores? Well of course you don't care do you? .."""

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by Mike Crowe

11th April 2014, at 15:48:47

Posting modified to suit Mr Hitchman.

"""In a Housing Association apartment or rented property where your own investment has been damaged by nearby eyesores? Well of course you don't care do you? .."""

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by Mark Hitchman

11th April 2014, at 08:25:49

Mike, what has living in housing association properties got to do with this at all? Housing Associations house servicemen, teachers, staff in the emergency services, all known as key workers, it also houses people with learning disabilities, mental health, older people in sheltered accommodation, and other vulnerable people. Are you saying these people don't care? And you being ex services. Some of your ex colleagues are housed by housing associations.

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by Den Young

10th April 2014, at 17:49:11

bet you don't get a positive answer from billy scribe Mike, no name no bottle.

Log-in to Report

by Mike Crowe

10th April 2014, at 17:24:07

'billy piper' ................. what a wonderful 'name'

Now then 'billy', tell us who you are and lets speak to your neighbours about your posting.

In a Housing Association apartment? Well of course you don't care do you? ....................... Go for it, get a banned dog as well

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by billy piper

10th April 2014, at 14:46:48

come on isle of wight lets get with the real world and lets have some of these elegant machines on the island and yes i would have them in my back yard.

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