MP sad at death of Margaret Thatcher

By a County Press reporter

Monday, April 8, 2013


MP sad at death of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher pictured on the Isle of Wight with Virginia Bottomley, during her 1983 Isle of Wight election campaign.

ISLE of Wight MP Andrew Turner has said he was sad to hear of the death this morning (Monday) of former prime minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Mr Turner said: "Baroness Thatcher was quite simply the best prime minister of my lifetime, I am very sad to hear that she has died.

"She turned Great Britain around from being the 'sick man of Europe’ to a prosperous country with wealth spread throughout all parts of the nation and across all sectors of the public.

"Coming from a humble background herself she understood the aspirations people have to forge better lives for themselves and their families.

"Many people’s lives were transformed by opportunities she created; for example for the first time tenants were able to buy their council houses and so build up some return from the rent they had paid in for many years.

"It was not for nothing that she was known as the Iron Lady — and together with Ronald Regan and Pope John Paul II she brought about the collapse of communism.

"Of course she also stood firm in 1982 against Argentinian aggression over the Falkland Islands — sending a task force some 8,000 miles around the world to stand up for those British people living so far away.

"I had not seen her for some time, but when I last saw her although her body was frail and she had some difficulty speaking and problems with her memory, her mind was as sharp as ever.

"In 1997 she signed a card wishing me well in my selection interview for the Isle of Wight and it must have brought me luck."

Baroness Thatcher, who was aged 87, visited the Island in 1983, in support of a failed election campaign by Seaview homeowner and Isle of Wight general election candidate Baroness Virginia Bottomley of Nettlestone.

In 2011, following the release of a biopic film of Baroness Thatcher, Baroness Bottomley — who eventually served as a member of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet — told the Daily Mail: "The day before the election Margaret made her dramatic to help me in my campaign. A year after the conflict in the Falkland Islands, this seemed symbolic of her determination to take the Isle of Wight too.

"Although the Conservatives regained power at the election, I did not get elected. The following day, although Margaret must have had so much to do, forming a new cabinet, she still found time to phone me and commiserate."


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by Mike Crowe

11th April 2013, at 12:19:23

Thank you Jonathan for that little story. I can now see the connection.
I am always fascinated by people's interpretation of RICH.
"I am rich",
"I am rich, not as rich as him, but richer than him",
"I'm poor"

I think you know the skit!

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by Mike Crowe

11th April 2013, at 07:15:58

Alan you are correct that I had visited, I would say 'most' if not all of the Council Estates in Leicester. And the word is Nether Hall by the way, it's next to Thurnby Lodge Estate, both Estates edging on the City Boundary to the East and touching into the village of Scraptoft, where incidentally there is another very little Council Estate.

But I would still like to point out your incorrect statement that I worked for Leicester City Council repairing Council Houses. You will of course take note of that I hope?

Thank you.

By the way I asked you earlier to define RICH RICH, but I regret I do not recall and answer

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by Dave James

11th April 2013, at 06:27:01

If its true that MP's can claim extra expenses for attending that Thatcher debate its a disgrace. As Roe Driver says, its not a national emergency, She will still be dead next week and there was no need for MP's to be recalled. Its bad enough that tax payers are funding most of the funeral costs.

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by alan naylor

10th April 2013, at 23:10:49

Am i not correct that you did post on this site that you had visited all the sprawlling eastates working and that the largest one by far was the netterhall eastate in LEICESTER

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by Mike Crowe

10th April 2013, at 13:12:03

They live in a different world

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by Roe driver

10th April 2013, at 13:07:17

its just been said on radio 2 that mps are able to claim an up to £ 3500 additional expenses to attend mrs thatchers debate as they are still on easter leave
if they waited till monday this would not be possible as they are back at work is this true mr turner as I for one object to my taxes being wasted on such things she will still be dead next week surely any debate can wait till then this is not a national emergency


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by Mike Crowe

10th April 2013, at 11:00:52

Under NO circumstances would I have recommended Sarah to use that site, but it's a pity Thatcher wasn't recommended to it before she did the damage to this country that she did do.

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by James McAdder

10th April 2013, at 10:14:19

If Crowe fancies some peace and quiet after concocting that last crude insult for Sarah, may suggest he tries instead of the site he suggested.

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by Mike Crowe

9th April 2013, at 21:44:07

Alan how do you feel at being told you are posting incorrect information? I have never worked for Leicester Council and have never been employed on repairing Council Houses anywhere.

Want to have another go?

Sarah read your post again and make up your mind please.

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by alan naylor

9th April 2013, at 21:34:25

I will all let you know that MIKE is very expeirienced in everything he use to work for the Leicester council repairing council houses befor he moved south you all should really take notice of everything he says

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