More power for pedals

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, February 20, 2014


GRANTS of up to £25,000 are now available to organisations to help promote cycling on the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight Council and Community Action Isle of Wight, which first announced the scheme last month, have begun accepting applications for grants.

The money can be used for projects to encourage cycling, including cycle hire and the installation of safe bicycle parking facilities, racks and shelters.

Applications should be submitted no later than 5pm on Monday, March 31. Anyone interested in bidding should contact Philippa Daley at Community Action Isle of Wight by e-mailing or calling (01983) 524058.


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by Keven Ball

22nd February 2014, at 16:35:43

Sorry - I am getting a new phone next week, lol. *acting in a safe...

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by Keven Ball

22nd February 2014, at 16:34:46

Keeping safe is paramount on the roads Patrick I agree there. This is done by making sure all road users are acting is a safe and sensible manner at all times. And following the Highway Code!

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by Patrick Hall

22nd February 2014, at 14:54:44

Lest my previous comment was misunderstood, what I should have said is use some of the money to issue every road user with a free highway code, and also promote better understanding between cyclists and motorists. Also, where segregation would be safer, let's have it. The highway is not just for cars, or bikes, or horses, or pedestrians - we all need to use it with respect and consideration for other road users.
Be aware of what's around you and stay safe!

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by Keven Ball

22nd February 2014, at 11:52:23

I feel on these discussion boards you will have the age-old debate of people with mix feelings towards both cyclists and car users. We all know that there are some good and bad on both sides. Some people are poor drivers, some poor cyclist - some good. As a driver and cyclist I can see this from two view points. Firstly, I expect all cyclist to have helmets, lights, and bright clothing on and to ride on the road by the curb and to do hand signals when/if required. Then as a car user I expect all drivers to show cyclist respect and to drive pass them slowly and safely. Car drivers who do no indicate really do annoy me!

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by James McAdder

21st February 2014, at 23:39:25

More ill informed rubbish spouted by the anti cycle brigade. I assume James Ratcliff is talking about flashing red lights when he mentions "illegal" lights?

FYI, they are legal.

As to comparing cars with cyclist riding on the pavement? How utterly rediculous! Are you seriously comparing a 1 ton + lump of metal travelling at 30mph+ with a 15 kg bike travelling at 10mph or less.

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by Keven Ball

21st February 2014, at 17:34:47

Great idea James - try it sometime and let us know how you got on?

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by James Ratcliff

21st February 2014, at 17:20:58

Hows about the car drivers drive down the pavements instead of the cyclists?

If a car driver drives down the pavement he is likely to be done for dangerous driving or driving with undue care and attention. If an HGV driver loses their license they lose the ability to drive a car as well as a lorry. If cyclists want to ride on pavements, through red lights or have illegal lights fitted to their bikes they should be penalised on their driving license too.

The sooner that cylists are properly regulated, insured and forced to display identifying plates the better.

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by Keven Ball

21st February 2014, at 12:49:37

I like it good old banter!

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by billy piper

21st February 2014, at 12:34:51

patrick how about free eye test for drivers who cant see bright yellow jackets and flashing red lights.

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by Patrick Hall

21st February 2014, at 09:16:09

How about providing cyclists with free copies of the Highway Code?

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