More serious accidents

By Emily Pearce

Saturday, February 25, 2012


THE number of people killed or seriously injured on Island roads has leapt by more than 20 per cent.

There were 27 serious casualties during July, August and September, compared with 22 the previous year — an increase of 22 per cent.

It is now anticipated there will be more than 100 serious casualties by the end of this year, against a target of 80.

A report to the Isle of Wight Council says road safety campaigns in the media and schools are being held as part of efforts to reduce accidents.



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by cheryl Vincent

29th February 2012, at 15:48:26

I wholeheartedly agree we need to educate the driving instructors. I have witnessed driving instructors driving badly and this is evidenced by learner drivers not adhering to the highway code - something they would be failed for if taking their test (hopefully) and yet this happens time and time again some instructors being bigger culprits than others.
If the instructors are teaching incorrectly how can you expect the newly qualified drivers to do any different

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by Neil Barton

28th February 2012, at 21:55:54

It must be an Island thing bad driving, I have lived on the Island of Ibiza and it is just the same there.
From what I saw of it there even the so called Driving Instructors need educating first of all, as they are probably Islanders who have insufficient experience of driving on the Big Island as well.

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by Paul Magee

27th February 2012, at 13:05:54

Driving education is an enormous issue on the island. I have grown up here, but moved away for uni and have since come back. I am used to driving on both the mainland and the island. However, when I come back, there is no doubt that on the island, people really do not know how to drive. People speed through the 30 zones, and go slow in the 40+ zones. A lot of the time (not always though), people dont know where to give way, use roundabouts or use the dual carriageway correctly. Education is needed. There are far too many crashes and collisions. People driving at high speeds isnt the only issue or recipe for crashes, its people who plain dont know how to drive. Unlike the 'mainland', the island comes to almost a standstil when it rains. Even worse when it snows. Maybe some investment should be made into educating drivers better on how to use the roads properly.

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by jade barbie

26th February 2012, at 16:38:39

There are too many old people on the road, they drive at like 20 in 60's they dont no whos right of way it is.etc. There the problem its time for them to hang up there keys and start using there bus pass :) it will make driving alot safer!!!

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by John Kneeshaw

26th February 2012, at 12:54:33

The figures may get better if pedestrians stop using Newport High Street / St James's Street as an extension of the footpath. I can never seem to be able to get from one end of the High Street to the other without having to take emergency evasive action at some point. It is another IW peculiarity.

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by Mr Elliott

25th February 2012, at 23:41:18

A target of 80?, surely it should be 0.

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by Barry Lewis

25th February 2012, at 21:53:14

Some of the drivers on the Island are appalling. The other day I was sat at a roundabout, an old woman opposite. She had no idea who's right of way it was (it was hers!) Only this week there have been 2 reports of overturned cars - what's wrong with people?!

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