MP rents from Lord's wife

By Emily Pearce

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


FOLLOWING a series of revelations over his living arrangements, it has now been reported MP Andrew Turner rents a London flat from the wife of a parliamentary colleague.

Mr Turner was named today (Tuesday) by the Daily Telegraph as one of several MPs engaged in the practice, sparking criticism about rent deals at taxpayers’ expense.

It was reported that Mr Turner rents his Victoria flat from Lady Alexandra Hill, the wife of education minister Lord Jonathan Hill.

Mr Turner’s partner and parliamentary assistant Carole Dennett told the County Press today Mr Turner did not know Lady Hill owned the one-bed flat when he agreed to rent it around two years ago.

He did not know Lady Hill personally or her husband, other than having worked with him some 20 years ago, she added.

"It was done through an estate agent. We only found out afterwards who owned the flat.

"It’s absolutely a coincidence," she said.

When previously asked by the County Press if Mr Turner rented from another MP, he said he did not.

Miss Dennett stressed Lord Hill was a member of the House of Lords, not an MP.

"There was no intention to mislead," said Miss Dennett.

At the time the County Press asked about his living arrangements, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority had not disclosed the names of MPs’ landlords and Miss Dennett said Lady Hill had the right to ask for privacy.



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by Cecil Giles

21st November 2012, at 14:56:52

Apologies for double posting, but on reading the statement from Ward House Financial Services I notice that his Independent Financial Advisor stated that he had reviewed all of the MP's financial affairs and gives a professional opinion on his integrity as "excellent".
None of us have been privvy to such disclosure, nor do we have any basis upon which to form a true opinion. I would argue that to make statements such as he has goes to show that he is willing to put his own reputation on the line...I don't know any other acolade greater than that!

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by Cecil Giles

21st November 2012, at 14:46:27

Well, it is peculiar insofar as he MUST work and live in two different parts of the country, has no set working hours, must run his office on expenses and has an eager press and public critical of his contractual benefits. Our MP has not been investigated by the police nor has he been accused of fiddling the public purse (as many other have).
In my working life, my employer has always paid for my digs when I have needed to stay away from home and has even paid for my meals when away!
Do I think the MP has misled
Do I think the MP works hard...yes
Would I want to do his
Is the MPs job understood by his critics...certainly not unanimously
Comments about him being dishonorable when he is complying with the rules are quite strange. This is a story about his landlord being a Tory peer, not expenses.
But on the subject of expenses, these have to be incurred to be paid and are only paid when justified; he's clearly done nothing wrong-so why the negative publicity?

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by David Blackford

21st November 2012, at 14:42:42

I would remind Andrew Turner that he has just 3 years to redeem his reputation. Any alleged greed does not sit well with the electorate

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by margaret lowley

21st November 2012, at 13:26:56


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by margaret lowley

21st November 2012, at 13:23:18

i agree with roger goodwins comments , time for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE FOR ANDREW TURNER the public needHONOROURABLE members, NOT DIS HONOURABLE . MEMBERS

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by Richard Taylor

21st November 2012, at 12:29:01

Well said Lee. Hundreds of people commute, what's so 'peculiar'? Lets face it - he's just been rumbled..............

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by Cecil Giles

21st November 2012, at 11:28:06

Everyone complained when MP's claimed mortgage expenses and demanded that they either stay in hotels or rented accommodation. He moved to rented accommodation and now we are complaining that his landlord is a posho....sorry but I wouldn't have thought that any central London landlord is a nobody!
What needs to be established is whether Mr Turner entered into some sort of 'old boys network' type of deal or did he go through a legitimate estate agent. If it was the latter then he would have had no knowledge of who the owner of his flat would be and this entire story would be a matter of coincidence.
I don't like the expenses system, it's not normal and seem quite peculiar; however it is an open, accountable system for a very peculiar job. Do we, or shareholders, put other high powered executives through as much scrutiny-no we don't.
Nothing that he has done is illegal, nothing seems to have been hidden and none of the allegations against him seem to be that important...sour grap

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by Roger Godwin

21st November 2012, at 10:55:47

Again will be the excuses! Once yes, given a second chance, twice NO!!! Caught at it in the trough, Snort Snort!! Money Money!! Rip off the system and people I represent!
Most of us are pulling together in the recession, and have words like "Fiscal prudence", "Hard Times" "Cut Back"
Well this obviously only applies to the "HOI POLLOI" not our MP's, this situation is Disgraceful bordering on contempt for the people whose these MPs are suposed to serve.
400 years ago he would have lost his head for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Richard Taylor

21st November 2012, at 09:17:31

You really couldn't make this up. 'No intention to mislead', yeah right!

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by Terry Dalley

21st November 2012, at 06:32:10

Why pick on him they are all at it, its the whole system of I will cover your back if you cover mine which is rife in the government and not one of them has the slightest bit of guilt or embarrassment about what they get up to and no one to hold them to account .

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